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Supporters of Kansas Arts Commission vow to overturn Brownback’s decision to eliminate agency

Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka criticizes Gov. Sam Brownback for shutting down the Kansas Arts Commission. Hensley called the move "a step backward."

May 11, 2011


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— Supporters of the Kansas Arts Commission said Wednesday they would try to overturn Gov. Sam Brownback’s decision to eliminate the agency.

“There is no reason for this,” said Sen. Roger Reitz, R-Manhattan. “That's a real tragic statement for the state of Kansas,” he said.

On Tuesday, Brownback’s Kansas Department of Administration Secretary Dennis Taylor had layoff notices issued to KAC employees.

Earlier in the legislative session, Brownback issued an executive order to abolish the commission and put arts fund-raising in the hands of a non-profit group. He said the elimination of the commission would save the state money.

But after an outpouring of opposition, the Senate rejected the executive order. And House and Senate budget negotiators had agreed on funding the agency at $670,000.

Brownback then implemented the layoffs.

He has refused to comment on the layoffs, but his spokeswoman Sherriene Jones-Sontag said, “Gov. Brownback stands by his budget recommendation as the best way to cause the arts to flourish privately in Kansas while saving taxpayer dollars.”

Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka disagreed, saying, “I believe this is a step backwards.”

Hensley said thousands of arts-related jobs will be jeopardized, and many rural communities will lose arts programs. Supporters of the commission say its abolition would also hinder the flow of federal arts dollars to Kansas.

“I’m pretty sure there is still some fight left in the Senate and the senators who support the arts commission,” Hensley said.

But the Legislature’s options are limited. If legislators approve funding of the commission, Brownback could line-item veto the funding. Overriding a veto would require a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, the state’s poet laureate, blogged that when she read what Brownback did, “I felt like I was punched in the stomach. No process. No notice. No way, and yet it’s happening.”

She urged supporters to contact Brownback and legislators to try to overturn Brownback’s move.


Jan Rolls 7 years ago

What more proof do you need that brownback is rotten. I'm sure there is a lot of buyer's remorse by the people that voted for him and thought he would be fair minded.

situveux1 7 years ago

Good luck getting 2/3rds in either the House or Senate. The executive order was reversed with only 24 in favor, they'd need to pick up 3 votes plus who knows how many in the House. Never gonna happen. They should have worked with Brownback on getting more transitional funding before going private.

overthemoon 7 years ago

No. Brownback should have engaged real representatives of the arts community (not just campaign donors) in the discussion. Asked them to help cut costs...or maybe heard them explain the economic benefits of arts programs large and small and the positive effects of arts on state tourism, attraction for new business, and enhancement of education. He could have done this whole thing, even with the same outcome, in a manner which showed that he understands that HE works for US. He did not do that. And now he's finding that there are consequences for being a bully and a tyrant.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Yea, but wilbur, if it weren't for liberals, what would you do with all that pettiness trapped inside of you, and no one to vent it at.

Alceste 7 years ago

I suspect wilbur would do just like you do and kibbitz....

mom_of_three 7 years ago

you are clueless about state historical society...and what do liberals have to do with it? Do conservatives not work for the government??

question4u 7 years ago

"All this talk of preservation and only if they are paid."

Wilbur, it's great that you are so dedicated to your job that you would be willing to do it for free. (That's the only conclusion that can be drawn unless you are a hypocrite.) It's great that you can live adequately on the assets that you've acquired. There are, however, some people who do have to make an income. They are willing to work for low pay and even do stupid things like take jobs with the state of Kansas because they believe that the work that they do is worth it.

I'm sure that the State of Kansas, maybe the nation as a whole, would come tumbling to the ground if you didn't show up to your vital job one day. Doubtless, there is no one on the planet who could fill your shoes. I hope that the people of Kansas and the citizens of the United States realize how deeply indebted they are to you for your selfless sacrifice. You truly may be the center of the universe.

Alyosha 7 years ago

By "liberals" you apparently mean "school children taking part in a choir" yes? That's one of the things the Arts commission funds. Or, funded.

That's the trouble here, from the governor to Kansas citizens: willfully misconstruing, and or being wholly ignorant, about what this cut entails.

You see demon "liberals" in your mind, apparently, when in fact this has very much to do with programs for children to have a well-rounded life they don't get in school (because the funding for school programs has already been cut).

