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Worried for future

August 9, 2011


To the editor:

I was embarrassed and shocked Friday morning to open the J-W and see the top picture of “a fair to remember.” What a sad way to promote a 4-H and FFA fair!

I guess most would now call me “old-fashioned” when I say my fondest memories of the fair were all the preparation, planning and showing an exhibit at the fair and receiving a ribbon and some prize money for my efforts. We were trained in our 4-H clubs to honor, respect and develop ourselves, as our pledge was of our head, heart, hands and health and our motto was “to make the best better.”

How can any of the pledges be honored with young folks doing the things as in the photo. They can’t be out of high school yet. They probably don’t have jobs. And did their parents know where they were and what they were doing, or, worse yet, care where they were?

Did I hear that Lawrence is sobbing about the loss of their SRS office? Well, if our young folks don’t get some leadership soon, an SRS office won’t be able to handle all the cases that will be coming to it. America and every community, such as Lawrence, needs to wake up to the fact that these young people will be our future. Let’s get them interested in things that matter and will build character for a better future for them and us all.


Jimo 6 years ago

Good God, LJW. Is it too much to expect that when you publish a reference to one of your own articles that you'll provide a link to it? It's well in to the 21 century, you know!!

You make this woman seem like a fool for anyone who can't remember your Friday paper and can't navigate you abysmal search tool.

Abdu Omar 6 years ago

You want to build character in our youth. Come on!! That's a joke right?

First if you want to build character the first thing we need to do is get those "children" away from the TV and get them into something constructive. Second, not every kid league baseball player deserves a trophy. If they didn't win, they don't get one! Teach them that living with their boyfriend (as if they were 12 years old) is not morally sound and that sex before marriage takes away their wedding night.

Most Adults have abdicated their parenting to computer games, hand held games and TV. When are they going to grow up?

boxers_or_briefs 6 years ago

Fair attendees, from left, Jordan Seiger, 16; Shaelyn Marr, 14; and Tyler Ellison and Courtney Curtis, both 16, all of Lawrence, enjoy an evening beneath the carnival lights at Moores’ Greater Shows Carnival on Thursday night at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper St.

Fair attendees, from left, Jordan Seiger, 16; Shaelyn Marr, 14; and Tyler Ellison and Courtney Curtis, both 16, all of Lawrence, enjoy an evening beneath the carnival lights at Moores’ Greater Shows Carnival on Thursday night at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper St. by Mike Yoder


Sally Piller 6 years ago

You commenters and the letter writer suck all the joy out of life. Didn't you ever kiss at that age? I'm sorry for you if you didn't. Great picture of a beautiful evening.

Kendall Simmons 6 years ago

OMG!! "How can any of the pledges I made as a child in 4H [honor, respect and develop ourselves] be honored with young folks DOING THE THINGS AS IN THE PHOTO"!!!

Well...the photo this woman is disgusted by shows a group of teenagers at...gasp...the carnival rides at the Douglas County Fair! And two of them are...heaven forfend...lightly kissing each other. On the lips! Wanton hussy!! Slut. Tramp. Stone the girl to death. She tempted the boy. She must die!

Oh well, to be honest, the boy kissing her also has his hand on the side of the girl's butt, while the second boy's hand is hanging and might be brushing against 'his' girl's knee because she has it raised. To make it even shocking, the girl kissing her 16 year old boyfriend is only 14.

Now, we can't consider that, because their picture was being taken, they did a little "posing" for the photo. Nah. That would NEVER happen.

And please note that this woman apparently didn't even read the photo caption since she didn't even know how old these teens were. (Shock and embarrassment apparently will do that to you, even when you're going to write a letter of complaint to the local paper.)

Heck, no. SHE complained "They can't be out of high school yet. They probably don't have jobs." Well, duh.

And, of course, let's blame the parents. Always gotta blame the parents. Never mind that chance are 99.9% that the kids did tell their parents they were going to the fair...and that their parents told them to have fun and be home by X time. (Based on the photo, it was probably taken around 8:30 PM)

I wouldn't call this woman "old-fashioned". I'd call her incredibly prudish.

If this photo "embarrassed and shocked" her, perhaps she lead an incredibly sheltered life? Or, perhaps far more likely, she has a dirty mind...and wants to condemn and control other people because of it. She apparently thinks it's OK to make moral judgments and condemn young people based on nothing more than her own prurient thoughts about a couple of teenage kids innocently kissing at the county fair.

(Now...I have to come clean. I kissed my first boyfriend, Richard G. Ross, at the Topsfield Fair 52 years ago. We were both 14. Therefore I obviously have a vested interest in defending and protecting these disgusting young teenagers.)

The J-W didn't make this woman seem like a fool. She did it all by herself.

Kate Rogge 6 years ago

I, too, thought the photograph was inappropriate, and I believe that neither Ms. Martin nor I are fools. Do you think it might be possible to disagree with us without personal attacks?

weedwacker 6 years ago

Ms. Martin....just to let you know that my family has been involved with the 4-H program here in Douglas County for 25 years, and I can tell you that they are some of the finest kids you will find. Your letter to the Editor really bothers me because you are assuming that they are in the 4-H program, and that you are worried about that program and what it is teaching. I can tell you that 99.9% I do not think that these kids are in the 4-H program so you assuming that they are just because they are at the fair is very disturbing! My kids are not in this picture, but I can tell you that this is nothing compared to what you will see if you visit a Junior High or High School in Lawrence or Baldwin. I have visited both and this is very mild to what I have seen in the school. So do not worry about what the 4-H/FFA program is teaching the kids, I am proud of all the 4-H kids and what they represent.

dmkansas 6 years ago

If you will read my letter closely - you will understant that I was in 4-H also and what the picture shows is not 4-H kids but they ( the J-W) was indicating that this was what the fair was about and I was saying NO it is NOT!!! Thus, not how "memories are made at the fair", as the caption suggests. 4-H is a great organization and more need to learn about it. With a carnival setting behind these kids and what they are shown doing just is not what a fair should be about!!! This was a poor job of depiction on the part of the J-W and I was hoping to let them know about it. Even tho you misunderstood what I was saying - thanks for your comment and keep up the good 4-H work - I am 100 0/0 behind this program. dm

Joe Hyde 6 years ago

But who's to say those four happy kids in that photo aren't already "...interested in things that matter and will build a better future for them and us all"? Might not be accurate to condemn those kids, and their parents as well, without having met them.

And as it pertains not to the future of the Republic but to security at the Douglas County Fair, seeing happy kids kiss in public makes an easier night for law enforcement compared to responding to auto break-ins, pickpocketing, strongarm robberies, simple assaults and group brawls that sometimes happen during county fairs.

funkdog1 6 years ago

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's what she's worried about? Really Dorothy? You're gonna tell me you never had a boy try to steal a kiss from you behind the cattle barn?

jayhawxrok 6 years ago

With all that faces this state and nation, to see this is what spurs a letter, is really sad.

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