Letters to the Editor

Too nasty

February 9, 2011


To the editor:

It makes me so sad and upset when I read your editorials about our president of the United States of America. I expect your newspaper to endorse a candidate during an election, so I can excuse you for the one you wrote during this last general election.

But your comments after President Obama’s State of the Union speech just hit me to the core. I could not believe you could write such bigoted thoughts about his speech. How in the world could you ever think the way you do? He certainly told the Republicans they had better shape up and play ball. Maybe that is what you did not want to hear.

I have been ready to cancel my subscription as it makes me so upset when such harsh comments are made about our president. He is trying so hard under such awful circumstances, and he really cares about us, even you.

I just have to tell you how I feel about your nastiness and hope you will be less nasty in the future. I would love to be a newspaper publisher and give you some competition!


SinoHawk 7 years ago

"He certainly told the Republicans they had better shape up and play ball. Maybe that is what you did not want to hear."

Well, my irony meter just hit 11. To summarize: Criticizing the GOP = good (Telling the GOP to "shape up and play ball") Criticizing the President = bad (Calling speech "uninspired")

I can't quite tell if this is a serious LTE or a parody, but I fear for our Republic if it is the former.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

I think she is saying that everyone should be more behind the president, even if you didn't vote for him.
Wonder if this paper would endorse Palin?

Brock Masters 7 years ago

It is interesting that many stand behind the protesters in Egypt and Tunasia, almost elevating them to hero status and yet, we condemn those that don't get in lock step with our government.

Why should people get behind the president if they don't support his agenda? Should people have fallen in line with Bush just because he was president or was it right to criticize him for increasing our deficit, committing us to wars and imposing the Patriot act on us?

I suppose we could change things so that once we elect a president they really become king and their word is law......is that what you want?

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Dissent was thought to be patriotic from 2000 through 2008, at least according to those on the sinister side of the aisle.

LiberalDude 7 years ago

Good letter. Someone needs to start a progressive Lawrence newspaper to compete with the LJW. It is too conservative for Lawrence.

devobrun 7 years ago

You're correct, LD. How 'bout "The City Moon"?
Hippies know of whom I speak. And Jody of the Deep still Lurks in the bottomless pond they call Potter.

devobrun 7 years ago

Go ask Alice......when she's ten feet tall.

pace 7 years ago

A nice heart felt letter. I commend her.

Steve Jacob 7 years ago

The voters in 2010 said for Obama to shape up and play ball, not the Republicans. People want jobs, and it's hard not to blame Obama after two plus years in office.

pace 7 years ago

The voters in 2010 said they were sick of congress. In 2012 they will say they are even sicker of Congress. We need to reform Congress. The voters elected Obama.

CHKNLTL 7 years ago

voters need candidate reform --no campaign donations from companies grossing over $250,000 a year. That'll keep out those pocket-filler filibustering favor-owing knit-wits. only people that really want it would run on their own dime or rely on the donations of all the little guys that really like them.

Abdu Omar 7 years ago

Looking at the odds Obama inherited, I would say he has done fairly well. We are in two wars, one started by us for no reason, and the market crash was due to some of Bush's cronies getting more than their fair share. It is time to reverse that, I am sure, but as this recession wasn't made over two years, neither can the fix. We need to have confidence in our republic and go forward with the gusto of children. If we don't, we could have elected any one and the results would have been the same.

Fossick 7 years ago

The results certainly would have been the same given the two candidates that were offered. The irony is that if the old guy had been elected, the Democrat party would be in far better shape today, because the GOP would still have to be its big-spending government-solution-loving self. The election of Obama has given them the chance to effect a pretended fiscal responsibility which has turned out to be surprisingly popular. So popular that they are actually trying to implement it here in Kansas.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

The GOP worships big government just as much as the Democrats do. They just aren't as honest about it, and their largesse tends to be reserved for those that are already doing pretty well for themselves.

Carol Bowen 7 years ago

GOP definitely believes in big government...and personally invasive government at all costs. Never mind the budget.

Fossick 7 years ago

"The GOP worships big government just as much as the Democrats do."

Very little argument from me, except that I would say they are more torn about it rather than less honest. Progs like Bush and McCain want to design government solutions to all problems, and self-professed progs hate them because they are heretic. Think John Calvin drowning anabaptists and you get the idea.

There is a section of the GOP which does not, however. They are the ones who get all the crappy committee assignments because there's no money in the separation of business and state.

Fossick 7 years ago

Bush on steroids. But it's rather funny to hear people complain about the wars Obama inherited. Two years isn't long enough to get out of a war? How about to close a prison?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"Bush on steroids."

Sorta glib, but inaccurate, especially when it comes to war.

I think it's pretty clear that Obama isn't a true believer like Bush when it comes to the war machine. But he's a pragmatist, and he knows that you can't become president if you're going to go too strongly against the status quo. Any suggestion from a "serious" presidential candidate that the war budget should be reduced and the war machine should be reined in will immediately get them labeled as "soft on defense," with very well-financed demagoguery arrayed to pound that message through. During the campaign, Obama knew that he had to protect himself from such charges, and declaring Afghanistan a "good" war was how he chose to do it.

That does suggest a good deal of cynicism on Obama's part. The death and destruction wreaked on Afghanistan is considerable, but Obama clearly believes it's worth it to give him the political space he needs to carry out the rest of his agenda-- an agenda that never strays too far from the status quo, either. And in our current political climate, especially inside the beltway, no president can.