Ignorance stalks the land, spreading misery.

overthemoon 7 years ago

You don't know much about arts funding, do you?

oldvet 7 years ago

I know that people purchase what they like and enjoy and they don't spend money on what they think is ugly junk... and since one person's ugly junk can be another person's delight, it will sell if you make it appealing to a willing buyer.

overthemoon 7 years ago

guess you don't know much about art, either.

Alyosha 7 years ago

You're letting your ignorance show. "Purchasing what they like" has nothing to do with funding children's programs.

Ignorance stalks the land, spreading misery.

oldvet 7 years ago

Children's programs are called "Art" in the school system and if they are outside of school, they are either funded by a private organization or by fees.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years ago

I knew Brownback was a creiten when he was senator. Several letters to his office were never answered, I did get responses from Senator Pearson and Represenative Moore on each occasion I contacted their offices.

Brownback has only one thing on his agenda, to jump into the White House race. Kansas can go rotate as far as this guy is concerned.

Brock Masters 7 years ago

You may be right about his mind being set on the whitehouse, but I don't see how he is helping himself get there with his actions. Seems just the opposite to me.

BigPrune 7 years ago

If Liberals actually donated money to anything, this wouldn't be an issue. Open your wallets and help out your fellow man or woman.

ebyrdstarr 7 years ago

I don't know any liberals who don't donate, to the arts, to charity, or through volunteer work. I just don't keep receipts and include my donations on my tax returns because I don't donate to get a tax deduction.

BigPrune 7 years ago

Conservatives donate far more to charity than liberals and that is a fact.

It's one of those liberal, do as I say - not as I do, kind of things.

So you don't turn donations in for tax purposes? Why not, are you concerned you'd be bragging to the IRS about it?

There are plenty of millionaire's wives who love the Lawrence Arts Center. Do you really think they'd let one of their pet projects go to waste? That goes for about every other Arts Center type operation in Kansas as well.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

It's really not as simple as you want to paint it (imagine that.)

First, liberals tend to make more money that conservatives, and they also tend to favor having government deal with many of the iniquities that are inherent to a capitalist economic system.

In other words, they tend to vote for higher taxes on themselves, because, quite simply, government is really the only type of institution capable of efficiently and comprehensively taking care of folks at the bottom-- you know, the ones that, by design, capitalism chews up and spits out.

Maybe conservatives (supposedly) give a slight bit more out of a sense of guilt?

But there is one interesting thing about the study you attempt to invoke-- as near as I can tell, it's not been replicated.

jafs 7 years ago

And, if I remember correctly, there were numerous problems with it as well.

ebyrdstarr 7 years ago

I didn't dispute that studies show conservatives give more. I disputed the notion that liberals don't give. That's just not true.

ebyrdstarr 7 years ago

As for why I don't claim my donations as tax deductions, I don't think I pay enough in taxes. It comes down to I could claim the deductions and buy myself more shoes, or I could not claim deductions, pay a little extra in taxes and help support my state and country. Maybe it's just another way of giving.

Have fun with that one.

question4u 7 years ago

Big Prune: "There are plenty of millionaire's wives who love the Lawrence Arts Center. Do you really think they'd let one of their pet projects go to waste? That goes for about every other Arts Center type operation in Kansas as well."

So, if there is any "Art Center type operation in Kansas" that is forced to close or curtail its activities, we can blame "millionaire's wives" for not caring enough. Thanks for clarifying that Big Prune.

Dan Thalmann 7 years ago

I'd say this will have an impact on less than 1 percent of Kansans so I support the cut. Before this particular budget cut came up in the first place, if you asked anyone about the Kansas Arts Commission, I bet they wouldn't be able to explain anything the commission did. I imagine this cut will actually be a benefit to the arts in Kansas because arts supporters will use this to rally fundraising efforts and probably end up with more money to support their unknown efforts than before.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

You could have saved a lot of typing by saying you don't know anything about it, but since it doesn't directly do anything for you (that you know of,) it's OK to cut it.

