Letters to the Editor

Residents care

December 20, 2011


To the editor:

In the Dec. 11 Journal-World, the editorials and Public Forum letters were of thoughts and insights from local citizens who obviously care about Lawrence, as do I.

Ken Phipps talked about the new football coach and the J-W sports editor not having Charlie Weis on his “short list” of who should be the new KU football coach. Why? As stated by the editorial writer on the same day, Weis has strong credentials, national recognition and brings much-needed excitement to the KU football program and Lawrence. He should be a great success.

Barbara Haile, in her letter to the editor, thanks all the people in the city departments who make her hometown what it is, full of beautiful lights and trees and activities for everyone to enjoy. She’s right on every count.

Sue Hess reflects on memories of World War II and hopefully war is a thing of the past, and we all can live together. Welcome to Lawrence.

Mary Ann Kieffer writes about the $15 million being proposed for a rec center and the $19 million library while people are being taxed out of their homes and schools are closing. She has a point; everyone is entitled to their opinion. Welcome to Lawrence.

However, the point of this letter is to reflect on how blessed we are to live here. Notwithstanding, there are still many challenges we face. Lawrence and its good people need to accept the future challenge so that we all may feel the exhilaration of being one of the best cities in the good ol’ U.S.A.


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