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Police don’t suspect foul play in death of woman whose body was found in vehicle Saturday morning

January 24, 2011, 10:47 a.m. Updated January 24, 2011, 5:11 p.m.


A Lawrence police spokesman said Monday morning that officers do not suspect foul play in the death of a 58-year-old woman whose body was found Saturday morning in a vehicle in the 800 block of Tennessee Street.

But results from an autopsy are pending, Sgt. Matt Sarna said.

“There appears to be nothing suspicious,” he said.

Police were called around 8:20 a.m. Saturday after a report of a body in a vehicle.

The vehicle was parked in the driveway of a residence in the alley behind Tennessee Street, but officers said the woman did not live at the home. Sarna said Monday the woman also did not own or have any other connection with the vehicle.

Police have not released the woman’s name.


Starlight 7 years ago

I wonder if she was warming up the vehicle and was overcome by carbon monoxide.

jasonthesane 7 years ago

in a car she did not own or have any other connection to... parked in the driveway of a residence that was not hers...


somedude20 7 years ago

maybe a Jonas Brothers songs did it.

hip_gma 7 years ago

somedude20 - i know the family. Just wait until you have a relative die suddenly and see how much comfort a comment like yours brings to you.

somedude20 7 years ago

if you know em like you say then you should be helping em out not trolling the web

hip_gma 7 years ago

what makes you think I haven't been?

Scotchguard 7 years ago

You're justifying your insensitivity? You really must be only 20 years old -- and extremely immature for 20.

shortone 7 years ago

Good for you hip_gma! These unintelligent and childish remarks that SOME feel the need to post when a family has been devastated make no sense probably not even to the poster!

Jillian Andrews 7 years ago

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ralphralph 7 years ago

Okay ... sorry for the family, but the "official" statements are kind of inviting stupid responses on here .... "nothing suspicious", maybe so, but at least a little odd, given what details they've released.

I know, I know ... none of our business.
Warm thoughts to the family, puzzled looks for the police spokesperson.

Bob Forer 7 years ago

May have been a homeless person known to the police whom they believe sought refuge in an unlocked car to escape the cold. So sad if lack of a warm shelter for the night contributed to her demise.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

it may not have been a lack of warm shelter, but more a lack of good decisions.

Kris_H 7 years ago

It may have been anything. How about a medical issue that caused her to stop her car in an unfamiliar place? There must be something in human nature that makes us want it to be something that could never have happened to us. Sorry, folks, life isn't like that. Stuff DOES happen, even to people who have no fault in it.

My condolences to her friends and family, peace and strength to all.

Scotchguard 7 years ago

Looks like you didn't read very carefully. The vehicle she was found in was NOT HERS. More likely she was on foot and got into an unlocked vehicle to try to get warm. And yes, there are circumstances where this could happen to any of us.

alfie 7 years ago

Her name is Angie, God Rest Her Soul...

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