Dan Thalmann 7 years ago

I know it doesn't do anything for me, because I actually read up on program cuts before I comment on them. That 29¢ I saved (as cited below) is more than was spent in my county by the Kansas Arts Commission last year... and probably most rural counties in Kansas. So I will donate 29 cents to something art related in my county now and will be a bigger benefactor of the arts than the Kansas Arts Commission was here. In fact, I'll probably actually volunteer to do something art-related here instead of depending on some state/government organization to do it for me. Isn't art supposed to be grassroots?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

That 29 cents won't be returned to the average tax payer.

To the contrary, under Brownback, all of these cuts to the budget will be used to finance tax cuts to the wealthiest in this state (and elsewhere,) while fees and taxes on the rest of us will continue to rise.

bluedawg79 7 years ago

Congratulations. With this action you as a taxpayer just saved $0.29/year. Don't spend it all at once.

oldvet 7 years ago

It should be real easy to get private funding for the arts, since you will only need each person to donate $0.29 to your cause... well, someone will have to give $0.58 to make up my share... get busy, is should be really easy for you to do.

bluedawg79 7 years ago

I already volunteer my time and money helping raise tens of thousands of dollars for arts-based programs in the community. And I am thankful for every person who does. They understand that the arts and culture are a necessity for a community to thrive. Too bad there are so many who do not.

bluedawg79 7 years ago

I don't sit and count my pennies and complain that my money goes somewhere I don't feel it should. Some of the money I give to companies buying their goods and services does that, the government does that. It's just part of life. What is absurd is the majority in the state government voted to keep it, many people from his own party even, and he still eliminated it anyways! How is that the democracy which we hold so high? And we keep complaining about jobs, where are the jobs, they aren't coming fast enough. Republicans think they could do it when the Democrats couldn't but so far he's doing a good job at creating more unemployment than creating jobs. The hypocrisy is knee-deep in the state right now.

notanota 7 years ago

Except for the federal matching grants part, sure.

notanota 7 years ago

Oh, and all the extra money they'll have to spend asking people to donate, which means they'll ask for more. Other than that, sure.

Chocoholic 7 years ago

It will not be a benefit to the Lawrence Children's Choir, who receives funding from the Kansas Arts Commission. They already solicit private donations and do their own fundraising, and even with KAC and Nat'l Endowment for the Arts support, they still operate on a tight budget. Losing KAC funding may cause them to go under.

LCC is just one example. With KAC's likely loss of funds from NEA as a result of the privatization, it gives KAC a lot of fundraising ground to make up just to get back to their present level. As bluedawg79 points out, all so we can each save .29/year. My opinion: this is a pointless, mindless cut that, however well intended by Gov. Brownback, will have negative consequences on the perception of our state and our quality of life. Impact of those consequences = 100% of Kansans, regardless of whether or not those Kansans could explain or were even aware of the work of the KAC. (I enjoyed LCC performances before I was aware that KAC supported them or even existed.)

Crazy_Larry 7 years ago

I don't understand why everyone is complaining so much...Maybe you haven't heard the good news? We have a new state logo!

dogsandcats 7 years ago

Designed by those evil liberal art people.

GardenMomma 7 years ago

It seems to me that Gov. Brownback has some plan in mind for that "private funding" non-profit group. There seems to be more to this decision than meets the eye. What a sneaky, underhanded thing to do.

Please visit and learn more about the Kansas Arts Commission. It sounds like they do a lot for a little amount of money. $670,000 a year got a whole lot of work done!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Better do it soon. I'm sure that site will be pulled down within the month.

question4u 7 years ago

Thanks for pointing out the value of imagination and creativity. Without those you end up with people who are unable to think on a complex level and can only grasp the world through pathetic stereotypes. Some of them even take hackneyed caricature for wit.

Alyosha 7 years ago

From your post, Not_Bamboozled, we now are clear on what your fantasy projection of "artists" is. Too bad it has little to do with the reality of, say, a children's choir who will no longer get state funding — a wholly proper "core" function of a government of, by, and for "the people."

When a child from a choir no longer funded asks you personally why you support this cut, I'm sure that they'll wholly understand that your disgust with "Svelte artists" (gay projections for 1,000, Alex) is why that child can no longer take part in a choir, or a dance program, or a music program.

From your post it's clear that your support for Brownback's move is based on nothing more than your own fears, fantasies and illusions. That's a terrible basis upon which to make policy decisions.

