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Gov. Brownback donates unspent inauguration funds to Kansas Arts Foundation, other nonprofits

July 5, 2011


— Gov. Sam Brownback announced Tuesday that he has donated $150,000 in unspent inauguration funds to nonprofit groups, including $30,000 to the Kansas Arts Foundation, which Brownback set up to replace the state-funded Kansas Arts Commission, which he killed.

“These organizations reflect Kansas’ commitment to helping their neighbors in times of need and making our communities a great place to raise a family and work,” Brownback said.

Brownback vetoed funding of the Kansas Arts Commission, making Kansas the only state to not have a state-funded arts commission.

Brownback replaced the commission with a nonprofit fundraising arm called the Kansas Arts Foundation. The Brownback for Governor Inaugural Committee donated $30,152.99 to the foundation.

The Legislature had to change the law during the past session to allow the inaugural committee to donate.

Here are the other donations made by the committee:

• Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved, $50,000.

• Friends of Cedar Crest Association, $10,000.

• Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation, $10,000.

• Rescue missions in Emporia, Salina, Topeka and Wichita, $35,000.

• Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland, $5,000

• Jayhawk Area Council Boy Scouts of America, $5,000.

• Power Community Development Corp. (Dunbar Theatre), $5,000.


Multidisciplinary 5 years ago

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Yes Sir. Killed is the right word for what he did to it. Putting flowers on the grave isn't going to erase the crime, you evildoer Brownback.

Bob_Keeshan 5 years ago

Naturally, the new Brownback appointed "chair" of the Arts Commission will take these funds and use them to cover her "expenses" for serving as chair.

Straight out of the GOP manual on how to govern.

kernal 5 years ago

Yep, she should pay all the foundations expenses out of her own pocket, just like other chairs of other non-profit organizations. Not!

notanota 5 years ago

She's certainly not going to take those funds and leverage them into federal matching grants.

ilovelucy 5 years ago

Notice that no money was donated to the Lawrence Community Shelter but given to missions in Salina, Wichita, Topeka and Hays? How did those cities vote?

The man stinks beyond belief.

notanota 5 years ago

Notice that he probably "donated" that money right back to his biggest campaign contributors.

newmedia 5 years ago

Yea, I'm sure the Boy and Girl Scouts and the community shelters were on the top of his donor list. Duh!

notanota 5 years ago

They weren't at the top of his recipient list, either.

Glenn Reed 5 years ago

Rescue missions are typically religious organizations, which probably prompted their being selected. I don't believe that the local shelter is directly affiliated with any specific denomination. I could be wrong.

kernal 5 years ago

I wonder if his donations to the homeless shelters in other cities has anything to do with how they are run vs how the Lawrence homeless shelter is run. I do know there's a difference in how the Topeka Mission is run versus the Lawrence Community Shelter as that has been discussed here in the past.

I think it would be interesting, and perhaps illuminating, as to how the Salina, Wichita and Hays homeless shelters are run in comparison to ours.

verity 5 years ago

It says "rescue missions" not homeless shelters. If I'm not mistaken rescue missions have a religious purpose.

deec 5 years ago

I lived in Hays 4 years. I don't think they even have a homeless shelter. There is a charitable organization that has the usual stuff, food bank, clothes bank, etc. I don't recall if it is religious-affiliated or not.

xclusive85 5 years ago

How long ago did you live in Hays? I lived out west of Hays for a long time and I think they did start a homeless shelter on the west side of Hays somewhere. It was actually pretty close to FHSU if I remember right. Maybe it closed after I left or opened after you left?

thatonedude 5 years ago

Brownhack can hide behind this when people criticize him for defunding the arts, because he assumes that nobody will call him out on how little he's giving in the long run.

notanota 5 years ago

30k compared to 1.6 mil wasn't it? Plus no matching grants. I guess he'll create about half of one of the many many jobs he killed when he vetoed the KCA.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

Of course, Brownback also has control over where those funds go. No 'outside' artists nor anyone remotely 'edgy' will ever get a nickle. "If it isn't Norman Rockwell, it isn't art."

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

All of the above donations are smoke and screen.

BUT BUT BUT he also gave away $10,000,000(million) tax dollars to one of the wealthiest candy makers in the world aka Mars. It isn't that Kansas won or was especially shrewd it is more like Kansas was the biggest sucker out of the bunch.

Brownback is very very likely to see special interest campaign dollars coming from Mars.

