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Environs review

December 12, 2011


To the editor:

This concerns the historic district and environs review for the proposed hotel at Ninth and New Hampshire streets. Cultural heritage and authenticity are some of the attributes of a historic neighborhood. The review standards for impacts upon a historic district/environs review include (text edited for brevity):

  1. The character of a historic property’s environs should be retained and preserved. Removal or alteration of distinctive buildings, structures, landscape features, spatial relationships that characterize the environs should be avoided.

  2. The environs of a property should be used as it has been historically or allow the inclusion of new uses that require minimal change to the environs’ distinctive materials, features and spatial relationships.

  3. The environs of each property will be recognized as a physical record of its time, place and use.

  4. Demolition of character-defining buildings, structures, landscape features, etc. in a historic environs should be avoided.

  5. Archeological resources will be protected and preserved in place.

  6. Infill construction, or related new construction should not destroy character-defining features or spatial relationships that characterize the environs of a property. The new work shall be compatible with the historic materials, character-defining features, size, scale and proportion, and massing of the environs.


Flap Doodle 2 years, 4 months ago

Thought it was about time for a cool front to blow through.....


Richard Heckler 2 years, 4 months ago

Infill is the smart approach for taxpayers across the board........ only if there is demand for whatever product is being suggested. Otherwise it is more over building.

Of course I would prefer a pay for itself art and design school as an extension to the Arts Center. Why? Education is always in demand and students bring with them economic growth as KU and most other respected educational institutions have documented.

Certainly not 7 stories tall.

A city plan centered around energy star new education institutions = dollars and sense. Education institutions more often than not represent decent salary packages which are necessary to survive in Lawrence,Kansas.


oneeye_wilbur 2 years, 4 months ago

Is Mr. Alstrom planning on buying houses to save them? Thus far, he has not. Oread is not a historic neighborhood by any means. Only in the mind of a few delusional folks who think they are re creating Oak Park in Illinois.

With more restrictions that have been planned by Ms. Zollner and her whackos on the HRC commission, Lawrence will become more blighted. It is fact and thus far no one has proven it to be different.

Just look at East Lawrence. Look at the area just south of Kasold to Iowa, 6th to 15th. Nothing special. In due time, Prairie Park will become as blighted as the area around Bo's 12th and Haskell salvage yard. Can anyone believe that the neighbors to the south of Bo's have the gall to complain about the salvage yard? Yes, they are delusional and believe that 12th and Haskell should have houses built. When is Mr. Alstrom planning to build a house at that site.

Face it folks, as long as the city commission continues to appoint whackos to the various unneeded boards and commissions,,Lawrence won't become much of anything. Just sit back and watch. It will happen. Coffee shop near 9th and Delaware sounds fun,good but can they pay the rent?


thirdplanet 2 years, 4 months ago

What a demented opinion on whats historic. The only historic thing about this site is that its been empty for years. Just imagine how silly the anti-development camp would look to anyone not familiar with this town's dislike of Douglas Compton(is the county named after him?). A bunch of people rallying behind the protection of a muddy, ugly, vacant lot.

They opposed the building across the street when empty space was being put to good use. Did they say anything when the Oread Hotel was being built, its supposedly located in a historic neighborhood


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus_ 2 years, 4 months ago

Well lets apply these standards to the proposed sight at ninth and NH.

  1. The Character of the Property: Well its been a vacant lot for years and its currently a muddy parking lot for the construction across the street.

  2. The Character of Surrounding Properties: There's a parking garage, gym, and condos to the west, an art center employing modern architecture to the south, an office building to the north, and some old houses to the east. Its so historic.

  3. Its all pretty modern.

  4. The vacant lot can't get any worse.

  5. Archeological resources?

  6. Well we got the Corporate office and the condo's nearby that are of similar height and size. I'm sure it'll be using brick and stone just like the surrounding buildings.

Sounds all well to me, lets build the thing.


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