Alceste 7 years ago

Let's take a look at the gravy train jobs over there at the Kansas Arts Commission:

Chris Howell Public Service Ex. II $55,583.20

Robyn Horton Kansas Arts Commission Public Information Officer I $47,296.02

Leslie Garwood Kansas Arts Commission Senior Administrative Spec $32,011.25

Raena Sommers Kansas Arts Commission Program Consultant II $43,906.40

Margaret Weisbrod Morris Program Manager, Arts in Education: Not in the data base provided by:

Seems like pretty nice pay for a stressless job.

Brownback is helping Kansas become even moreso the backwater, hillbilly laden, Right Wing theocracy it really is.....but it's hard to "feel sorry" for the people losing employment for a pretty cush gig. shrug Them tea and crumpet meetings; all the hobnobbing with the elite of the state, mixed with the earthy and vicarious living opportunities via the wafty aroma of burning rope amongst the, my, my......tsk, tsk, tsk.....

Meanwhile, I'd like to see the "art" Brownback has which adorns the walls of his residence as well as office. Is it velvet Elvis? Christ on the Cross? The Virgin Mary in alabaster? What?

overthemoon 7 years ago

I suppose you'd be wanting minimum wage for people with expertise and knowledge of planning and organizing programs that range from school age introduction to the arts (which help kids make sense of English, Math and Science) to large scale public efforts like Winfield, traveling Smithsonian exhibits, etc etc etc?

verity 7 years ago

Wow! Gravy train jobs! Stressless jobs! Extremely high saleries! Cush gigs! Just wow! I'm so glad to know all the facts now!

notanota 7 years ago

I see you don't get out much. Those aren't particularly high salaries, but good thing you can look them up on a public database like that. Enjoy that sort of government-provided transparency while you can.

homechanger 7 years ago

I'll bet golberg the state poet felt like she was punched in the stomach. Where else can you get a paycheck for writing poetry. The commission is non essential. We do not NEED it. It's not the function of the government to provide art and jobs for people who like art.

Alyosha 7 years ago

I say it is a core function of a government of, by and for the PEOPLE to support arts programs, which is what the KAC does. Or, did. Arts are what PEOPLE do. This government is to support and promote the general welfare of the people.

Your belief that arts do nothing for people is not a reflection of anything having to do with the arts. It simply reveals that you know nothing about the arts, nor about the arts commission, nor what they do.

It is a core function of a democratic government to support the people.

Ken Lassman 7 years ago

Just a little reply: The state poet laureate does not get paid for writing poetry, and in face, is not salaried, but only given a very small stipend to help with traveling to different communities to lead workshops, work in the schools and other settings, and do other service work. You might consider reading up on what a poet laureate does before assuming she -- or any other poet laureate in this country -- gets paid to write poetry.

mloburgio 7 years ago

good ole pious sam is quite the physical conservative.

former senator sam brownback paided his staff of 44 people in washington and ks. $1,278,495.00 from 10/01/2009 to 03/31/10 pay period.

the pay period 04/01/2010 to 9/30/2010 his staff of 43 people was paid

$1,517,451 that's a $238.956 raise. average of $5.557.12 per person.

so from 10/01/2009 to 09/30/2010 the taxpayers paid his staff $2,795,946 not including the rent for at least 4 regional offices in ks. plus sams salary of $174.000 per year.

homechanger 7 years ago

So without a government funded commission art and culture cease to exist? Art is awesome. Over paid beauracrats are not awesome.

Alyosha 7 years ago

Here's George Bush on this topic, from a comment further down:

"Art and literature are often the first targets of tyranny because they are the most prominent features of a free, creative and open society."

Funding the arts is part of promoting the general welfare of a government of, by and for a free people.

homechanger 7 years ago

Why does the state of Kansas have to provide art and art programs? Why do artists need the government to create art work. Art is a personal endeavor. Without art life would be rather dull but keep it out of the governments hands. All who complain about the now defunct arts commission should band together and fund those jobs privately. Problem solved.

Alyosha 7 years ago

The reason the state funded the arts program is that past Kansans saw that in a government of, by and for the PEOPLE, funding arts programs for children and others without question "promotes the general welfare" of the people of this state. Not by giving them jobs, but by promoting the creation, circulation and experience of the arts.

Just because you don't, can't or won't understand that does not make your belief any more valid. It's surely your belief; it's simply wrong.

