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Heard on the Hill: School of Allied Health gets a new name; KU wants you to adopt a journal subscription; KU tuition committee members listed

June 23, 2011


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• KU Medical Center’s School of Allied Health has decided it will no longer be the KU School of Allied Health.

It is changing its name, effective Aug. 25, to the School of Health Professions.

“This new identity reflects the school’s renewed vision for educating tomorrow’s leaders in the health professions,” reads the course catalog for KUMC.

What’s does the School of Allied Health do, anyway?

I’m glad you asked. Mainly, it’s a hodge-podge of programs that train folks in a wide variety of professions in the health field.

Here’s a complete list.

• As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on a story that details a wide variety of budget cuts at KU. One way the libraries are feeling the heat is through decreased journal subscriptions.

So much so, a new fund has been created for people to adopt journal subscriptions for the libraries.

Some of these can get quite expensive — check out the list of “prioritized journals” available for adoption.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t pay $4,000 so I could peruse “Synthetic communications: An international journal for rapid communication of synthetic organic chemistry.”

It must be awesome sauce, though, for the chemistry folks for them to get away with a subscription fee like that.

• I wrote a story about KU’s powerful tuition committee yesterday, and I realized that I failed to mention who served on the committee. For those interested, here they are. Students listed as a sophomore here are actually juniors now, and the seniors have graduated.

Provost Jeff Vitter; Danny Anderson, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Melissa Bayouth, a master’s student in speech-language pathology at KU Medical Center; Diane Goddard, vice provost for administration and finance; Megan Greene, associate professor and director for the Center of East Asian Studies; Susan Jackson, associate professor of hearing and speech at KUMC; Libby Johnson, incoming student body president; Jonathan Knapp, a master’s student in geology; Brandon Kuzara, a freshman in pre-business; Richard McKinney, associate vice provost and budget director in the budget management/fiscal services department; Thomas Plummer, a sophomore in chemical engineering; Megan Ritter, the student body vice president; Mathew Shepard, a senior in environmental studies and economics; Deb Teeter, director of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning; Rodolfo Torres, professor of mathematics; Bob Walzel, dean of the School of Music; Lisa Wolf-Wendel, professor of educational leadership and policy studies; Bryan Young, associate professor of civil, environmental and architectural engineering; and Kelly Zarifa, a master’s student in speech-language pathology at KUMC.

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