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Closings and cancellations for Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

February 2, 2011, 12:00 a.m. Updated February 2, 2011, 3:36 p.m.


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Here is a list of closings and cancellations for Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011:

School districts

  • Lawrence USD 497
  • Baldwin USD 348
  • Basehor-Linwood USD 458
  • De Soto USD 232
  • Eudora USD 491
  • McLouth USD 342
  • Oskaloosa USD 341
  • Ottawa USD 290
  • Perry-Lecompton USD 343
  • Santa Fe Trail USD 434
  • Shawnee Heights USD 450
  • Tonganoxie USD 464
  • Wellsville USD 289
  • West Franklin USD 287

Other schools

  • Kansas University — Edwards campus
  • Kansas University — Lawrence campus
  • Bishop Seabury Academy
  • Baker University — Baldwin City campus closed
  • Baker University — School of Nursing in Topeka closed
  • Century School
  • Corpus Christi Catholic School
  • Googols of Learning Child Development Center
  • Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Hilltop Child Development Center
  • Kid's Choice Christian Daycare
  • Lawrence Montessori School
  • Montessori Children's House
  • Ottawa University — campus closed
  • Pinnacle Career Institute — Morning and evening classes canceled
  • Prairie Moon Waldorf School
  • Raintree Montessori Scool
  • St. John Catholic School
  • Veritas Christian School

Government, businesses and organizations

  • State offices in Topeka — closed Wednesday. Non-essential state employees have the day off.
  • 1109 Gallery — closed
  • Americana Music Academy — closed
  • Ballard Center — closed
  • Brookcreek Learning Center — closed
  • Berry Plastics is opening at noon Wednesday
  • Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
  • City of Lawrence transit service — paratransit service for medical necessity/dialysis only
  • Cottonwood, Inc. — closed
  • Dignified Doggies — all day and evening classes canceled
  • Douglas County CASA
  • Douglas County Bank — opening at 9 a.m. (all locations)
  • Douglas County Dental Clinic — closed all day
  • Douglas County Senior Services, Senior Wheels transportation and Senior Meals dining rooms and home-delivery services are canceled.
  • Eudora Municipal Court
  • Family Church of Lawrence — Evening Activities Cancelled
  • G-Force Athletics - no evening practices or classes
  • Habitat for Humanity offices — closed
  • Haskell Health Center
  • Health Care Access
  • Heartland Medical Clinic
  • Independence, Inc. — closed and all rides canceled
  • Internal Medicine Group — weather-essential staff for emergencies only
  • Kansas City Metro Social Rehabilitation Services has closed all offices for Wednesday. This includes offices in Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Douglas, Franklin and Miami counties.
  • Kansas Legislature — suspended Wednesday
  • Kansas Legal Services — Lawrence and Topeka offices closed
  • K-Mart Distribution Center's 1st and 2nd shift should not report
  • Kretyen Fair Trade Gifts and Coffee
  • KVC Behavioral Healthcare — closed
  • KU on Wheels/Park and Ride — no service
  • Both Lawrence locations of La Petite Academy
  • Lawrence Apple Users' Group meeting — canceled. Topic rescheduled for March
  • Lawrence Arts Center — Closed, all classes canceled
  • Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department — opening at 1 p.m.
  • Lawrence Gymnastics — all evening classes canceled
  • Lawrence Internal Medicine — weather-essential staff emergencies only
  • Lawrence Parks and Recreation — all classes, programs aquatics and evening events canceled, all facilities closed
  • Lawrence Public Library — Open at 1 p.m. Wednesday
  • Leavenworth County offices — closed
  • Older Women's League (OWL) meeting canceled
  • Prairie Park Nature Center — no classes
  • Professional Treatment Services — opening at noon
  • Social Security Administration Office — closed
  • Sunflower Curbside Recycling
  • Recovery and Hope Network — closed
  • The Shelter, Inc.
  • UNI Computers — opening at 11 a.m. if weather permits
  • Yoga Center of Lawrence — Kim's 8:30 a.m. introduction to yoga, 10:15 a.m. level II class and 1:15 p.m. ageless class are canceled.