Arts funding is a core function of a government of, by and for the people.

homechanger 7 years ago

Core function? Wrong but thanks for playing.

Alyosha 7 years ago

Yep. Core function. How many times do I need to say it?

Not hard to understand.

Your saying it's wrong is functionally equivalent to a cat meowing. Means nothing to an adult conversation about civic responsibilities.

homechanger 7 years ago

I do not believe providing an arts commision is a core function. military, police fire fighters clean water these are core functions. safe food streets sewers things like this are core functions . promoting art is not a core function and just because you say so does not make it true.

Dan Thalmann 7 years ago

Core function? No matter how many times you say it, it is ridiculous to contend that our government was put into place to promote/create/fund/whatever the arts.

Beth Ann Bittlingmayer 7 years ago

It's not about funding jobs. It's about funding outlets for artistic creativity. In a society where creativity in any form is squashed then people become nothing more than robots.

There are many ways for human beings to express their creativity. For a culture to consistently make choices that benefit one mode of creativity (such as technological) over another (such as art), particularly with respect to children's educational programs, is to say that human beings are not equally valued.

Also, it is through their creative outlets that people build lasting healthy relationships. It is how people communicate their inner being to one another and across generations. To stifle this mode of expression is stifle the essence of what it means to be human.

jimmyjms 7 years ago

"Seems like pretty nice pay for a stressless job."

Oh, do tell us about your experience running an arts commission. Obviously you a) have experience in doing so, b) you've met one or more of the staff of the KAC, and c) you understand the work involved with their jobs. Right?

Or perhaps you are speaking directly out of your posterior?

You do (inadvertently) highlight an actually important issue, which is that at least some Kansans consider jobs that pay from the low-30's to the mid-50's "cushy" jobs.

Up is down, black is white, smaller govt except in the case of reproduction, marriage, what you can put into your body, so on and so forth.

homechanger 7 years ago

Nothing is stopping you from funding these jobs yourself. Art lovers will surly band together and continue the commission privately right? after all it is an essential commission and without it all art and culture will cease to exist. Every thing is grey.

Alyosha 7 years ago

You seem wholly unclear on why certain things not doable by individuals are better done by a government of, by and for the people.

From your logic, why are we helping fund agriculture? If it's so important, someone will help farmers, no? Why are we giving tax breaks to billion-dollar-revenue corporations? Certainly if what they do is so important, they don't need state funds to help them.

It's obvious that this issue is really about the conservative mind's hostility to anything that causes people to think for themselves — which is what good art and aesthetic objects do.

The conservative mind doesn't understand art, doesn't appreciate it, fears it, and seeks to kill it.

That's exactly what Kansas conservatives now have on their consciences.

Tell it to a little kid who can no longer take part in an arts program funded in part by the State and by federal matching funds.

I'm sure they'll understand why you support taking their children's programs away.

homechanger 7 years ago

we NEED food and clean water. we do not need happy time art and poetry to survive. just because we remove a n office full of beauracrats does not mean art will die. cant these poor little kids make art without a state funded commission ?

Beth Ann Bittlingmayer 7 years ago

Art is as high of a priority as food and water. Food and water nourish the body. Art nourishes the soul.

homechanger 7 years ago

I can live without any art for a month. Try living without food or water for a month.

Alceste 7 years ago

I believe in Unions and am stuck in a Right To Work State. I believe that the working Joe and Jane need the focus to be on them and for that focus to move away from the monied and well heeled. I've seen them that has get far too long in my 60+ years. These cushy little sewing circle jobs, where everybody is looking out for their own....a Union of sorts if you will...but a VERY EXCLUSIVE UNION....can take a rest for awhile. Here in Lawrence, it's the Lied Center triad, as an example, as well as the local "blue bloods" who wouldn't let a non country club member in their little circle. They're just as bad as Brownback and his ever growing congregation of thugs.

Brownback is the guy the people of this backwater, ignorance laden state put into office. Now they're/we're seeing what the REALLY well heeled are gonna do for the next four, if not eight years.

