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Lawrence High School renovation puts student expertise to use

March 6, 2011


Students in a Lawrence High School architecture class came up with the plan. Students in a construction class will handle some of the demolition.

Perhaps students in the newspaper class will write a story.

In any case, students in architecture, small-engine studies and newspaper classes will get new meeting and working spaces — and plenty of hands-on experience — as part of a classroom renovation project approved last week by members of the Lawrence school board.

The project will divide Room 157, now covering 3,500 square feet, into three separate spaces at the southwestern end of the school.

In approving the plan, board members agreed to hire B.A. Green, for $34,359, to handle specific work that requires expertise meeting certain requirements outlined in the Uniform Fire Code.

Much of the job, however, will be handled by district professionals using district tools and district materials — with assistance from students studying construction, all working off plans devised by members of the architecture class.

“That’s really cool that we’re using students’ expertise,” said Vanessa Sanburn, board member.

Actually drawing up the plans was Matt Germain, a student in the architecture class, with guidance and approval from Gould Evans Associates, the district’s architect.

Such involvement is a lesson in both education and efficiency.

“When the walls are being wired for outlets, our electricians will be working with the students and training them,” said Frank Harwood, the district’s chief operations officer.

“The good news is not only do the students get the experience, but we don’t have to pay them for it.”


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