Events, activities and churches

  • All-City Choir Concert — will NOT be rescheduled
  • Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church
  • First Southern Baptist Church
  • Ghost Bird screening at the KU Natural History Museum — rescheduled for Feb 9 at 7 p.m.
  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church — all Catechesis of the Good Shepherd sessions canceled
  • Unity Of Lawrence Church — closed


hujiko 5 years ago

I sure got a hankerin' fir some dunkin' donuts!

Irenaku 5 years ago

Munchers kicks Dunkin Donut's butt anyday!!!

Sheila Hooper White 5 years ago

I so agree with that!! We love Munchers!

posternutbag 5 years ago

Like. Munchers Cream Cheese Donut = Nirvana pastrified.

zikzak 5 years ago

You sir or ma'am, are correct! The best donut...nay...wonder pastry ever

justtired 5 years ago

Thanks to the sanitation crews for working in this mess while all the other departments are closed!! That is why we should keep it local!!!! Our crews care!!!!!!!!!

tokenshi 5 years ago

I agree - Those guys are some of the hardest, most honest workers we have. They should get hazard pay + double time & a half. Especially since the rest of the government is shutting down apparently.

windjammer 5 years ago

They are the best workers on the city payroll bar none. Give them a raise and a bonus.

conservative 5 years ago

Did it occur to anyone that the reason defenbaugh called off recycling the other week was because they keep their trucks in kc and not in lawrence? If they got the lawrence trash contract it seems reasonable to assume they'd keep trucks here. It could even be written into the contract that services had to happen regardless of weather. Our city has shown itself incapible of adequately managing the expenses of trash collecting. All of the objections to a private contractor are the same restrictions now being suggested to bring the trash service back into the black.

daisyjay 5 years ago

Defenbaugh cancelled trash pickup in Kansas City (where their trucks are stored) during the last snow storm. They do it anytime there is bad weather.

So it does not just have to do with bringing their trucks into Lawrence.

sallyone 5 years ago

Defenbaugh picked up our recyclables today! I say sign'em up for all trash services! The lawrence crews suck were I live, I have to drag my trash cans across my yard opposite the driveway because whenever I left them at the end of the driveway the garbage men would throw the empty trash cans on my flower beds that I have lining the driveway rather than putting back on the grass upright, the lawrence crews are lazy if you ask me.

windjammer 5 years ago

You sallyone need to get a life. You mean you had to drag your can a few feet. GET A LIFE.

Kaw Pickinton 5 years ago

Both were picked up here. Thanks fellas.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Yea, as they raise the rates 300%!

windjammer 5 years ago

Has anyone driven west on I-70 from 635 to 435 where the Defenbaugh trucks go south on 435? There is more trash on those roads than they pick up in Lawrence. Those trucks do not tarp there loads properly and litter from downtowm kcmo to their waste site.

Sean Livingstone 5 years ago

Conservative: Market competition builds better company... I thought that's the principles of conservative?

GSWtotheheart 5 years ago

thanks to the guys on the city crews that are out plowing, sanding, haven't' hit my neighborhood yet but I know you're out there...have friend on a city crew and they have been working so hard for such long hours...go home to your families safe and sound!!!!!

irvan moore 5 years ago

our city workers are great and regardless of what contract the commissioners would come up with for outside trash service we would still get screwed. it ain't broke, don't fix it.

sallyone 5 years ago

Defenbaugh picked up our recyclables today! I say sign'em up for all trash services! The lawrence crews suck were I live, I have to drag my trash cans across my yard opposite the driveway because whenever I left them at the end of the driveway the garbage men would throw the empty trash cans on my flower beds that I have lining the driveway rather than putting back on the grass upright, the lawrence crews are lazy if you ask me.

windjammer 5 years ago

I think they are the best in the state. GET A LIFE

Rae Smith Evans 5 years ago

I've had both. I can honestly say from personal experience that Defenbaugh SUCKS so bad! They are horrible at garbage collection. They don't bother to collect whenever they feel like it. They leave trails of trash down the road. They refuse to collect if they don't like where you put your cans. Nightmare!

mawils 5 years ago

gswtotheheart- not only are the city crews out plowing , but so are others that do private drives

ForThePeople 5 years ago

Can anyone comment as to the condition of the main roads. I have only seen four wheel drive vehicles motoring my street, and very few at that.

fearsadness14 5 years ago

roads aren't exactly great. I was out about two hours ago, and the weather has only gotten worse. When I was out, Clinton Parkway was still un-touched from wakarusa all the way down to Iowa, and there were a few touch and go moments. The wind is making some interesting patterns in the streets, and creates a little havoc if you don't know what you are doing. living in Minnesota for so many years finally pays off!

justtired 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone that has to work in these conditions: Police, fire, hospital, etc.

