Letters to the Editor

Real Brownback?

June 7, 2011


Some time ago. I remember then-U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback proposing an apology to Native Americans. This person obviously isn’t the same Sam Brownback who proposed the funding of the completion of the South Lawrence Trafficway recently. Then, again, who is the real Sam Brownback?

Is the real Sam Brownback the religious person who, by advocating the 32nd Street route, refuses to acknowledge the religious practices of those indigenous people whose ancestors have been here thousands of years, whose rights are protected by federal law that the GOP consistently attacks in its twisted form of limited government?

What about the religious beliefs and rights of indigenous peoples, Mr. Brownback? Aren’t they the same as white Christians under the First Amendment and the Native American Religious Freedoms Act of 1978? Not in the land-grabbing capitalistic state of Kansas.

Mr. Brownback hails from Parker, Kan. Parker was started on Miami tribal lands taken by land squatter associations in the 1850s in Linn County. Gov. Robinson was involved in tribal land speculation in Kansas then. What makes Mr. Brownback any different than the thieves that stole land after the Manypenny treaties back then and sought to capitalize from theft?

It’s amazing to be writing 13 years later about the SLT and the money this politician is proposing won’t cover three quarters of the SLT road cost. GOP financial intelligence I guess …


IdahoWinds 7 years ago

So Tuschie has fired another volley as he passes near orbit to reality. Nice try Tuschie, I wasn't sure if I should well up in tears or boil over in anger. The nerve of this man Brownback to waste $192 million of the KS taxpayers money on the people of Lawrence! Those people can't even appreciate it anyway. I mean, if Brownback was the true evil-doer that Tushcie wants us to believe he should have approved the entire $620 million on the "Gateway Project" at I-35, I-435 etc. instead of a mere $263 million. It would be nice if Tuschie could actually grasp how the legal and political system works he might actually be able to change something. These disorganized, meaningless rants have no positive impact to further your cause, Tuschie. But what the heck, rant away. It keeps you from doing something more productive. Next?

Kookamooka 7 years ago

Look up Sam Brownback's relationship to Opus Dei and the K-street crowd in Washington D.C. He has an agenda for our country that is being dictated to him by the Pope.

Kate Rogge 7 years ago

Brownback is a former resident of 133 C St. SE in Washington and is part of the pack of Christian Taliban (including the disgraced John Ensign and Mark Sanford) who operate as the religio-political 'Fellowship' there. They have a very definite neo-conservative agenda in play nation-wide, and Brownback is a varsity player intent on converting Kansas into a right-wing Christian theme park on his way to the White House.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

I don't think the pope is relevant, but the C-Street Cult certainly is. Opus Dei, I must admit, is a strangely wonderful bunch. Perhaps a good movie script, with Sammie flying through the air with his muscular jesus, busting unions nation-wide and finding ways to eliminate public pensions, medical care for the poor, corporate and individual income tax and other social evils.

Ralph Reed 7 years ago


Want me to help you find a producer?

Mike Ford 7 years ago

actually idahowhindbag, I researched section 106 of the NHPR, sacred sites, TCP, NAGPRA, and NEPA back in 1999, where were you? all of these claims are legit except when non native researchers like Paul Brockington pay them no mind to further your history of denial in EIS and SEIS documents. These claims are legit why do you think the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation is involved? Nice to hear from a resident libertarian who needs to go back to Europe and Read Thomas Paine there on unstolen lands.

labmonkey 7 years ago

It's not racist if a white person is being insulted. Haven't you learned that yet, LO?

labmonkey 7 years ago

I refuse to take criticism from someone who has Mr. Hand-Banana as their avatar... then again, maybe I deserve criticism since I know where Mr. Hand-Banana is from.

Kendall Simmons 7 years ago

If I, as a white person, insult you as a white person, why would that be racist?? Don't you realize yet that there's a wee bit more to what constitutes racism than simply the color of one person's skin?

Ralph Reed 7 years ago

@L1. Where's the racism is tuschkahouma 's comment? You normally have a very thick skin.

I've been called worse and had worse things said to me by BAA, Tom and HWSNBN, not to mention outright derision from both tuschkahouma and you.

tuschkahouma considers these lands to be stolen. However, he may wish to also consider that the Amerind peoples came here and displaced peoples who came here earlier. So, who stole from whom?

I know wikipedia is under fire because Palin fanatics are trying to change the Paul Revere article to match her utter butchering of American History, but try this article, it will give you a good starting point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Settlement_of_the_Americas

Ralph Reed 7 years ago

You didn't answer my question. Also, consider what I said about tuschkahouma and comment on that..

