Letters to the Editor

Family values?

March 11, 2011


To the editor:

The last story (literally) in the Journal-World March 8, (page 10B, “DUI reform…”) says that the Kansas Legislature may drop or gut a proposed law that would help keep repeat drunken drivers off Kansas streets and highways.

An earlier Journal-World story told said the Kansas Legislature is considering a law that will let big national chain and small local grocery stores sell hard liquor.

In other news, police are writing fewer traffic tickets because budget cuts have left us with fewer police officers.

More underage drinkers (they’ll shoplift hard liquor in groups by distracting the clerks at small grocery stores), fewer officers on patrol, no way to track repeat DUI offenders.

A perfect storm.

Who is facing this perfect storm? It’s a governor and a Legislature known for sticking up for “family values.”

We’re OK then. The governor and the legislators will simply tell the liquor lobby, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


Jimo 7 years, 3 months ago

Dear Mr. Day,

If there's one thing you should have learned by now about today's wingnuts it's that the excuse offered rarely matches the true motivation for the crime.

For example, we are told that we must immediately and savagely cut back on gov't spending, as it is imperative that we not burden our grandchildren. So what's wingnut step one? Massive repudiation of tax revenue from the wealthy. Hmmm....step two? Cutting programs whose beneficiaries are children. Doh!

Indeed, the GOP's point man on energy was asked just the other day why we're spending $46 billion to subsidize oil and gas companies earning record profits.
First answer: "Do you want everything made in China?" (No, I'm not making this up.) Second answer: "Over time if you put so many disincentives against any U.S. manufacturing or production company, or oil and gas exploration company, they'll go out of business." (Seriously, Exxon will go out of business if you take them off welfare.) Third answer: tax credits are okay "if you believe in the free market system." (Gov't interference with free markets = free market system, Mr. Orwell) Fourth answer (clearly recognizing his first 3 attempts at rationalizing sucking at the public teat as freedom wasn't selling to his audience of non-loons): "We should treat them equally, not specially, but equally." (Just like the banks - welfare + big profits. And the defense contractors - welfare + big profits. And Agri-business - welfare + big profits. And hardrock mining - welfare + big profits.)

Well, there you have it ... stealing money from your grandchildren to subsidize the most profitable corporations on earth for the objectively rational explanation provided--quoted!--above.

Paul R Getto 7 years, 3 months ago

There is always the question, "Which family" and "whose values." The current crop of Republicans has a narrow and somewhat strange analysis of this situation, but so be it. The voters put them into office. Now we watch, wait and listen to see what comes next. Here in Kochkansas, where the billionaires and unicorn play, it's gonna take a while to settle things out. At least we may be saved from viewing a naked breast in a club. I wonder if there are any topless statutes in the Capitol Building. Al la Ashcroft, they may soon be getting draped to protect our 'values.'

Brock Masters 7 years, 3 months ago

I immediately close my mind when someone writes a letter with a blatant lie. I am open to differing viewpoints and even welcome them because I am smart enough to know that I do not know everything, but when someone supports their position with an obvious lie, I simply cannot listen or read to anything they say.

Case in point, the LTE writer wrote: More underage drinkers (they’ll shoplift hard liquor in groups by distracting the clerks at small grocery stores),

What an unsupported crock of you know what. There is unbiased data that refutes his contention. Grocery stores have a better record of not selling to minors than liquor stores do. Mr. Day, do you really think we are so stupid that we would believe that suddenly hordes of teens will suddenly descend upon grocery stores to shoplift alcohol? Not going to happen. Not happening now is it and there is aisles of beer in most grocery stores in which I shop.

Oppose the bill, speak out against the hypocracy of the GOP, but don't resort to sky is falling type of lies.

JustNoticed 7 years, 3 months ago

"Family" One of American Christian fundamentalists' many idols. Hey, that makes them idolators, doesn't it?

christy kennedy 7 years, 3 months ago

Brownback and Co. seem hell bent on doing everything possible that's just . . . wrong. I'm too mad about too many things going on in KS, WI, MI and elsewhere to comment further. I just can't believe the brazen stupidity of these new GOP governors and their GOP legislators!

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