Letters to the Editor

Historical gem

August 30, 2011


To the editor:

Lawrence and Douglas County have a jewel in Judy Billings, executive director of the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (headquartered in the former Carnegie Library building). Without her drive and persistence this wonderful institution would never have jelled into the cooperative organization representing and encompassing many cooperating counties in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri and centered right here in Lawrence.

For several years about eight or so years ago, I traveled with her to numerous meetings in eastern Kansas counties trying to get this off the ground, and I must admit I gave up, thinking that it was an impossible task. She has sure proved me wrong!

If you have not already availed yourself of the opportunity, I suggest that you visit the “headquarters” and then the identified sites on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri border. Signage in the Carnegie building will enlighten you about the struggle for freedom from the early 1880s when Indians occupied this area and lost a good bit of their freedom to modern times with the efforts of Martin Luther King and all the struggles in between. It will be well worth your time!


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