In answer to your question. It's not black and white, and you know that.

Here, I don't care where you're told to go. I don't know who you are nor do I know what ethnicities you have in your genes; nobody knows if you're white, brown, black or green because you're anonymous. You do have the right, under the TOS you cite, to file a complaint. If you're offended, do so.

In the real world, where there are real people, it's a different matter. Comments as in your example are intended to injure and cause fear as they're usually accompanied by anger and confrontation. Of course it's wrong, and you know that.

It's similar to Libertarians being told to go play in their own microcosm because their beliefs won't work in a macrocosm.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

I don;t think it's important where I was in 1999. The 4f was approved by a host of people, including American Indians. There were no legitimate claims in regards to the Tribal Cultural Property investigation. The attorney for Pottawatomie Nation is involved in the lawsuit but nowhere does the lawsuit address any issues regarding TCP, nor did Pottawatomie Nation file any papers in the TCP investigation. If they NOW claim so, they are a little too late. Your claim that Baker University stole the land in the past is also too late, like 13 years too late. Thanks for the hint to read Thomas Paine but I don't need to. The SLT is funded and the lawsuit will be rejected in the appeals court sometime in the next 6 months. Game over!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

The point is that this land is culturally and historically important to the Native Americans for whom Haskell was founded. The territory was transferred improperly, perhaps even illegally. The even more important point is that this is a wrong that could have been and still can be made right, and the highway that is so important to some of you could still be built.

Which begs the question of why there is so much insistence on this route. And there really aren't any answers that are even remotely flattering.

jafs 7 years ago

Nicely said.

And IW's glee in "winning" is rather unpleasant to witness.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

Give me a break - you wouldn't do any celebrating if your lawsuit was won?

jafs 7 years ago

Having read many of your posts, I stand by my feeling.

You seem to have no understanding, or concern, about how the Native Americans were treated by us when we came here, or how that affects things for them today, including the SLT.

Crowing about winning, and putting down tusch numerous times, is very unpleasant for me to read.

By the way, if I were involved in this at all personally, I think I would have looked for a win-win solution, rather than trying to win a lawsuit.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

"The territory was transferred improperly" Says who? Based on what? Tuschie's assessment? Admit it - you wish it was illegal simply because you don't think Baker should be allowed to restore it to wetlands and then profit by allowing it to be destroyed. In reality Baker is being paid to improve it. Losing less than 10% of the Baker Wetlands and gaining 66% is hardly destruction. If HINU chooses, apparently KDOT will remove 31st street on BIA property and aid in wetland restoration, if needed.

"there really aren't any answers that are even remotely flattering". The answers have all been given. They have been accepted by at least a 2:1 ratio and often 4:1 on these blogs. The answers have also been accepted by USACOE; FHWA; EPA; USFWS; KDWP; KDHE; NPS; SHPO; ACHP, and others. Most of the proponents recognize that the opponents aren't flattered by the answers. That's the reason you are called "opponents". In case you have forgotten a democracy requires a majority not a unanimous decision. All of this begs the question of why there is so much insistence on fighting the 32nd st alignment. The opponents arguments just have not been found to be very accurate or convincing.

formerfarmer 7 years ago

If the 32nd St portion was such a holy place, why did Haskell give the ground to Baker and let them make it into a wetlsnd.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

They didn't. It was the white caretakers of the BIA that gave it away. Native Americans had virtually no say in how Haskell was run until relatively recently. Before that, its campus was carved up for the benefit of local movers and shakers on a regular basis. (and it was those same white caretakers whose attempts to turn it from wetlands into farmland failed rather miserably.) The movers and shakers in the secret meetings during the eighties were still operating under the belief that they could do whatever they want with Haskell property, and rerouted the long-planned bypass from south of the river to a route through Haskell property.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Mike Ford,

What taxpayers are not being told is that Douglas County taxpayers will be ask to cover the other $100 million or more.

In addition to the $100 million sewage treatment plant.

Keep a close eye on that high dollar westside rec center which likely is the Chamber's high dollar"Wellness Center" . Some local mover and shakers want to use Health as a means toward more tax dollar welfare which they hope will sell more real estate/homes. Of course the real estate market is dead.

Are any politicians close to God?

How can that be?

The letter asks some very pertinent questions.

jesse499 7 years ago

It never fails that someone on any subject is going to play the race card to win their point. I get so tired of that BS.

tomatogrower 7 years ago

Then why didn't they take the south route, which would be more logical, a long time ago. Mostly white folks, rich white folks' land south of the river. Wouldn't want to ruin their country estates with a dirty old highway.

