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Alexander residents fear closure of post office could lead to town’s downfall

June 6, 2011


— Residents in a tiny western Kansas community are concerned that if the U.S. Postal Service closes its post office there it would lead to the town's demise.

The post office in Alexander, a community of about 65 residents in southwest Rush County, is among 11 being considered for closure, a small part of the U.S. Postal Service's attempt to cut costs. The post office in Alexander is one of only two remaining businesses.

"I think if we lose the post office, this town probably will die," resident Rhoda Sherman told The Hays Daily News.

USPS spokesman Brian Sperry said no decision has been made yet.

Alexander is being considered for closure because of its proximity to another post office, in this case Bazine. The postmaster's position is open as well, making it a convenient time to consider closing the post office, which conducts nine or fewer daily transactions.

Alton Huddleston said it's almost a certainty the post office will close, and he understands the need for the USPS to save money.

"They've got to cut some corners," he said.

Alexander's post office once thrived, but business quickly slowed after an antique shop that did much of its business through mail-order and moved to the north-central Kansas town of Wilson. Alexander also had its own bank until 1987, the fifth of five Rush County banks that closed in about two years.

Today, the bank building serves as the senior citizens center. A fourth of Alexander's residents are senior citizens — 65 years or older. Nine are at least 75.

"The only thing we've got left is the co-op," said resident Keith Schwindt.

If the Alexander Post Office is closed, mail would be handled through the facility in Bazine, with delivery to Alexander.

Alton Huddleston said Alexander might be living on borrowed time, and that the community might be able to hang on for "another 25 years probably."


oneeye_wilbur 2 years, 10 months ago

So, is Rush county one of Brownback's counties that one could move to and save on State Income tax? How much is a house now in Alexander? And if there is no school, then the taxes should really be low.

Maybe Brownback would move his personal residence to one of the counties and Rush might be a starter county .

It is no wonder that there was a bar in KCK called SASNAK because Kansas is becoming more backwards each day and Lawrence is the leader.


Gandalf 2 years, 10 months ago

Sounds to me like it's dead already. Beside's who really wants junk mail?


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