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Washburn University recognizes Kansas woman for creative fundraiser

February 9, 2011


— Washburn University is recognizing an employee who came up with a unique way to raise money after her son-in-law experienced a recurrence of cancer.

Jeremy Ostrowski was diagnosed with sarcoma, or cancer of connective tissues, in 2000. Chemo beat the disease into remission, but it came back in 2005.

He died in September of 2009.

In the midst of everything, his mother-in law, Judy McCourt, began a system in which a dozen women could sign on to wear a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a "J" for one month each.

Each woman donated $50 or more.

Now all the money raised is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Washburn says in a news release that McCourt has received a Living Well award for her ability to think creatively during a challenging time.


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