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

Not all down there are wealthy, but who really wants a highway running through back yards.

On the other hand, it has to be built. Better hurry too for the New 59 is coming soon.

BigPrune 7 years ago

The hate filled vitriol of the looney left.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back 20,000 years ago before the greedy humans from Eastern Siberia migrated on the Bering land bridge and started stealing the lands throughout the Americas, decimating wild animal species populations to extinction? Those greedy humans, non-native North,Central, South Americans (of course there weren't ANY humans here before then). Why didn't Mother Earth protect these lands?

jafs 7 years ago

Actually, if we don't start figuring out how to live more in harmony with nature, that will bite us in the butt, as well as destroy numerous species and ecosystems.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

firstly liberty one, there were at one time over 700 indigenous nations, bands and communities on our land. your government still federally recognizes 263 nations tribes and band in the lower 48 and 309 tribal communities in Alaska alone. the federal aid received from your government is not any form of welfare as you and your uneducated type like to portray. it is your government's horribly feeble attempt to admit wrong and sort of pay for the theft of this country from nations of all four directions. Liberty one, do you know what yakni means? it's the Choctaw word for land. In Mississippi, there were three districts of the Choctaw Nation, Okla Falaya, Okla Tannap, and Okla Hannali. My great grandmothers people were Okla Hannali Choctaw and Biloxi. We know what this land was called before you all got here. bear in mind that hardly any of your schools teach this information accurately so I don't expect you to know. We didn't have to read Thomas Paine to escape feudalism and landed gentry and gain this incredible liberty that you all so galliantly celebrate. your country has tried for a century or more to get us to buy into this nonsense. Sorry I don't. we simpy have to educate ourselves in spite of your suffocating and misleading and innaccurate views of us.

furthermore mahli okpulo (bad wind) from idaho, why don't you answer for the side by side ghost study of cost expense done by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation showing how you all wrongly inflated the costs of SOR SLT to game the system in your favor? If you all told the truth why did the PBPN have to do the study to show how and what you did? The fact that you either deny of don't know what I'm talking about with Sacred Sites or TCP speaks volumes of the racism through denial acts that have permeated this whole debacle for more than a decade. Non-indians make racist comments refering to peace pipes and the worship of alcohol ( I loved the one Mr. boyd made in the Baker Orange that i posted previously) and don't acknowledge the sins of your culture upon indigenous peoples through the first half of the twentieth century. it's par for the course behavior. What's been done here is similar to fights over sacred sites in CA where a tribal chairman on Indianz.com asked, " How would you like it if we pushed you to cede away part of the Vatican City that we felt wasn't religious enough to save and we did so without asking you and we thought no one would care?" To insert the denied, derided, and avoided comments, I say this...the land is sacred because your christianity drove haskell students from the campus to practice their own tribal beliefs without a christian matron putting soap in their mouthes, confescating prayer bags and tobacco offerings, beating them and putting them in a cell in a dorm basement.

jafs 7 years ago

LO hates the government just as much as you do.

Trust me on that one.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

there are threatened sacred sites all over this country that ignorant people destroy. they do so ignoring testimony, oral and written histories and protests. I can't count the times i witnessed native peoples speak against the SLT at the fairgrounds on the haskell campus and in written letters and all of them were ignored by people gaming the system for manifest pavement destiny. one of my favorite quotes comes from jimmie in Thunderheart played by played by Dakota AIM member John Trudell. He stated, " You're either with earth or against earth, we are with earth". I guess it's readily apparent whose against earth here.

Hudson Luce 7 years ago

Building a highway through a wetland where there's an active freeze/thaw cycle is an extraordinarily foolish thing to do, with the level of traffic that road will get, maintenance will be a costly thing indeed.

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

I drive S. of 31st Louisiana almost everyday. One of the best roads in Douglas County.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

streamfortyseven, I agree with you entirely. I grew up in Moss Bluff LA from 1976 to 1979 and also lived In Joneville and Shreveport. The roads there were built on uneven land that was constantly subjected to flooding. The roads there buckled constantly as I remember from my childhood. If you've ever been on K-7 between White Cloud and the Nebraska border that road is constantly flooded by the Missouri River with the river being less than a hundred feet from the roadbed at times. When my wife and I were taking pictures of the river flooding last summer that road had flood stains and was buckling them. My father remarks on how buckled 31st street looks and what he saw in LA. Money and bullying blinds these people. Iskulli anumpuli (money talks).

