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2 men face charges in robbery of KU students on campus

August 2, 2011


A Douglas County judge Tuesday ordered two men to face a trial in the robbery of two Kansas University students on campus early June 23 as they were walking on Memorial Drive.

But a defense attorney for one of the suspects, Brandon James Huggins, 23, said during the hearing that her client urged a KU Public Safety detective to examine video surveillance in the area to show he was not involved in the robbery.

Defense attorney Sarah Swain said Huggins’ assertion occurred during her client’s interview that night with Detective Jack Campbell, who said from the witness stand there were no surveillance cameras in that area of Memorial Drive behind Strong Hall.

Prosecutors accuse Huggins, who was identified as a Fort Leavenworth military police officer at the time of his arrest, and Michael Martin Gerald, 21, of robbing the two male KU students who alleged two men robbed them. Campbell testified that Gerald in an interview with police said that he alone robbed the two students because “he was bored.”

Police and prosecutors have also said a third man was with Huggins and Gerald in the car that night, but they don’t believe he was involved in the robbery.

District Judge Paula Martin dismissed one count of aggravated intimidation of a victim against Gerald because she said there was only testimony that alleged Huggins, not Gerald, made a threatening remark to one of the victims. Both men also each face two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of conspiracy.


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