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Retirement needs

May 18, 2011


To the editor:

It’s no news that middle-income seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare. It’s also no news that Republicans seem to want to privatize both Social Security and Medicare in the guise of giving seniors better choices and cutting the federal budget and the deficit. Since when does profit-taking in the health care industry save the customer money? How has competition cut costs? Private health care has never cost more than it does now for pre-retirement folks.

Furthermore, a more recent tactic is to attempt to vote into law spending caps that will, in the future, require more and more federal and state cuts resulting in the elimination of important programs that seniors and the uninsured depend on.

We are not all millionaires! We are, however, taxpayers who live frugally, who have saved for our retirement pretty vigorously but are now being told it will not be enough for us to survive without Social Security and Medicare. I worry that our safety nets may not be available to our children and grandchildren.

Legislators, pay attention! Don’t let your ideologies stand in the way of considering the needs of all of us today and in the future.


nativeson 7 years, 1 month ago

The needs of all today may be met, but the costs will not sustain seniors for the future. That is the crux of the issue.

Jimo 7 years, 1 month ago

The Democratic economic policy in place in 2000 had already balanced the budget, would have left us in 2010 with $0 in federal debt and created a $2,000,000,000,000 surplus in 2011.

The GOP alternative would seem to be a tad worse. But hey, we cut millionaires taxes so we could all have lots of jobs and grow the economy!

It's not Carol that wants to pass debt on to our children. It's Solomon. Stop pissing on our feet and calling it trickle-down prosperity.

imastinker 7 years, 1 month ago

Carol, as someone who is your children's age or maybe even grandchildrens age - the only thing you are passing on is debt. You realize that money is being taken from their paychecks to fund your retirement, and it's very likely that if it's still around then that it will be very different.

The chances are very good that they will pay more to fund their retirement than they will collect from the system when they retire. I know that without inflation I'll be lucky to collect more than a few percent return from my investment in the system.

It's a joke. It's the biggest waste of money I expect to have in my lifetime.

FWIW, I would gladly pay into it my whole life and not take anything in return if only my children could be exempt from this money sucking system.

Abdu Omar 7 years, 1 month ago

You all forgot that the government in their infinite wisdom has taken the SS fund and drained it of its assets to fund a foolish and non profitable war in Iraq. If we would have taken the money we spend on Iraq, I will bet we could have paid that fund back and the SS system would be solvent. We went to war and FOOLISHLY spent our money and how many lives and wounded? Bush was a foolish man and his war provided us with nothing. Saddam Husein was not our friend but he wasn;t foolisn enougn to start a war with us!!! So why did we start a war with him???

Oh, Israel!

Saddam had rockets that could hit Israel (So we thought) and if Israel would have attacked Iraq, the whole Arab world would have engaged Israel and that would have been a disaster and we would have lost our oil from Saudi Arabia. So we Americans did it for them. We spent our money and human treasure to protect Israel once again. Aren't you tired of that? Is Israel our friend? They spy on us, steal our secrets, attack our ships in open seas (See the Liberty) and kill our sailors and we look the other way. We send billions to them every year and they have become the richest country in the world while stealing land from the Palestinians. Syrians and Lebanese. When will we see the truth about this?

How can we let a foreign leader address US Congress? How can we let they into our secret space? How many friends have turned into enemies and used our secrets against us? Let's be smarter than that. We are not foolish, are we?

gkerr 7 years, 1 month ago

Soldier, Unfortunately the trust fund was depleted long before Iraq came along. Congress has been taping it for decades. Once government seduces citizens into deficit spending schemes to buy reelection for ambitious and unprincipled politicians, the game is over for the citizens. Politicians will not relent, will not give up spending or power because spending is power to them. We are broke and deeply in debt. Our economy in shambles. Free enterprise chained by regulation of bureaucrat technorati who love to be fooled so they can keep scheming with other peoples money. Our private economy which creates the wealth of a nation must compete with a deeply indebted government for funds and credit. Government always wins because they make the rules. Our press which should be a brake on power and a whistle-blower of sorts has too much skin in the leftist game of big government and social secular experimentation by educated elites who know nothing of reality to effectively apply the ridicule necessary to expose duplicitous charlatans. Our press has betrayed us and is part of the charade.

Regarding Israel. The Jews were on the winning side of WW2. The palestinians supported the axis powers and egged on the barbarous holocaust as the jews are their blood enemies since Mohammed's time. Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jews even though they suffered conquest by Persians and Assyrians and Babylonians and Romans. Jerusalem is Israel's ancient capital city. The Jews paid for Israel with their blood and should no more give Their land back to the conquered Palestinians than We should give our land back to the native Americans and Mexicans, Dutch, and English and Spaniards and French. Gkerr

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