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Police support

May 22, 2011


To the editor:

As a graduate of the Lawrence Police Department’s Citizens Academy I would like to extend thanks to the Lawrence Police Department, past and present members, as well as their families, for their service to our community, their personal touch, their fair but firm policy and their representation of civility and order for our city.

Many like-minded Lawrence residents have had the opportunity to take part in this program, which introduced and explained the functions, philosophies and theories of the LPD. Former participants of the program Steven Butler, Dudley Crow, Rob Farha, Kevin O’Malley and I are working to create the Lawrence Police Foundation. We hope the LPD will be well-respected, appreciated and have adequate funds to continue such a great service to our community.

A concern of the Lawrence Police Foundation is that the LPD’s annual budge as a percentage of the city’s total budget, has been flat over the past five budget years even though the level of services the police department provides remained the same. The budget shortfall curtails the LPD from developing a long-term strategic plan and keeps them from obtaining necessary equipment. The current budget leaves little or no funds for keeping pace with adequate staffing levels, ever-changing technology, training techniques, strategies and funding for something as necessary as a back-up generator for their headquarters if a natural disaster where to occur.

Please take the time this week to thank current and past LPD employees for keeping our city safe.


goodcountrypeople 7 years, 1 month ago

Too much frightening ignorance in Lawrence-- I hardly feel safe. More people need to realize the dangers of approaching and interfering with strangers outweigh any benefits. Strangers should not be burdened with stroking the egos of those they don't know. As soon as one suggests she doubts the qualifications of a stranger to be of any use they are happy to threaten to beat you up. This suggests the quality of people and level of intelligence those with the courage to brave the streets are dealing with.

Meanwhile using public space and exercising by walking are basic rights. Too bad I have such a kind, happy appearance or maybe I'd be less bedeviled by yahoos. Alas, the fear and the respect of tentatively and politely speaking with those one doesn't know is one-sided.

Some people's best is none to good. These mindless goons have scared me to the core of my being. The best way to help those you don't know is to mind your own business and spare them your offensive, aggressive prejudices.

Likely the police need to hire more officers, but they should have to make a better case with more evidence than was provided in the recent LJWorld article.

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