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Police say girl who died in Great Bend was reported missing at girls’ shelter

July 8, 2011


— Police in Great Bend say a 15-year-old girl whose body was found this week at a Great Bend home had recently been reported missing from a local girls' shelter.

Great Bend Police Chief Dean Akings told The Hutchinson News that the Barton County Youth Care Home reported the girl missing July 1.

The girl, whom police have not identified, was found dead Monday in the basement of a home. The cause of death was not released.

Barton County Youth Care Inc. in Great Bend declined comment. The shelter offers care to girls for the state.

Police said a suspect was in custody Thursday, but formal charges hadn't been filed.


Ewok79 6 years, 9 months ago

I read this a couple days ago. I was just informed last night that this girl is my best friends niece. I'm shocked that something like this could happen in a small town. I feel for my friends family during these difficult times. As for the creep that did this, I hope he is sombody's b%#ch in prison!!

Deja Coffin 6 years, 9 months ago

So sad, my thoughts go out to the family and friends. Wasn't another young girl killed in Great Bend a year or so ago?

Ewok79 6 years, 9 months ago

Ya know, I'm not really sure. I think so..........

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