Letters to the Editor

Shelter questions

March 17, 2011


To the editor:

Something doesn’t smell right at the Lawrence Humane Society, and it’s not the current animal guests in need of homes. The board of directors’ vague and attempting-to-be-politically-correct announcement of Midge Grinstead’s departure is a sad reflection of their own lack of compassion, openness and respect of not only Midge, but of the many community members who have been devoted to the success and quality of the shelter over the years.

In my 38 years in Lawrence, I have witnessed the transition of the Lawrence Humane Society, and the improvements and growth under Midge Grinstead’s leadership have never been matched. In the times that I have volunteered for shelter events, it was Midge who was always welcoming and appreciative, which was not matched by the board members.

For all of Midge’s success, devotion and true compassion, she deserves more than a measly announcement e-mailed to shelter members and published in the Journal-World. The recent series of events involving the entrenched board of directors’ actions toward Midge Grinstead needs to be explained and outed. Under leadership such as this, who can feel optimistic about the shelter’s future?


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