Fossick 7 years ago

[Obama calculates that] "The death and destruction wreaked on Afghanistan is ... worth it to give him the political space he needs to carry out the rest of his agenda"

Well, I'm just glad that killing helpless foreigners is such a small price to pay for domestic political considerations. It would be a shame if he, like Bush, actually believed that he was giving them a better life.

But it's not at all that inaccurate when it comes to war, especially with Obama's CIA killing civilians in Pakistan by dropping bombs on their heads. If Obama wanted out, he could declare victory and leave, like Nixon in Vietnam. Had he done so a year ago, all would be forgotten by 2012. The only reasonable conclusion is that he wants to be there and broaden the war. If he's not Bush on steroids, then he's simply Bush without the good intentions.

However, "stimulus" spending is Bush (or both Bushes, and maybe Captain Kangaroo to boot) on steroids. That much, I think, is inarguable.

Bill Getz 7 years ago

The letter in question may well be satirical, as one of the previous contributors suggests. I had not thought of this when I read it; it makes sense. If not, the writer may want to reconsider. Mr. Simons is a Republican and he owns the Journal World. He pertains to a long line of GOP editor-publishers in Kansas which includes Ed Howe, Rolla Clymer, and, most notably, William Allen White, though his writing style, while enduringly eccentric, falls short of theirs. To criticize him for attacking a speech by a Democratic president is like faulting a cat for killing a bird. The nature of the breed. When Mr. SImons finally decides to hang it up and let Gannon have the paper, we will miss his independent opinion. The JW will become nothing more than a version of USA Today with a local insert . That is the point at which I will finally cancel my subscription. There is something to be said for going out on the porch every morning, opening the paper, and being pissed off. Gets one's critical juices flowing along with the morning coffee.

bad_dog 7 years ago

Aloha? Mahalo? Are you auditioning for a position on the cast of "Lost", Tom?

Sorry, but that show is no longer in production.

"Hawaii 50" is still an option for you, though. Go fight some crime on the big island, yeah!

You should also change your avatar to Don Ho or perhaps a ukelele or grass skirt ;-)

jackpot 7 years ago

Now leave Tom alone He checking Birth records.

KUgradANDunemployed 7 years ago

It would be pretty hard for a person with "thin skin" to rise through the ranks and become president. I think "thick skin" is basically a requirement...

jayhawklawrence 7 years ago

I am also offended by the type of comments made against President Obama not just in a newspaper but on talk shows and in emails broadcast over the internet.

Personally, I think the discussions that go on between liberals and conservatives usually have very little value other than to increase the level of acrimony and lower the chance for a meaningful exchange of ideas or information.

If we define the actual needs and interests of the American people on a more individual and focused level, we might understand the need to develop 21st century solutions that can actually be applied that will improve the overall standard of living in the United States.

As it is, the sand is running out of the hour glass and we are slowly losing our position of leadership in the world.

Liberty275 7 years ago

"I am also offended by the type of comments made against President Obama not just in a newspaper but on talk shows and in emails broadcast over the internet."

I'm sure you were equally offended every time someone called the last president "chimp". Not.

BlackVelvet 7 years ago

If the LTE writer is a big Obama fan, that is her right. However, to criticize others for not sharing her view is shortsighted. Why is it that some feel a need to attack anyone whose opinions differ from their own? How childish.

Fossick 7 years ago

She is just sharing her pain. As WF Buckley once noted, Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

BlackVelvet 7 years ago

and that goes for both sides of the aisle.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Just yesterday Sven said: we ARE NOT posting again - sorry.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

I am proud to be a JFK liberal. I'm also a little dismayed about the lack of respect given to our current President.

BruceWayne 7 years ago

Allowing a banned user, and current city commission candidate, to return to LJWorld.com As we said earlier - I tried the forum to post when appropriate. It lasted about 6 hours and then the wingnuts - Jerry Springer show crowd took over and took it up to 290+ posts.


It is more like the Jerry Springer show than anything rational, in part due to the moderator's policy interpretations. we ARE NOT posting again - sorry.

Centerville 7 years ago

This is one of the funniest letters I've ever read. She has to be kidding.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

That username is still showing up on new posts. Whether or not it's only Sven posting on it is open to debate.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Sex Scandal Might Bring Down John Boehner

============================== Banking On Fraud

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And pronounced this travesty a brilliant success

Where is the FBI and a Grand Jury???


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Where is the FBI and a Grand Jury???

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Hey, you've added some new material to one of your most often copy/pasted posts! Woo Hoo! Have we banned internal combustion lawn care machines yet? They're killing the planer. Not destroying them all would be dumb and irresponsible!!!

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 7 years ago

Awwwwwww go ahead and cancel your subscription. All the president and fellow democrats care about is bankrupting this country with their liberal schemes. Thus far they are doing quite well by a liberal estimation. We are in debt more than we have ever been, much more. Thank you, Lynn

Carol Bowen 7 years ago

In a previous blog, I mentioned that the president's office and president Bush should be treated with civility and respect. I agree with this LTE.

As for our illustrious editor, I agree with him once in a while. He cares about the community and certainly adds personality. I do wish he would try to be more objective. I would say this editorial is emotional.

We should give each other some space to think and exchange ideas. Boxing ourselves into corners is counterproductive. In my opinion, that's what is wrong with the political scene, right now.

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