Letters to the Editor

Theater lauded

July 27, 2011


To the editor:

Theatre Lawrence (formerly Lawrence Community Theatre) has become outstanding in offering a level of performance art that serves well in helping to maintain Lawrence as a culturally rich and desirable place to live. We are consistently treated to high quality on-stage theater productions in respect to acting, directing and behind-the-scenes technical support.

Mary Doveton does a superb job as executive director. Her staff, consisting mostly of community volunteers, provides an invaluable service that assures success of theater operations. We personally have seen in a detailed tour of the present facility that it is not adequate for providing an entirely satisfactory theater experience for its patrons or for participating actors. The building needs to be replaced with a modern and more functional structure designed specifically for theater performances.

The executive director and board of directors are now faced with a closing deadline at the end of September for securing pledges necessary to fund the building project or risk losing some important grants. We and other enthusiastic patrons will be delighted to see the project go forward. The new building is certain to become a significant cultural asset for Lawrence and comes with an additional bonus of drawing theater-goers from surrounding areas well beyond our city. Yes, Theatre Lawrence is that good and deserving of community support.