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Apologies due

June 21, 2011


To the editor:

In a June 14 Journal-World article, the National Organization of Women demanded an apology from Gov. Brownback. They felt the capitol police had harassed them during a demonstration on the capitol steps. I have to agree, as I was part of a small arts demonstration the same day in the same location. Nine of us were approached by four capitol policemen who took our licenses and apparently had us checked for outstanding warrants.

How many other apologies are due from the governor since his inauguration? What comes first to mind would be clients of SRS. Those who favor a faith-based approach have replaced many experienced and dedicated SRS employees. I hope that services rendered by a reorganized SRS will be based on values of tolerance, compassion and caring instead of attempts at conversion.

Also on the apology list should be arts advocates and everyone who has benefited from the Kansas Arts Commission, especially in rural communities. Also deserving an apology are members of the Kansas Senate who voted to reinstate funding for the commission but were stiff-armed by the governor’s line-item veto.

Brownback should be reminded that Kansas is an entity within a democratic republic and not his own personal baronage. Ask the Cowley County commissioners who were planning a wind farm project and were not notified by the governor when he decided to expand the wind-farm-free zone in the Flint Hills.

Lots of people are owed apologies, but they have about as much of a chance to get one as an elephant getting caught in a spider web.


gkerr 6 years ago


While you are crafting a wish list of apologies required by the Governor to various progressive constituencies, perhaps you could yourself apologize for being an artless whiner. Gkerr

ivalueamerica 6 years ago

So the party of accepting responsibility for their mistakes should not accept responsibility for their mistake? wow.

goodcountrypeople 6 years ago

That elephant caught in a spiderweb makes a great concluding image.

No Kansans are not known as classy people who accept responsibility for their actions or who would have the awareness and empathy to know when an apology is due. They just like to point fingers of blame to deflect any deserved guilt, consequences, or accountability off themselves.

friendlyjhawk 6 years ago

The Brownback Steamroller keeps rolling over the people of Kansas. Yes, both liberals and conservatives and those inbetween. It is not whining to register a complaint about politician's services. It whining when it be comes name calling about the person(s) making the complaint.

tomatogrower 6 years ago

"Nine of us were approached by four capitol policemen who took our licenses and apparently had us checked for outstanding warrants."

It's a wonder they didn't make you produce your birth certificates too, with this jack-booted administration. Wake up, Kansas!

Paula Kissinger 6 years ago

You were most likely checked for warrants because, unfortunately, many people who participate in these demonstrations have them. No reflection on you personally, it just comes with the territory. BTW, the Capitol Police are well within their authority to question anyone on the property...it's their job.

tomatogrower 6 years ago

Huh??? Criminals with warrants protest at the Capital all the time? Or are you saying most artists are wanted criminals?

Chris Golledge 6 years ago

I"m curious what would have happened if the protestors had refused. At what point does illegal search come in to play, and, last I heard, there was no law requiring the carrying of papers in this country.

Brent Garner 6 years ago

The Supreme Court, in a case several years ago, determined that law enforcement can, at anytime, ask you to identify yourself. This may require that you produce a driver's license or other identification. The upshot is that you had better be carrying ID at all times and be able to produce it upon demand.

Plurilingual 6 years ago

Most "stop-and-identify" laws place reasonable suspicion as the barrier that authorities must pass in order to demand identification. This is typically the same condition placed on the detention of a suspect.

If there is no reasonable suspicion (which is most often determined by asking the officer "Am I free to go?"), then you most likely do not have to produce any identification whatsoever.

Your mileage may vary by state and makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

"Of course it hurts! You're being sc****d by an elephant!"

Joe Berns 6 years ago

In the state of Kansas, you do not have to show your license unless you are being accused of a crime. They are free to ask your name, but you do not have to show ID unless you are wanted for suspicion of a crime.

Brent Garner 6 years ago

You are somewhat in error. See my response to cg22165. Supreme Court rulings supplant any local ordinances or state ordinances.

jhawkinsf 6 years ago

Whether it's funding for the arts, social services, whatever, we in Kansas are very much like everyone else. We want those services but we don't want to pay for them through higher taxes. What's new here? Brownback is doing pretty much what was expected of him when the majority of voters voted him in. When we get tired of the approach taken by Brownback, we will vote for someone else. Instead of asking Brownback for an apology for this or that, I would strongly encourage those dissatisfied with his performance to begin planning for the next election. Elections have consequences.

jafs 6 years ago


Except that a number of people seem to have voted for him without knowing what he was going to do, or supporting that.

Which raises the question of how that happens.

rtwngr 6 years ago

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jesse499 6 years ago

Yep sounds like a Brownback supporter if you don't agree you could be in trouble are in the Hospital.

ivalueamerica 6 years ago

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verity 6 years ago

I voted FOR Tom Holland.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the financial backing that Brownback had or the name recognition. And, face it, that's what wins elections. Money and name recognition.

