Unfit to serve

To the editor:

Rep. Virgil Peck was quoted in papers Tuesday saying that one way of controlling illegal immigrants would be to shoot them from helicopters in the same manner that feral hogs are controlled in Kansas. When asked about the inappropriateness of the comment he simply responded that “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.”

Virgil, please know that you were not speaking for me. Your ill-advised comments were strictly crude and offensive. I find it appalling that a person elected to the Kansas House of Representatives would speak so ignorantly. The remarks suggesting that immigrants should be slaughtered like so many hogs demonstrate a complete disregard for any common human decency. Not only have you humiliated yourself, you have become an embarrassment for the region and the state as a whole.

This ought to go over big with the economic development folks, seeing how Montgomery County has led the state in unemployment rate now for a couple of months. You betcha, move your business and factory to our region and just talk like a southeast Kansas person. This thing makes us all look like a bunch of stupid rednecks. Thanks a lot, Virgil.

The only right thing to do now would be to resign. You should quit as you are clearly not fit to represent the interest of southeast Kansas in Topeka. You should quit and walk home from Topeka, begging the forgiveness of every person you meet on the way.