JayVo 5 years ago

And all those City workers trying to keep a semblance of normality...

kaylatravis 5 years ago

I just got home from working in Topeka(drive a grand-prix). I-70 is ok, at least 1 lane. The worst is once you get into Lawrence as Clinton Parkway is bad. Once I hit Kasold I finally saw the plows but as soon as they went past, it drifted all over again. I agree fearsadness14, I lived in Minnesota/ND until this past May so knowing how to drive in this has helped.

53girl 5 years ago

We have Deffenbaugh for recycling and so far love the service! They have not missed any pick ups at all. If we could use them for trash pick up, I might switch if it is cheaper. Nothing against our trash guys tho; they are always good to me. May be something to do with me baking cookies for them....hehehe

GuineaPigs 5 years ago

Wonder if KU will close again tomorrow...

Currant 5 years ago

Yep, KU classes are cancelled. It's on the KU home page.

JGr 5 years ago

Wow - KU cancelled before Lawrence schools... I don't believe it!

Janis Pool 5 years ago

The "T" postpones till 8am. I got an email from them because I'm a regular rider. So I guess only Laidlaw will be running. LOL

Staci Dark Simpson 5 years ago

Who hired the superintendent? KU cancels and Lawrence doesn't? Does he live under a rock somewhere?

Maxwell Butterfield 5 years ago

It's not like it won't happen... Doll's not an idiot, and he has not once kept the schools open when they should have been closed.

Matt Torres 5 years ago

You're just one of the dozens of whiny people on these boards who think they know everything about any given subject they happen to have a half-baked opinion on. Unless you have something substantive to add, don't join the pile of loudmouths who don't know what they are talking about. There are plenty of them already.

May Soo 5 years ago

Is USD 497 going to cancel tomorrow?

Sss 5 years ago

I agree it's going to happen. But it's pretty ridiculous that it hasn't happened yet

jackv444 5 years ago

What a poor excuse for a leader - Dult, Rick

Eugehne Normandin 5 years ago

We already know school is going to be closed..

BruceWayne 5 years ago

you ever met Dr.Doll? didn't think so.

Kylee Manahan 5 years ago

It's probably going to be up to FIRST STUDENT

greywolf85203 5 years ago

If the city transit can't run neither can school buses they are probably having "technical difficulties again!"

auntmimi210 5 years ago

Just want to give a shout-out to my mail person today. I can't imagine what it would be like to walk all the distance they do in this weather, going up to every house & apartment building. So THANK YOU!!!

lunchlady 5 years ago

I just think that no matter what safety first. Not only are the roads hazardous but we have children who walk and teenagers who drive. The elements of the weather are not good for anyone right now.

Staci Dark Simpson 5 years ago

cheez and mon-whateva! Its called common sense which evidently isn't real common.

nepenthe 5 years ago

To all the essential personnel who had to work through this blizzard, a heart felt thank you for the services you provide.

Brent Garner 5 years ago

So glad I now live in San Antonio, TX! No snow here!!!

ksdivakat 5 years ago

WhooHoo!! KU closed, which means I get a snow day from work!! That wont happen again for another 20 yrs or

persevering_gal 5 years ago

Julie sounded so pleased on the phone (sarcasm). :)

BruceWayne 5 years ago

again I would like to thank Dr. Doll for using good judgment and not getting in a big hurry to do anything. Thank you for keeping our children safe.

CrumpN 5 years ago

Anyone know if the municpal court is open tomorrow?

Zalebay 5 years ago

Lawrence Public Transit is not running today.

wmathews 5 years ago

We're checking with the city to see if that's accurate. If they can confirm, we'll go ahead and post it in the list.

Whitney Mathews Assistant Community Editor for Online

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