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Josh Selby gets emotional upon draft selection

June 25, 2011


— Former Kansas University combo guard Josh Selby said he broke down and cried on Thursday night when selected in the second round of the NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies.

“My first reaction was I couldn’t believe it. I was sitting in the car with my mom listening to the radio station,” Selby said Friday at his introductory news conference at the Grizzlies’ FedExForum. “I heard people in the background say, ‘Josh Selby (was drafted).’ I ran out of the car, broke down. Everybody said, ‘Welcome to Memphis.’

“I’ve been here before. I love the city. I’m ready to put on a Grizzlies’ uniform and play,” added Selby, who is a cousin of University of Memphis players Will and Antonio Barton and friends with Grizzlie Rudy Gay.

Selby told reporters that his foot injury was the reason for not meeting expectations his only season at Kansas.

“After the injury I never could get back in the flow. Coach (Bill) Self wanted me to shut it down, but the competitiveness inside me ... I wanted to help my teammates. The injury held me back,” Selby said.

Selby was asked by a reporter what he thinks when people tell him he has “character and maturity issues.”

“I know deep down that’s not me,” Selby said. “That’s not who I am. I have a clean slate here and will try to change that perception people have of me.

“They (naysayers) say I’m cocky. I don’t think I’m cocky at all. I have a way I carry myself and say things. They say I have a temper, bad attitude. I don’t have that at all. They say I’m selfish. My teammates at Kansas thought I was very unselfish.”

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace said the team was thrilled to land Selby at No. 49 overall. He presented Selby a Grizzlies hat just like commissioner David Stern would have done had Selby been a first-rounder.

“It’s been said if you stayed in school you’d be a first-round pick. We don’t want you to miss on a first-round experience. Congratulations and welcome to Memphis,” Wallace told Selby as he gave him a Grizzlies hat to place on his head.

“Sometimes you get a dose of good luck in the draft,” Wallace told the media. “Hopefully last night lady luck shined on the Grizzlies when Josh slipped to 49. It was a similar situation in 2008 when Darrell Arthur took a tumble to 28. We picked him and he’s been productive and it has worked out,” he added of the former KU forward.

“We’re taking Josh primarily off his high school pedigree right now. Some thought he was the best player in the country. He was always ranked in the top three. Any time you can get that type player with that type of pedigree late in the draft ... there’s not any risk but a potential high reward.

“I know josh is disappointed the draft didn’t quite go his way. It was an up and down season for him at Kansas. Now is the beginning of his professional career. We are starting here with a blank slate. We’re anxious to see what this very talented man can do ... We’re coming off the best season in the history of the franchise.”


windjammer 6 years, 11 months ago

Lookout NBA here comes Josh. Hang in there you will do well.

woodscolt 6 years, 11 months ago

This should be a good situation for selby. He was never able to get into any kind of rhythm at Ku. The bogus Ncaa suspension and then the foot injury and then the fact that KU was loaded with talent. It was hard for him to get minutes when he wasn't at full strength. No NBA team is going to give him many minutes either until he is performing at the level he will be able to when healthy.

This situation is good for him because the Grizzlies will get him cheap enough and based on potential they will give him a contract. In that setting Selby will work himself back into the player he is known for. He is a tremendous talent and very young. My bets are this young man will have a really great NBA run. His next contract in a couple years will make up for his low draft choice and he will still be younger than college seniors. Good Luck, Josh, the ball is in your court now.

newmedia 6 years, 11 months ago

Can you get a direct flight from Memphis to Europe?

Martin Shupert 6 years, 11 months ago

I hope he does great. I doubt if he will, but I really hope he has a good career in the NBA. I have never heard a player jump so hard to use an injury as an excuse before though. Usually, the good ones let others discuss that. Listen to Larry Bird about his injured hand in the NCAA Finals some time. He completely dismissed any possibility that it bothered him. Whether or not it did, he could have used it as an excuse and has never taken that out. If the injury really was the reason Josh was a big disappointment here, it seems to me he could, at least, have had his mom tell us that instead of manning up and doing it himself.

Jason Bailey 6 years, 11 months ago

Selby had the same reaction that I had: "I couldn't believe it!" and "I broke down and started crying." I also couldn't believe a professional team would throw the dice on a guy who was well below sub-par all season at the level below the NBA and I cried that pro sports no longer cared about execution or demonstrated ability but rather "hope".

Maddy Griffin 6 years, 11 months ago

Shoulda stayed in school. 49th pick? Really? Hope he enjoys the bench.

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