Letters to the Editor

Removed from reality

July 14, 2011


To the editor:

So, according to Gov. Brownback, closing the Lawrence SRS office is no big deal because “clients can always access needed services in the Topeka or Kansas City offices or by the Internet.” How?

Is the governor so far removed from reality that he doesn’t know that poor people generally cannot afford a car or, if so, the current gas prices? Poor people do not have Internet either. Asking our library and other overburdened offices to teach them how to use the Internet simply is inconsiderate at best. But our governor has an answer for all of this: “Let them eat cake.”


allamerican4ever 2 years, 9 months ago

south west and north are all keeping the srs office they have. ottawa, oskaloosa and topeka


Mike Ford 2 years, 9 months ago

herr brownback lives in the ayn rand world of "I got mine go find yours" world of selfish people who think 2011 is 1985. Christianity is about punishing the least capable to these people south and west and north of Lawrence, right?


thewayitis 2 years, 9 months ago

Yes a few may not have a car or a computer (ever heard of Freenet?), but they have cable tv, flat screens, money for cigs, tattoos, alchohol and whaterver else. You count every ABLE BODIED needy person in Lawrence that REALLY can't make it without assistance and what do you have ...Maybe a hundred people? that's tops. How many of those people actually have to go to the office on a regular basis? 10 a month? A cab ride for or a bus once a week is a thousand times less than that monster building costs a week. There are a thousand solutions to this problem and fortunately the first step has been made.

If we didn't have an SRS there wouldn't be any money to hand out for tattoos. Don't tell me it's not out there because I see it EVERY DAY where I work. Money from Vision used for groceries and thy use real money for all the other unnecessary crap that others can't afford because they are responsible.

Hip Hip horay for Brownback!! this is the type of common sense Gutsy guy that will keep Kansas from going bankrupt.


Brock Masters 2 years, 9 months ago

Yes, SRS has not handled this well, but remember, it is the legislature, including those from Lawrence that also share the blame. They imposed a budget reduction on SRS which caused the need to cut. And, perhaps those from Lawrence didn't vote for the cut, they deserve blame because they were so ineffective in fighting against it and letting everyone know the consquences of the cuts until it was too late.


Multidisciplinary 2 years, 9 months ago

For those who don't know..everything at SRS has paperwork. You bring in copies (or make them there)..then bring them to check in. Each page is hand stamped, to prove WHEN it came in. If you're late, or one single page is missing, you'll be held up or cancelled and have to reapply.

How will they do this via the internet or phone? I know someone who lost services because the SRS person didn't include all the paperwork. The recipient had always been perfect and punctual before. They filled out each page mailed to them. They received a letter telling them their services would be cancelled, because all the paperwork had not been sent in. They hand carried in every page sent to them. It was the caseworker's fault all the papers had not been sent to the client. The client filled out every page mailed to them, turned them in early. SRS would not listen (caseworkers make no mistake, FYI)..and the person lost their daycare.

On another note..people with disabilities, children with such. They don't always have caregivers or transportation available. Getting to Topeka, which I'm sure will create a LOT longer wait time for service there...will now be an immeasurably hard task, or impossible one. When they 'tell you' you have an have to be there.

Will medicaid be willing to pick up the tab for travel expenses for those in wheelchairs, etc, that require special transport?


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