Letters to the Editor

Water issues

June 21, 2011


To the editor:

Thank you to Jennifer Smith, Douglas County Horticulture Extension Agent, for highlighting stormwater runoff and groundwater recharge issues (Home & Garden, June 12). Both our water quality and water supply are improved when rain soaks into the ground where it falls, rather than running off into storm drains carrying with it into the Kansas River all manner of chemical and particulate pollution and litter. More use of pervious pavement and other onsite retention methods, such as the rain gardens and bioswales mentioned by Ms. Smith, would also help avert flooding.

Solving water quality and water supply problems for the long term will require awareness and action from every citizen. Municipalities and states cannot do it alone. To secure future clean drinking water and have sufficient water for agriculture, industry and the wider environment, we all need to step up individually at home and at work to conserve water and keep pollutants like pesticides, chemicals and excess fertilizer from entering the water supply in the first place.

Remember: We all live downstream!


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