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New KU staffer to help push research into the marketplace

July 7, 2011


Julie Nagel

Julie Nagel

Kansas University has hired a scientist and business strategist from Purdue University to help the school move technology into the marketplace.

Julie Nagel will join KU on Aug. 1 as director of industrial partnerships, which is a new position in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

She will report to Julie Goonewardene, associate vice chancellor for innovation and entrepreneurship, who also recently jointed KU from Purdue.

“It’s really exciting the focus that KU is putting toward commercialization,” and entrepreneurship, Nagel said, saying that focus attracted her to the position.

Nagel will earn $120,000 per year in her new job.

At Purdue, she served as managing director of the Oncological Science Center at Purdue’s Discovery Park.

She said she had the opportunity to interact with a lot of “really compelling” research in the cancer field, and she hoped to continue that at KU.

“I really have a passion for working in that area,” she said.

Nagel will split time between KU Medical Center and the Lawrence campus.

“At Purdue, she’s focused on making it easier for industry to work with faculty by finding solutions to the obstacles that sometimes block collaboration with the university,” said Goonewardene in a written statement. “She’s also helped educate faculty about becoming entrepreneurs and risk-takers with their ideas. We are about to ramp up our educational program in that area, and Julie will make a significant contribution.”


KU_cynic 6 years, 1 month ago

KU hires Vitter, who's one step removed from his former position at Purdue.

Vitter then hires Julie Goonewardene from Purdue.

Julie Goonewardene then hires Julie Nagel from Purdue.

Whom will Julie Nagel hire from Purdue?

The ranks and payroll in Strong Hall continue to swell, while KU faculty and staff in academic units endure pay freezes and students pay higher tuition. When will this end?

Lawrence Morgan 6 years, 1 month ago

I hope that, when it comes to patents-a key part of the picture-she will back low or non-existent patent fees for the third world countries, so that medicine and other supplies can get to them and not be frozen out of the picture.

Why don't they post their resumes on the internet so that everyone can see who the university is hiring???

PugnaciousJayhawk 6 years, 1 month ago

At this rate Goonewardene should have all those LRTC related fools packing in no time.

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