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Climate concerns

November 26, 2011


To the editor:

The United Nations weather agency announced this week that the three most prevalent greenhouse gases not only reached record levels but are accumulating faster than had been predicted. It appears that the goals for limitation of warming of the earth set just two years ago in Copenhagen already are unrealistic.

The Republican Party and especially its candidates for president have assured us that this global warming issue is just a plot of international climate scientists in order to ... well, I’ve forgotten why they are doing this. Anyway, I want to thank the GOP because otherwise I would be worried — very worried.

On the off chance that this isn’t just a liberal, Big Government plot, California has taken some vigorous steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions using several approaches including their recently approved version of cap and trade. A simpler and possibly more effective approach is being promoted by the Climate Change Lobby www.citizensclimatelobby.org. Stay informed. This may be the most important issue of the 21st century.


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 6 months ago

I don't like the way the deck chairs on this ship are arranged, so I need your help to move them around.

It's so wonderful and exciting that we're crossing the Atlantic on the biggest ship ever built, the RMS Titanic!

I can't wait to get to New York!

rtwngr 6 years, 6 months ago

It's so easy to nitpick because most of the data that has been accumulated to prove your Hennypenny theory of the sky falling, is bastardized or falsified. Alleged facts are found to be without truth or empirical evidence. Not all, mind you, but such a great number that it gives rise to skepticism. Sorry, Les, when looked at in the cold hard light of day, none of it passes the smell test as far as I am concerned.

devobrun 6 years, 6 months ago

Meanwhile in Europe....the greenest governments in the world are going broke and curtailing alternate energy schemes, such as cap and trade. Energy costs in Britain are soaring and the populace is calling for the head of Chris Huhne. Windmill farm development is on hold because of the visual and auditory pollution.

And best of all: Concentrations of greenhouse gasses are at an all time high. They have risen for the past decade and.....the temperature of the planet has not. That's right, the temperature of the planet has been rising since the mid 1800s. The 1990s saw a rapid increase in temperature and we are now at temperatures not seen since the middle ages.
But the temperature has not gone up since the 1990s. Over 10 years of flat temperatures and rising greenhouse gasses. Maybe the computer models are wrong?

No, the computer models are wrong. They did not predict the flattening of temperature that has been measured. The only thing I worry about is that decision-makers have become so dependent on sophisticated computer models. Often these sophisticated models hide reality and eventually just obfuscate the truth. Think computer modeling of financial markets. Yep, those models really have been useful to governments around the world in controlling costs, risks and wise investment choices. Oh wait, those models lied. Never mind.

Mike Ford 6 years, 6 months ago

waagh maaath....you're sure good at the straw man thing....faux news and pillboy taught you well

Ken Lassman 6 years, 6 months ago

Hoo boy, the you-know-what has become so deep in this comment list so quickly that I really hesitate to step into it, but the odor is so strong I just have to turn on the fan a little just to clear the air.

The claim about how green governments are going broke--like we're in such good shape here in the good 'ol USA??? China has made a huge commitment to green technologies and its economy seems to be chugging right along. And Germany, one of the greenest in Europe is the strongest economy, as are the Scandinavian countries, while Greece and Italy, the economies on the ropes, have always lagged behind most other European governments regarding green initiatives, both public and private. Your conclusion is laughable!

10 years of flat temperatures?? Never mind that unlike the HADCRUT3 temperature dataset that omitted key arctic areas that had some of the largest increases in temps, the GISS and NASA global datasets showed 2005 as hotter than 1998, and the 12 month period from June 2009 to May 2010 was the hottest year on record. Also, such flat claims ignore the steadily increasing ocean heat content data, the sea surface temps, the decreasing arctic ice levels, etc. which, if looked at as a whole, shows unambiguously the warming trend despite cyclical fluctuations in the land temperatures. There is no credible evidence that the warming trend is reversing itself and to say otherwise is either purposefully deceptive or ignorant.

And removing thousands of buoys in cooler waters to skew the ocean data? Give me a break. If you look at the Argo data bouys, some 3000 of them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argo_%28oceanography%29 I certainly don't see any gaps that would justify such a claim. These were recently deployed, and when the data began coming in, it appeared that the oceans were cooling. But it just pointed out that there were calibration errors in the new network, which, once corrected, has showed a steady increase in ocean temperatures. Of course, the calibration was no doubt some nefarious conspiracy, as is the shrinking ocean ice data, the ocean acidification data, the sea level data, the snow cover/glacier data, and the rest.

Hoped that helped clear the air a bit to those who care. I'll be back if the stench gets too awful to ignore again.

Flap Doodle 6 years, 6 months ago

"China has made a huge commitment to green technologies and its economy seems to be chugging right along..." Maybe not so much anymore. http://news.investors.com/Article/590968/201111081835/Chinas-Miracle-Next-Big-Bust-.htm

Ken Lassman 6 years, 6 months ago

Yup, they are going to suffer from a housing bubble, which has nothing to do with their green technology investments. And did you read how much they are going to "suffer?" China's GDP projected growth rates: 2012: 8.7% 2013-2017: 6.6% 2018-2025: 3.5%

Compare that to these US projections ( http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/gdp-growth )

2011: 3.1% 2012: 0.4 2013: 1.3 2014: 2.0

Even at the worst, after 2017, it's in better shape than ours.

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