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

The western portion of the SLT between Kashold and Wakarusa is all wetlands on both sides. Do you see any damage there. It has been there nearly 15 years. I suspect the difference you are referring to is the volume of water. The river won't be flooding up against the SLT so I don't think it is the same thing.

kansaskev61 7 years ago

when I moved to Lawrence in 1968 the so called wetlands were FARMED cornfields. Suddenly in the late 70's when the bypass was in the negotiation stages the cornfields were purchased, flooded and suddenly deemed wetlands. Another Liberal scam to halt progress and to keep Lawrence the hippie enclave it wishes it still was. You can't halt progress though. Don't worry as we drive the bypass around Lawrence to avoid the 23rd street congestion, we will still think of you as The People's Republic of Douglas County where old progressives go to die!

Mike Ford 7 years ago

nice to hear the rants of the uninformed. we must be less than human in your eyes because you call us liers...really.... I see all kinds of uninformed opinions on here. you haven't read the book "Breaking Ground" by Seattle Post Intelligencer reporter Lynda Mapes. You probably don't even read except for maybe George Will or Cal Thomas do you? how would you like a to be a Klallam tribal member going to a warehouse to get the hundreds to thousands of years old remains of your ancestors that were desecrated by a Washington Department of Transportation bridge pontoon launching station project after tribal members warned local and state officials for years probably tolerating the same arrogant rascist denials like we tolerate here only to have the project go forth and the graves desecrated. I'll tell you right now...if this project goes forward and our worries become true...your beloved road project is done and you will be paying damages. The Klallams were awarded $6 million and 18 acres for repatriation by the State of Washington after that debacle and $43 million went down the drain. This was in the last decade. Projects are stopped all the time because of sites and remains being desecrated. Are we so subhuman to you that you can't stop yourselves from acting like your forebearers? such civil christians......

Mike Ford 7 years ago

liberty one...why don't you find your own private St. Helena Island and go Napoleon on it... then you can live up to your hypothetical concepts of liberty and make blogs and contribute the first five or six posts to reinforce your artifical intelligence...

Mike Ford 7 years ago

idahowinds have you ever been to the LaCygne refuge area south of Trading Post, Kansas on US 69? I used to travel it to Pittsburg, KS. It is now 4 laned and raised. Why you ask? There are wetlands on both sides and the roadway would occasionally warp after flooding. A while ago I commented on how I'd seen this wetlands area looking like a lake in the spring on both sides and yet in July and August I saw hay baled out of it. Sound familiar???? That area was a migratory area where I've photographed egrets and was a flooded wetland area in the spring and a dry one in the summer. All of the dimwit lifelong kansans who espoused their opinion about the HASKELL wetlands probably couldn't think enough to notice the similarities between the two areas (one adjoins the Marais Des Cygne and the other the Wakarusa) being by A RIVER definitely means they were manmade right???? While you're at it why don't you ask mr boyd about the late Marvin Schwilling? this man worked at Marais Des Cygne and at Cheyenne Bottoms. He has a statue dedicated to him at Cheyenne Bottoms. I'm related to him through in laws. He trained mr boyd. I wonder how ethical he'd think this debacle is?

kansaskev61 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

Oldtimer pretty much summed it up. Merrill, Tuschie, and Bozo are masters at trolling their arguments, just like they might troll different lures to see what would bite. If they can't defend a particular troll, I mean argument, they throw out another. Perhaps just to see if they can get a response? As I understand it the main reason that Prairie Band is involved in the lawsuit is they didn't think Eye was doing the job right and their attorney didn't file soon enough the first time to have their own suit. Their "key witness" to what they claim KDOT did wrong is a highway engineer from TX. They hired him to prove that KDOT purposely inflated the price of the SOR. What I understand is that TX engineers use completely different engineering standards in the two states and the engineer simply cut a lot of corners in order to bring the road in under cost. He knew it would never be built so it didn't matter what he drew on the back of his napkin. The engineering study done by this guy apparently has no credibility in KS.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