The Democrats need to find a viable candidate for the next election or we will be stuck with Brownback for eight years. Just because he is ruining the state and poking his finger in our eye does not mean that he won't be reelected. The moral right will have to be pinched pretty hard---and realize it's because of Brownback---before they will not vote for him. I would say that is unlikely (eg. the people on this forum who applaud everything he does---especially because they love to poke the "liberals" in the eye so much that they will go against their own best interests and even their so-called beliefs.)

I will state it again---the Democrats need to find a viable candidate for the next election or we will be stuck with Brownback for eight years.

jesse499 6 years ago

You would think that people would take the time to think he didn't do anything in DC.why would they want him in Topeka but NO!!!!!

verity 6 years ago

The problem as I see it is that he is doing something in Kansas as opposed to next to nothing in DC. A whole lot and none of it good.

I figured him for a disaster, but even in my worst nightmares I didn't anticipate what he has done.

tomatogrower 6 years ago

I voted for Tom Holland too, so I have double the right to complain. I knew exactly what was happening with Brownback, but hoped it wouldn't be this bad. I wonder how many people who have protested in Topeka in the past were required to show their ID's? Is this a new regulation? I went to the Save Our Schools rally there in 2010, and wasn't asked for my ID. Wake up, Kansas. Unless you really believe Kansas citizens have no freedom to assemble or protest unless they are following the party line, then you are in a coma, and probably won't ever wake up.

jafs 6 years ago

I also voted for Holland.

And, yes, the percentage of those who vote was about 2/1 for Brownback.

But, there was only about a 49% turnout. So he was elected by about 1/3 of the eligible voters in KS.

somedude20 6 years ago

Whitney, use your magicial powers of vanishment on Brownback, please! He is anti corndogs! Maybe we can pay our taxes with eucharist now since he is such a religious wacko

wmathews 6 years ago

I can't ban someone based on corn dogs alone. This is America and he can be anti-corn dog if he so pleases.

But what are his opinions of mustard and Reese's cups?

somedude20 6 years ago

He believes that only men rate corndogs with mustard and Reese's cups and if there is any left, then the women folk can have at it but only if they are barefoot and subservient. Is that a good enough reason?

BigPrune 6 years ago

So it's okay to mock someone else's religion in the JW?

BigPrune 6 years ago

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akt2 6 years ago

If you choose to draw attention to yourself, don't be offended when it is shown.

monkeyhawk 6 years ago

Gee, imagine that, Jack got harassed while he was harassing. Maybe he should just think of the police as having a demonstration of their own.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Can't speak for Sam, but I'm neutral on corn dogs. I don't like mustard on my reece's, though.

Bob Forer 6 years ago

Well put, Jack. I've lived in Lawrence for forty years and have to keep reminding myself that Lawrence is not Kansas .

jesse499 6 years ago

By the time Brownback gets done all of Kansas won't be Kansas it might be Russia though.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Why is the LPD asking for machine guns and armored vehicles?

labmonkey 6 years ago

Brownback should apologize as soon as Kathy apologizes for posing as a moderate then turning whack-job lefty as soon as it suited her politically on the national stage.

labmonkey 6 years ago

Nice... cannot really reply to what I said so you go for personal insults. I do not care whether or not you outwork me. I also had a lawn service that year I worked 1000 hours OT at my real job. I gained 60 lbs because I couldn't get to the gym. I am glad that OT is slacking off so I can have a little more of a life, have lost the weight, and am a hell of a lot less bitter (something you might try).

What you said about Brownback can be applied to just about any Climate Change person.

labmonkey 6 years ago

I do eat a lot... but I ate way too much fast food and donuts that year because I didn't have time to fix myself anything. It doesn't help when you buy Little Debbies everytime you gas up the mowers. Plus when you have to keep yourself up overnight on a 16, you tend to eat a hell of a lot more than you normally would...

labmonkey 6 years ago

Although I am suprised that you verified your name since your comments show you to be mostly a troll who does nothing but insult people and add nothing to the thread.

BigPrune 6 years ago

So NOW goes there with a bunch of tires to protest Brownback and this guy and 9 others decide to protest the cuts to the arts at the very same time? So let me guess, they try to be Lawrence sophisticates and arrange the tires into a piece of "art" like a typical Final Friday milk jug display but use tires instead?

mr_right_wing 6 years ago

Anytime and everytime you start off with the midset 'we're due an appology!'; forget it. You've already put the other person/party on the defensive -- so all you're going to get are excuses. Whatever comes after 'we're due an appology!' is being ignored as the person/party is busy thinking of how to justify his/their actions, and how you are actually the one to blame, not them.

Keep that in mind for next time.....

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