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Pharmaceutical chemistry chairman Christian Schöneich named distinguished professor

June 14, 2011


Christian Schöneich has been named as the Takeru Higuchi Distinguished Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry at the Kansas University School of Pharmacy.

Schöneich joined the faculty in 1992, and was named as the chairman of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry in 2005.

He has researched protein oxidation and its role in human aging and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

“He could teach anywhere he wanted to teach,” said Val Stella, a university distinguished professor of pharmaceutical chemistry who served on the committee that selected Schöneich for the professorship, in a written statement. “We’re glad that he has chosen the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, and we hope this recognition and the added responsibilities that come along with it will keep him here for many more years.”


wowiekt08 7 years ago

He is such an awesome professor. Made two hours of learning about drug degradation rather entertaining. Congrats!

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