Grading systems

To the editor:

Why is standards-based (SB) grading used by USD 497? Because global research shows it accurately communicates students’ mastery. Because SB is more meaningful than traditional letter grades that tend to be an accumulation of points instead of telling what the kid really knows. SB grades students; traditional letters grade tests.

Grades do not motivate students; students are motivated by success. SB tells my kid, me and her teachers exactly what she knows, and what she is still working on. SB is for everyone: smart kids, slow kids, rich kids and struggling kids. Smart kids can zoom ahead, and struggling kids can keep working on their struggles.

Schools around the world and across the U.S. have moved to standards-based grading. I believe Lawrence should keep pace with the rest of the world. If there are national standards and state standards and the state is testing my kid on standards, then I want to know how my kid is doing on the standards.

Neighbors, don’t allow one opinion and a petition based on misinformation convince you that standards-based grading is bad. Do a little research. There’s a lot on the Internet including a petition in support of Lawrence public schools and their work on standards-based grading.

Be informed and let go of the old outdated grading system.