I have no clue whether Dr. Boyd knew Marvin Schwilling. Just because this guy worked at MDC and Cheyenne Bottoms has no relevance to the construction of the SLT on 32nd st. The Baker Wetlands is currently 573 acres and will increase to over 900 acres. How is this relevant to two wetland refuges that are over 15,000 acres each? Again, in regards to the road buckling - my point which you seemed to ignore is, the completed SLT between Kashold and Wakarusa is in good shape after almost 15 years with no buckling - hmmmm? There is a major difference between the Maris des Cygnes and Wakarusa, the size of the rivers and the frequency of flooding. The closest reservoir upstream from MCD refuge and US 69 is Pomona and Melvern, the SLT has CLinton. A significant difference in distance. The watershed downstream of Clinton to the Baker Wetlands is miniscule compared to that between US 69 and Pomona and Melvern. Therefore I don't think you have a good argument and it goes back to my original argument. The SLT has much less chance of buckling due to the VOLUME of water on either side, not whether it is wetlands or not. Your comparisons of MDC to Baker Wetlands, however, are on point as they have very similar habitats. MDC and Baker Wetlands are the only two locations in KS that still have wetland meadow grasslands. Baker's however was drained for about 90 years before being restored.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

the fun part is listening to all of the denying racists who have pushed this whole manmade wetlands bs and talked about seeing the wetlands dry and plowed 50 years ago. whether or not you you or mr. boyd want to acknowledge it, the denialists took the manmade bs and ran with it regardless of legit comparisons with the marais des cygne wetlands got behind him with the whole manmade wetlands bit. only in recent times has mr boyd admitted through the hydrology of the soil that the wetlands have always been wetlands. you all did the whole fox network fake story and used it until it didn't work. i've watched this for a decade.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

Tuschie, Your main problem is that you don't even know WHAT you DON'T KNOW! According to research done by Prof Haines it is certain that between 1920 and 1991 there were only about 45 acres that remained wetlands. The rest was plowed and drained. Even those 45 acres were drained. Even the part that was returned to pasture in the north was effectively drained, inspite of what Bozo wants you to believe. You mention "through the hydrology of the soil that the wetlands have always been wetlands." Do you even know what that means, or doesn't mean? It means nothing as far as "jurisdictional wetlands". Anyone who has studied wetlands (that apparently excludes you) know it takes hydric soil and water for at least 14 days of the year BUT it also takes at least 50% hydric plants. So if it is cultivated or planted to non-native cool season grass like brome, fescue, or KY Bluegrass - it is NOT a wetland. It appears once again you have taken Dr. Boyd out of context. Pretty disrespectful to a man you don't even know. Again, as I said before - if not for Dr. Boyd there would be no wetlands to whine over and there would be no public access. Of course that doesn't bother you since you don't actually visit the Baker Wetlands, do you?

bolshavik_vw 7 years ago

Idaho. Yes we do visit the real Wetlands, we have taken a lot of Pictures of the Wetlands that actually do have more than 1 Type of Geese that dwell on going to and from Sanitation Ponds. So where do you get your facts at? OMG

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

What in the world are you yammering about? Are you saying that the Baker Wetlands are not "real"? The Wetlands bird checklist indicates 5 species of geese. Is that enough for you? Get over yourself or at least write a coherent sentence.

bolshavik_vw 7 years ago

I love the fact that you do not know that it is someone else beside who you have been griping at, and you can not take to the fact that there are people who have an educated Point of View besides your non educated Point of View. Anyway you need to get over yourself and know that your English Skills need some work.Because your spelling and your Vocabulary is not what it should be. Good day to you

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

It's a free country still, isn't it? YOU can love whatever you want. It is interesting that you keep saying "I love the fact that..." If you loved facts so much then it begs the question of why you don't use them!? Most of your history, if it is correct, never has anything to do with the topic. The "information" that you or your husband Tuschie, provide us regarding the completion of K-10 is NEVER fact. It is only speculation by Tuschie and Bozo, and a few other "clowns"! The issue at hand is that Mark Parkinson, a member of your own party, got the KDOT sales tax funding passed and now Gov. Brownback has announced that some of it (actually a tiny portion of it) will be used to complete K-10 around Lawrence and that life will move on. The decision to do so was more by Secr Deb Miller (another Democrat) than Parkinson or Brownback. As much as you might like it to be, this does not have anything to do with insensitivity to American Indian issues as much as it has to an insincere efforts by a misguided few to control local destiny, rather than regional or national issues.

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

Great summation Idaho.

I beg an answer to a question buzzing around my head since this whole thing began.

Isn't it true Haskell College was built here entirely arbitrary except the central U.S. location? Relatively new in history time too, 1894.

IdahoWinds 7 years ago

It was started in 1884, I believe. The "real" reason it was built in Lawrence is due to Mr. Haskell. I believe he was a US Representative to the area and he was also connected to the building of the RR between Leavenworth, Lawrence, Baldwin, Ottawa, Garnett and further south. He even put up some of his own personal funds to see the Indian school happen. He worked with BIA to make it happen. Being this far west certainly helped, but most of the tribes had already been moved to reservations away from here (Oklahoma) by that time so it wasn't right next to any reservations. That is what I'm aware of.

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