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Free State High School marching band to get new uniforms

June 14, 2011


Free State High School’s marching band will get new uniforms for the coming year.

Monday night, members of the Lawrence school board agreed to pursue bids for buying 200 uniforms to replace the school’s 14-year-old originals. Estimated cost: $105,000.

“If we are going to have programs, we have to realize there are costs associated with those programs,” said Scott Morgan, a board member who acknowledged the district’s “horrendous” financial constraints. “If we’re going to do it, we have to accept that responsibility.”

Board members will be expected to approve buying the uniforms June 27, after receiving bids.

In other action, board members:

• Approved extending Superintendent Rick Doll’s two-year employment contract another year, through June 2013, at his current salary of $153,011.

• Recognized Kathy Davis and Pete Curran as recipients of the district’s 2011 Outstanding Citizen Awards.

• Agreed to repave the drive lane between Lawrence High School’s main building and annex, and the south parking lot at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School; the board agreed to hire King’s Construction, for $152,750, to handle both jobs.

• Approved the 2012-13 district calendar, leaving the graduation date to be determined later.


dragonwagon2 7 years ago

Gee, when I was in band we had fund raisers and all worked to get the money to buy new uniforms. Guess kids don't get to learn how fulfilling that is now. Sad.

Kookamooka 7 years ago

We wore uniforms that were 20 years old. And stinky! Band uniforms should be made out of high performance sports fabrics and have convertible elements like sip off pants that convert to shorts or hats that unscrew to become visors.

Stephen Roberts 7 years ago

Good for them.. LHS purchased new uniforms last year.

friendlyjhawk 7 years ago

Congratulations to the Free State band. New uniforms will be great, just like your playing and performances!

concernedeudoravoter 7 years ago

Too many years have gone by where the arts have had to fund raise on their own, while the athletic teams have had equipment upgrades, uniforms replaced, etc. Kudos to the school board to fund the new uniforms. I too remember many, many moons ago having to fund raise annually for new uniforms, instruments, trips, etc; all the while the sports teams got whatever they wanted or needed.

iquilt 7 years ago

It may have been that way years ago although I don't remember that happening at MY high school. At Free State, I know for a fact that the baseball team fund raises for everything they spend money on other than the field and umpires. That includes baseball, uniforms, trips and this year we even fund raised to build batting cages for the baseball/softball program. Not a lot of sports teams or otherwise have to build their own practice facilities but it may come to that as evident with the parents fundraising to build the batting cages.

jayneway 7 years ago

Perhaps you should talk about how much money goes to maintaining that field as well....

iquilt 7 years ago

Not sure what you mean by that......

mom_of_three 7 years ago

I believe some of the LHS sports teams have fund raised the past couple of years for new uniforms, and the LHS band may have as well, but did get some help from the school board.

youngjayhawk 7 years ago

Congrats to the Firebird Band! I'm sure that your new look will be as awesome as your playing and performances.

somedude20 7 years ago

I remember making hoagies early Saturday mornings and delievering them in the afternoon. I would not eat em as a thousand dirty hands does not make things to me taste better but people loved em

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