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Heard on the Hill: KU athletics director answers staff question; KU law school releases 2010 employment data; retired KU professor defends Northwestern U. class’ use of live demonstration of sex toy

March 7, 2011


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• As I was meeting with KU athletics director Sheahon Zenger last week about his trip to western Kansas, I also took the opportunity to ask him a question I’ve heard from a lot of different folks on and off the hill.

Namely, does he have any idea what he plans to do with the current staff at the athletics department, many of whom were hired by his predecessor?

The short answer: Don’t expect a house-cleaning any time soon.

“I think you should treat people the way you want to be treated,” Zenger said.

He said while he has people that he would like to bring to Kansas, he plans to do it more through attrition when positions open than by getting rid of current staff.

Everyone should have a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and show who they are, he said, adding that the regular evaluation process would continue for everyone on staff.

He also credited many on the staff for rebounding after the ticket scandal, saying the staff that remains “all locked arms and went to work” to rebuild the program.

• One more quick Zenger story. The man is obviously crazy about Kansas, and Kansans seem to love him back.

In Salina, his birthplace, he was approached by a woman in her 60s or 70s. He described how she pulled out a manila piece of paper that obviously came from a photo album.

She showed him a photo of his grandparents, and then another of his father and some of his siblings.

It turned out that Zenger’s great-grandfather and the woman’s grandmother were brother and sister. He said the discovery was among his favorite moments of the trip.

• I said I’d be watching to see when the KU School of Law would release its new 2010 employment figures, and here they are.

The data actually look pretty similar to the 2009 numbers. The school did report a few dropoffs, however. For example, 55 percent of students were employed at graduation in 2010, down from 63.2 percent in 2009.

Nine months after graduation, however, the rates were similar. In 2010, 88.6 percent of students were employed or seeking another degree nine months after graduation, which is nearly the same as the rate in 2009.

Check out a whole lot more information on the school’s website. The 2010 data will be used to calculate the ranking for the April 2012 issue of U.S. News and World Report.

• And finally, KU professor emeritus of social welfare Dennis Dailey found himself in the news again last week.

Fox 4 in Kansas City caught up with Dailey to ask his opinion on a controversy up at Northwestern University, where a professor used a live couple to demonstrate a sex toy as part of a sexual education class.

Dailey attracted his own attention when his popular course at KU on human sexuality came under fire from state legislators in 2003. He still teaches a non-credit course at the Ecumenical Christian Ministries.

He told the TV station he would consider using a similar demonstration for his class.

"I think it enriches students' learning because I think it teaches them at a level that, for example, just talking about it can't teach. It also sensitizes them," Dailey said.

• While I can’t promise anything as titillating as a live couple demonstrating a sex toy, I try to make Heard on the Hill as exciting as possible every day. Help me out by sending tips to


hujiko 7 years, 2 months ago

The cbs article refers to the students as "kids"

Excuse me, but when did being 18 and away from home at college make you a kid? There is really no ground for opposition to stand on seeing as that particular class session was held during a non-regular time and was entirely optional. Most of the stuff we see on tv every day is probably worse than an exhibitionist couple performing in front of some students in a sexual education course.

Sexuality =/= Deviance

booyalab 7 years, 2 months ago

"I think it enriches students' learning because I think it teaches them at a level that, for example, just talking about it can't teach. It also sensitizes them," Dailey said.

I bet he uses that line in bars, followed by "come back to my apartment and I'll show you"

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