Apologies due

To the editor:

In a June 14 Journal-World article, the National Organization of Women demanded an apology from Gov. Brownback. They felt the capitol police had harassed them during a demonstration on the capitol steps. I have to agree, as I was part of a small arts demonstration the same day in the same location. Nine of us were approached by four capitol policemen who took our licenses and apparently had us checked for outstanding warrants.

How many other apologies are due from the governor since his inauguration? What comes first to mind would be clients of SRS. Those who favor a faith-based approach have replaced many experienced and dedicated SRS employees. I hope that services rendered by a reorganized SRS will be based on values of tolerance, compassion and caring instead of attempts at conversion.

Also on the apology list should be arts advocates and everyone who has benefited from the Kansas Arts Commission, especially in rural communities. Also deserving an apology are members of the Kansas Senate who voted to reinstate funding for the commission but were stiff-armed by the governor’s line-item veto.

Brownback should be reminded that Kansas is an entity within a democratic republic and not his own personal baronage. Ask the Cowley County commissioners who were planning a wind farm project and were not notified by the governor when he decided to expand the wind-farm-free zone in the Flint Hills.

Lots of people are owed apologies, but they have about as much of a chance to get one as an elephant getting caught in a spider web.