Brownback represents the liberal/reckless spending habits of the neoconservative christian fundamentalist party that was not prevalent in the former republican party.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

"neoconservative christian fundamentalist party" drinking game! Every time merrill posts that, you have to kill whatever drink you are holding when you read it.

kernal 5 years ago

merrill, you might want to do some more homework on the Mars story.

sad_lawrencian 5 years ago

I'm imagining a fantasy world where the Kansas state legislature has cojones and says no to the governor from time to time... Yes, I said it's a fantasy.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 5 years ago

$150,000 in unspent inauguration funds? Really? How much was spent? ...and WHY? I thought we were broke?! ...and politicians are still throwing parties for fooling the people into electing despots, cronies, crooks, and creeps who beat us into $ubmi$$ion?

notanota 5 years ago

I believe those were donated political funds. Only the little people are broke. The rich just keep on getting richer.

rtwngr 5 years ago

Sam, Sam, he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! Gooooooo Sam!!!

My hero.

All the rest of you "Nanny State" libs can just jump in the lake, Clinton or Lone Star. Take your pick.

plainspeaking 5 years ago

The first time I heard the first line of your post was during the Nixon's reelection campaign in '72.

Dick and Sam have a lot in common.

parrothead8 5 years ago

What are you suggesting he can "do" better than anyone else? If it's to continue the trend of an ever-growing disparity between working-class Kansans and the super-wealthy Kansans, you're absolutely right. Sam is your guy.

Merican 5 years ago

That was really nice of Sam. Thanks, Sam.

Matthew Herbert 5 years ago

what's truly amazing to me is how, despite all of his actions, how easily Brownback will win reelection. I'm guessing 63% of the vote.

Doug Fisher 5 years ago

Brownbackistan -

a pseudo-Christian fascist state formerly known as Kansas, where the arts are not publicly funded, women's reproductive rights are relentlessly attacked, public school funding is drastically cut, voter suppression laws make it nearly impossible for new voters to register to vote, and social services are turned over to evangelical "Christian" groups, all done with the backing of the Koch brothers.

Erin Graham 5 years ago

You know you're doing something special when you get your own spot on Urban Dictionary!

Sunny Parker 5 years ago

Whine whine whine. Arts...What 'arts'? Fund yourselves!

emceelean 5 years ago

Kind of a token gesture. Don't know if I should feel insulted or a modicum of graciousness.

Centerville 5 years ago

FYI: The last time taxpayer money was used to pay for a party for a governor's big donor was when Sibileus threw the "Trifecta" gala for Tiller. She was later forced to reimburse the state general fund.

tolawdjk 5 years ago

I'm guessing it was Catholic Charities.

The press release is very telling. It states what specific Boy Scout Council, what specific Girl Scout Council, tells you what Power Community Development Corp. is, and the specific names of the other foundations.

However, it is a generic "rescue mission" in four other towns. Was there no space left on the page to spell the specific ones out? Were they not important enough to know their specific names? Or was the Gov's office concerned about possible giving to religious organizations. Why weren't these four named?

4art 5 years ago

Accuracy in reporting is an expectation I have, especially of the LJW. These are the facts. The Governor's original plan was to fold the existing Kansas Arts Commission into the Kansas State Historical Society in order that Kansas would continue to have a designated state art agency. This was coupled with a plan to reduce the taxpayer funded portion of the state art agency budget to $200K and create the Kansas Arts Foundation to raise private money to support the remaining portion of the former state funded budget. The Kansas Senate disagreed with this consolidation and authorized $709,000 in state funds to the Kansas Arts Commission which still exists. The line item veto of the $709k did not cause the Kansas Arts Commission to be replaced, just unfunded with tax dollars. The assertion in the article that the Kansas Arts Commission was replaced by the Kansas Arts Foundation which is a private, not for profit organization is false. In fact the paper reported on the meetings last week of the KANSAS ARTS COMMISSION which is obviously not "replaced." This type of inaccurate reporting may have national consequence and hampers the ability of those committed to continuing a vigorous public arts Mission in this time of economic hardships. Please try to do better for the sake of art!

Bob Forer 5 years ago

If Brownback were truly concerned about charitable organizations, he would contribute his much larger unspent political campaign funds to charity.

Centerville 5 years ago

Dear 4art. Your facts are messing with the narrative. We don't have reporters, we have stenographers. That's why we've never read what you're telling us.

naturalist 5 years ago

I'm beginning to sense that Sam doesn't like Lawrence. Anyone else getting that vibe?

OldSoldier 5 years ago

Wow, I guess the Arts Commission feels a lot better.

Lawrence_Pilot 5 years ago

That's mighty White of the Chief Redneck!

George_Braziller 5 years ago

I predict he won't even make it through the primaries. He has already pissed off the full political spectrum. Even his original supporters are starting to distance themselves from him because he has gone too far.

Bob_Keeshan 5 years ago

This isn't his campaign money. He is, in fact, saving that for the next election.

I know, reading is hard.

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