Letters to the Editor

Gravesite thefts

June 16, 2011


To the editor:

On two separate occasions, someone has stolen personal objects placed on the gravesite of my nephew. A Kansas University flag, ceramic angel, and a solar powered-light have all turned up missing in the past couple of weeks. As we all continue to mourn the recent loss of Cainan, it’s clearly upsetting to find that these items have disappeared. We hope whoever has taken these items will have a change of heart and return them back to where they belong!


labmonkey 7 years ago

I am sorry about the loss of your nephew. One thing you might consider is that the items may have been removed by the cemetery. As someone who has previously mowed a couple cemeteries, it is difficult to mow and weed-eat around items such as you mentioned.

kernal 7 years ago

Or, as happened at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Topeka about ten years ago, people would steal flowers from the gravesites during Memorial Day week-end. Really tacky. I never heard what remedies Mt. Hope took to stop that.

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