No surprise

To the editor:

Come on Lawrence. Really? You are surprised the Republican administration in Topeka is closing an extremely important local office offering needed services to thousands of local people? The front page headline on July 2 reads, “Lawrence shocked by closure of its SRS office.” Well if that is what you want and you want more of the same, just keep voting for Democratic Party candidates. Does the phrase “don’t get mad, get even” come to mind? How about “politics as usual”?

Because I’m just private citizen Gary I can say that, but you’ll find most public figures will not. See Paul Davis’ comment under the same headline. And Gov. Brownback and crew can get away with such behavior without repercussions because the rest of the state’s voters will agree it was a necessary step and continue with the Republican-sponsored agenda. The attitude will be that’ll teach those left leaning liberals over there in Douglas County.

Moratorium on wind-powered generators in southeast Kansas for what reason, over-regulating abortion providers in an effort to close them down, voting fraud laws to fix problems that don’t even exist to limit new registrations into the Democratic Party. Lawrencians and all Kansans start thinking now. What next? What are you willing to tolerate? I guarantee there will be equally distasteful hard-to-swallow pills coming soon from Topeka. Think ahead.