If you look at the Kansas Arts Commission website, they even play favorites with their own and refer people to their buddies to make a buck:

"If your community would like to hire a consultant to help with strategic planning and the arts, the Commission recommends:

Martha Rhea, Salina: 785/825-9320 or Kate Van Cantfort, Hutchinson: ">"

See what a swell arty type I am? Free advertising for the anointed

Alceste 7 years ago


Cabal is as good a word as congregation for Brownback & Company....

jimmyjms 7 years ago

None of what you've posted makes any sense, and in fact reaffirms my belief that you haven't a clue about that which you speak.

Alceste 7 years ago

jimmyjms....I have no intention whatsoever of going into my personal experiences on an internet message board. I'll type what I please. Don't read it if you don't like it. The fact I've chosen to NOT directly reply to your query about my personal experience relative to abilities associated with a dinky little "arts commission" in.....GASP.....Kansas..... is my business. There's an oxymoron right there.....ARTS and Kansas!

Lawrence is so full of itself and it's "concept" of what "art" is, it's become laughable.

Placing the shoe on the other foot, explain to the group just how hard those simpletons DO "work" in those ever so complicated jobs (which no longer really exist, I might add) with the Kansas Arts Commission. Go ahead. 'Splain how hard each one works; how many hours they do work on their own time, blah, blah, blah. It's almost as if we're "discussing" teachers and how exploited they are! 'Splain why these wunderkids had no financial exigency plan, please. 'Splain about the comfort associated with their work place. Ya ever been in the offices of the Kansas Arts Commission? Trust me, pretty plush compared to what MOST Kansans experience as "working conditions".

Why not appeal directly to the Commissioners themselves? It's funny there's not been word one produced by this hand picked group of political hacks. Gotta know someone to be an appointed commissioner, dontchaknow? Here's the list for you. Go ahead. Contact 'em. See if they'll do much, if anything!!!!

Now, read the letter: how is that that website is run out of some carpetbaggers fancy house in Canton, Connecticut ?! email 'em here:

information obtained here: ....wringing our hands.....

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

We get it already. Someone didn't let you play in their sandbox when you were a kid, and you just never got over it.

Alceste 7 years ago

...on the right track.....: SOMEONES via Political Correctness and PARTIANSHIP have always mucked around with a "...non-aligned Nation...."......

jimmyjms 7 years ago

I'm not arguing with you. I'm pointing that you haven't a clue what you're talking about. You don't know what these people do, you have no idea how hard their job is or isn't, you're just talking. $40k a year is "cushy?"

Alceste 7 years ago

Correct....for the kind, type, and style of work those people do, it IS CUSHY. Say it ain't so.

The dollar marks aren't about the order of things....they are ALL and only ALL ABOUT the way that office "worked". Try a little bit of rational thinking....not the emotive style of same....

Alceste 7 years ago

Yeah, you're "arguing"....because you're choosing to be emotive rather than rational.

I DO know what "...these people do...." and when it is compared to what others do, with THE SAME JOB TITLE AND DESCRIPTION via the Kansas Dept. of Admin., these people were walking on Easy Street.

Must be your buddies....or, perhaps, you're one of them and entering the netherworld of UNEMPLOYMENT and the Regular Jane and Joe???!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaaha

jimmyjms 7 years ago

You've demonstrated that you don't know the "type, kind and style" of work that these people do.

So why should anyone care what you think?

I'm not one of them, but I have worked with KAC in the past.

I'm guessing that whatever it is that you do, the real issue here is that you don't make $40k a year, so it makes you feel good to disparage people who do.

dwendel 7 years ago

"Art and literature are often the first targets of tyranny because they are the most prominent features of a free, creative and open society." George W. Bush

DaBellaDaBall 7 years ago

Someone sarcastically mentioned yesterday that maybe we should sell the murals in the capitol building as well. I believe Brownshirt should next saw off the statue of the Native man from the top of the capitol and sell it too. In fact, let's sell off all of the art in all tax-funded public buildings, including schools. Let's fire the visual art, literature and music teachers. Now we are on a roll! Let's not stop until we've reduced the tax burdens of the Nazi-cons to near zero. Let's move all state offices to unused barracks and warehouses at Ft. riley. The feds would probably accept a pittance for rent. Of course, this would include our esteemed Governor's office as well. And why should he live in a mansion? Shouldn't he live in one of those unused Army barracks? There are all kinds of ways to allow for REAL tax cuts. Those state troopers are surely over-paid and we probably have too many. And the cars they drive? Why wouldn't used Hyundai's work. And then we can.....

