KU announces promotions, tenure for faculty

Kansas University has announced decisions on promotions and tenure for faculty on its Lawrence campus.

The following appointments have been approved by the Kansas Board of Regents:

To full professor

Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, theatre and women, gender and sexuality studies; Mahasweta Banerjee, social welfare; Philip Barnard, English; Nancy Baym, communication studies; Tailan Chi, business; Heather Desaire, chemistry; Rick Devlin, geology; Luis Gonzalez, geology; Stephen Hasiotis, geology; John Kelly, ecology and evolutionary biology; Jenn-Tai Liang, chemical and petroleum engineering; Erik Lundquist, molecular biosciences; Charles Marsh, journalism; Mikhail Medvedev, physics and astronomy; Robert Parsons, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Mahbub Rasdid, architecture; Sherri Rice, curriculum and teaching; Margaret Severson, social welfare; Ric Steele, psychology and applied behavioral sciences; Daniel Stevenson, religious studies; Andrew Torrance, law; Jon Tunge, chemistry; and Melanie Wilson, law.

To associate professor with tenure

Yoshiaki Azuma, molecular biosciences; Rafe Brown, ecology and evolutionary biology and Natural History Museum; Julia Broxholm, music; Matthew Burke, visual art; Paulyn Cartwright, ecology and evolutionary biology; Kelly Chong, sociology; Wai Chong, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Gregory Cushman, history; David Davido, molecular biosciences; Roberto de Guzman, molecular biosciences; Alesha Doan, political science; Alison Gabriele, linguistics; Omri Gillath, psychology; Holly Goerdel, public administration; Majid Hannoum, anthropology, African and African-American studies; Jun Luke Huan, electrical engineering and computer sciences; Wonpil Im, molecular bioscience/bioinformatics; Toni Johnson, social welfare; Dongbin Kim, educational leadership and policy studies; Johnny Kim, social welfare; Jeong-Yeon Lee, business; Carl Leuschen, electrical engineering and computer science; Brent Metz, anthropology; Ebenezer Obadare, sociology; Myunghyun Oh, mathematics; Yajaira Padilla, Spanish and Portuguese; Lizette Peter, curriculum and teaching; Forrest L. Pierce, music; Eugene Rankey, geology; Scott Reinardy, journalism; Samira Sayeh, French and Italian; Paul Scott, French and Italian; Steven Spooner, music; Kimberly Swanson, French and Italian; Michael Taylor, geology; William Torrence, linguistics; Kim Warren, history; and Nathaniel Wood, history.

To tenure only

Suman Mallik, business; James Sterbenz, electrical engineering and computer science.

To associate librarian with tenure

Tami Albin; Jon Giullian.

To full librarian

Geoffrey Husic.

To tenure only librarians

Sara Morris.

To clinical professor

Jean Philips, law; Suzanne Valdez, law.

Research and graduate studies

Kathleen Baggett, Life Span Institute, to associate research professor; Joseph Buzhardt Jr., Life Span Institute, to associate research professor; Jianwen Fang, molecular structures group, to associate scientist; Craig Freeman, Kansas Biological Survey, to senior scientist; David Lindeman, Life Span Institute, to senior scientist; Stan Charles McCool, Tertiary Oil Recovery Project, to senior scientist; Susan Palmer, Life Span Institute, to research professor; Wendy Parent, Life Span Institute, to research professor.