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Rwandan watchman says genocide suspect was sleeping during killings

May 18, 2011


— The former night watchman in Rwanda for a Kansas resident accused of participating in that country's genocide testifies the man was home asleep during a killing that prosecutors claim he ordered.

Defense lawyers called the watchman to the stand Wednesday in the federal trial of 84-year-old Lazare Kobagaya. The Topeka resident is accused of lying to U.S. immigration officials about his role in the African country's 1994 ethnic slaughter that killed hundreds of thousands.

The defense used the watchman's testimony to counter an earlier witness who said Kobagaya — an ethnic Hutu — stabbed him in the leg and ordered him to kill Tutsis.

The Associated Press is not naming the watchman at the request of the defense, which fears he could face retribution when he returns to Rwanda.


Janis Pool 7 years, 1 month ago

I pray daily for this country's healing.

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