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Lawrence man, 28, remains in critical condition after being hit by two cars Saturday night at busy intersection

A pedestrian crossing 23rd Street near Iowa Street was struck by at least one vehicle, according to police. The patient was flown to a Kansas City area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

February 7, 2011


A pedestrian who was injured Saturday night while trying to cross 23rd Street was in critical but stable condition Monday at a Kansas City-area hospital, a Lawrence police spokesman said.

Sgt. Matt Sarna Monday identified the injured man as 28-year-old Jeffrey A. Brown of Lawrence.

Police said that about 8 p.m., Brown was trying to cross 23rd Street, heading south, near the Iowa Street intersection when he was struck by two eastbound vehicles.

Accident investigators Monday were still trying to determine exactly where Brown was when he tried to cross the street. But Sarna said the preliminary investigation indicated eastbound traffic had a green light, meaning a pedestrian crossing to the south would not have had a walk signal.

Joseph Henderson, who was stopped in traffic, told the Journal-World Saturday night that a man appeared to be attempting to climb over ice in the small island between the turn lane and westbound lanes of 23rd Street when he slipped and appeared to fall. Henderson said the man continued to try cross the street when one car narrowly missed hitting him before he was struck by another vehicle.

Sarna said Brown was struck by a 2005 Chevrolet Impala in the inside lane and then a 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck in the outside lane of eastbound 23rd Street. Both drivers stopped, he said, and people began administering aid to Brown before medics arrived. Brown was flown to the hospital by helicopter ambulance, which had landed in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby, he said.

Sarna said officers were still trying to determine if alcohol or anything else was a contributing factor. He said police were also trying to determine where Brown had been immediately before the accident and asked anyone with information to call Douglas County Crime Stoppers at 785-843-TIPS (8477).

No citations had been issued as of Monday, Sarna said.


Dixie Jones 3 years, 2 months ago

My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.


smitty 3 years, 2 months ago

There isn't a massive problem with DgCo sheriffs when they aren't trying to assist a cover up by the LPD. LPD's OLIN orchestrated a cover up in the Sevier shooting to get a justifiable homicide for Bordman and Phillips. Phillips did the right thing in backing up his fellow officer with out knowledge that Bordman was in the wrong. It was a cover up and can be proven yet today through the official documents from the autopsy, inquest, police reports.

That is the short version of why the LPD, city commission, coroner, then DA, will not be trusted by me again until they earn the trust back. They haven't yet earned that trust and you are ignorant to fight the fight for them without knowing the facts.


MacHeath 3 years, 2 months ago

We all know that Smitty has issues with Douglas county law enforcement. I would like to know why...without having to read some long-winded blog. I have suspected it is because Smitty is connected to the Yellow house folks...I dunno. I don't think the folks of Lawrence always blame the victim, but a lot of posters on the J/W do. I have always thought that doing a study on posters would be a good exercise for a psych class. I hope the dude that got hit, is ok, and the drivers that hit him are ok too. This kind of thing isn't good for anyone.


ralphralph 3 years, 2 months ago

23rd & Iowa is not too ped-friendly when warm and dry. Some extra clearing of the path might be needed there.

Thank you to the drivers who stopped ... a tip: get some PTSD counseling, even just a visit or two. I've known of people who were in wrecks that were not their fault -- or even just witnessed a wreck -- who, nonetheless, really battled getting it out of their mind and moving on. There are people who know how to help you do that ... go see one of them. Just a neighborly suggestion.

@Smitty -- Does the City's tough-on-slackers sidewalk clearing policy really not apply to the part that crosses the street ... i.e, their part? How do you fine somebody for not shoveling a sidewalk that leads to a huge pile of plowed snow/rocks/crud?


poolside 3 years, 2 months ago

Does anyone know if when he started over the drift the pedestrian light was in his favor? I wondered if after hitting his head he was disoriented enough that he just kept on going. I wish him well.


friendlyjhawk 3 years, 2 months ago

Lawrence is a town where it is always the victims fault. This is just another chapter of the same story. Don't know him, don't care to know him but sure want to blame him.


Richard Heckler 3 years, 2 months ago

STILL there were and are crosswalk areas buried in snow/ice.

Friday at 6th and Maine an older man fell into the drift as he was walking south on Maine. Climbing over that drift was a challenge. Lucky for him a woman jumped from her car to help very quickly and a deputy sheriff happened on the scene as he was waiting at the light.

We drivers and pedestrians will need to work together on this. The drift situation is a threat to pedestrians and could ruin a day for any driver.


equalaccessprivacy 3 years, 2 months ago

Hope he makes it! Iowa Street is a scary place! Lawrence is just not a friendly or safe place for pedestrians--worse than L.A.


sr80 3 years, 2 months ago

too many witnesses and i'm sure the police did a blood test on mr. brown.he isn't getting any thing but a huge hospital bill.sorry my friend!


TJ_in_Lawrence 3 years, 2 months ago

Oops. That was a typo. My apologies smitty


TJ_in_Lawrence 3 years, 2 months ago

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dolphins4321 3 years, 2 months ago

I applaud the 2 people that hit the man for stopping and not running. Can't say that for many people any more! Whether alcohol was a factor for them or not, they still stopped! Hope the gentleman that was hit recovers quickly.


smitty 3 years, 2 months ago

Sarna said officers were still trying to determine if alcohol or anything else was a contributing factor.

Alcohol? Where he had been? Anything else? It must be a total pain in the arse for officers to play liability protection for the city. But then the city plays cover up for the LPD so it is what it is.

He fell on the pile of snow and ice made by the city snow plows. If the anecdotal first person reports earlier are accurate, he fell on his head then got up.

Slipped and fell on that ice furrow that is not mandated to be shoveled by the city's ordinance. Sounds to me as if the city is on the way to another out of court liability settlement for their part in creating a dangerous crossing environment due to the dangerous mountain of snow and ice at each intersection as well as a poorly written ordinace that fails to cover the intersection portion of the side walk.

Get well Jeffrey A. Brown.


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