Jimo 7 years ago

What's interesting is that so many prospective employers for Kansas ask directly about art and culture in Kansas, along with other lifestyle and family-focused questions. Brownback has to know that since I know he's been there when those questions have been asked. Outside employers usually assume there is none. Now, they'll be right.

I can think of a lot of localities in this country with a high level of economic investment and activity, some with high taxes, some low, some with lots of regulation, some that say do whatever the hell you want. I can't think of single one though that lacks a vibrant cultural scene (even if it was just Vegas kitsch). Not. A. Single. One.

I think our new motto now is:

Kansas - more podunk than you already think.

Shane Garrett 7 years ago

I think Sam said they could keep KAC if it were funded at 200,000.00 not one penny more. "Budget negotiators had agreed on funding the agency at $670,000." Sam is now the Govenator. See ya later KAC. I like a man of his word. Even though I never have and never will support Sam.

irvan moore 7 years ago

i wonder how many of the arts people laid off were republicans who voted for brownback? that would be interesting to find out if any of you guys are smart enough to figure it out, i'm not.

thepianoman 7 years ago

As a pianist, artist, musician, etc, I SUPPORT Brownback, 150% on this move. Get rid of the KAC.

Government has no buisness in "the arts." PERIOD!

Do you realize that in order to receive funding, you have to meet their guidelines?? So only those who meet their criteria for "art" receive funding. So what is "art".....Apparently the State of Kansas (KAC) will decide what "art" is and is only giving the money to those they believe create "art." Hell KAC, I'm a pianist, give me some money....I'm an artist.... No wait....I'm not a stuck-up, self-absorbed, snotty liberal elitist....

Happy Tails KAC....

Alceste 7 years ago


Most excellent post, thepianoman:

If YOUR definition of "ART" ain't what the chosen claim it is supposed to be....YOU ain't an ARTEEEESTTTT..... Typical Lawrence, Kansas Politcal Correctness.

However, were you able to create a Poster with the proper Sieg Heil salute and all....ya might have been thrown an arteeest dog, cat, human bone.....

Jimo 7 years ago

Does your comment mean anything? Or are you just spewing words randomly?

Maybe if you dropped the attitude you could craft a logical sentence.

Alceste 7 years ago

Disclaimer: My "eraser" sharp observations and deductions may be illusory, hallucinatory, the product of a profligate delusional husk, a Mekong and Guaro riddled wastrel, and a mere cut above those available in the New York Times.

gudpoynt 7 years ago

"Government has no buisness in "the arts." period!"

I sure am glad that you and Brownback are here to tell the rest of us what the business of OUR government should and should not be.

And then, in the very next paragraph, beaching and moaning about how the KAC has guidelines that supposedly decide what art means to you.

I detect a bit of contradiction here.

Not only that, but if government has no business supporting the arts, then you'd better let the other 49 states, the federal government, and the governments of hundreds of other sovereign nations in on this little nugget of wisdom, because apparently they've been getting it wrong for centuries.

Alyosha 7 years ago

"I'm an artist.... No wait....I'm not a stuck-up, self-absorbed, snotty liberal elitist"

So, you think the elderly citizens who take part in KAC funded programs in western Kansas, or the kids all over the state who take part in programs made possible because of KAC funding, are "stuck-up, self-absorbed, snotty liberal elitists"?

Because that's who gets KAC funding.

But don't let facts stand in the way of your fantasies.

Alceste 7 years ago

I was ALWAYS picked FIRST for DodgeBall.....

Betty Bartholomew 7 years ago

To be hit by the ball? (Had to ask!)

Shane Garrett 7 years ago

Government has no buisness in "the arts." period! Good one piano man! But, where would Government get all that good propaganda? And apparently the children in Kansas can find no chior to sing in unless it is funded by a government agency. Children should not have to attend a free church chior. Heaven forbid. How much money does it cost to sing? I want paid to talk. LOL. Government for and by the people said "Cut the Budget"! that is why Brownshirt got elected. Oh.. wait... don't cut my budget.

gudpoynt 7 years ago

another victim of slashed education budgets

deec 7 years ago

How about they take the 32 million they're using to reclad the capital roof, put that in 46 safety deposit boxes, and then once a year go get the money out to fund the Arts Commission?

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