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Lawrence mayor to send letter to state officials urging Kansas Highway 10 cable barriers

April 27, 2011


Fatality accident on K-10 diverts traffic

A fatality accident left two dead and three seriously injured Saturday afternoon. The accident on K-10 near Eudora caused traffic to be rerouted through the town. Enlarge video

Add the city of Lawrence to the list of organizations and individuals calling for more safety measures to be added to Kansas Highway 10 following an April 16 double fatality crash.

City commissioners at their Tuesday evening meeting unanimously agreed to have Mayor Aron Cromwell send a letter to state officials supporting the idea of adding cable barriers to the median of the highway.

“It is hard when we’re reacting to a tragedy,” Cromwell said, “but the intention is to prevent the next one.”

Cainan Shutt, a Eudora preschooler, and 24-year old Ryan M. Pittman, also of Eudora, died in the crash when Pittman’s eastbound Toyota Camry crossed the grassy median near the Church Street interchange into the westbound lanes and struck a minivan driven by Cainan’s step-grandfather, Danny Basel.

Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday sent a directive to the Kansas Department of Transportation ordering the agency to immediately reopen a study into a cable barrier system for the road. His directive also ordered that a local task fore be formed.

City commissioners on Tuesday said they felt it still was important for Lawrence to make its voice heard, and Cromwell said the letter would urge the state to take a broad look at safety issues on the highway.


Shardwurm 7 years ago

Wait a second...yesterday the haters were saying Brownback knew a great PR opportunity.

Guess we need to start a list.

engagedecoy 7 years ago

The part of 59 Highway that accident occured on is part of the old 2 lane system being currently replaced. Do your research before you post carelessly.

somedude20 7 years ago

Hey it is Lawrence and I am sure Brokeback knows the D's rule the roost here and that letter will carry very little weight but if you feel like you are doing something productive by writting it, then best of luck!! Gaba gaba hey

jocogohome 7 years ago

I know this will be met with a few idiotic remarks, but before going through the expense of installing cables, how about the donut eating cops do their job and slow the morons down along 10 highway? Everybody wants to blame something other than the real problem.

davidswayze 7 years ago

It would require too much energy to meet this with the same level of idiocy. You win.

kusp8 7 years ago

While I agree that is definitely a great first step, why not follow it up with a second step and install the cables? From what it sounds like several of these crashes wouldn't have been prevented by cops as there was a tire that blew out, somebody was on pot, etc.

redfred 7 years ago

KHP hasn't had the funds to hire anyone for the last several years. So if you want the highway patroled more maybe you should contact your state rep about raising taxes so they can hire more troopers. Douglas County might have one trooper out for the whole county.

lamb 7 years ago

Why is he so late in doing this??

trailertrash 7 years ago

WHAT? No mention of the mayor of Eudora who all alone and with no mentioned assistance, according to the story in the, , sent a letter to the governor of Kansas, who then due to the Eudora mayor's letter, ordered his transportation department to install shiny new shoulders with rumble strips along the Douglas county part of K10 highway. Johnson county has had them for years, but then they are a GOP supporting county. The governor has also asked for a citizen's committee to study further safety improvements along K10. The mayor of Eudora has graciously appointed himself as leader of this committee. If the other mayors along the the K10 corridor agree to join his group, then I am sure he will lead them to much free publicity. A study will be done now for cable barriers along K10 and I am quite sure this will consist of numbers and statistics, not the letter writing skills of the mayor of Eudora.

wmathews 7 years ago

Hi there, We did a story on the Eudora mayor's efforts on April 20:

Whitney Mathews Assistant Community Editor for Online

trailertrash 7 years ago

That story was regarding his requests from the governor. Only the eudorareporter so far has picked up the story of his achievements from this letter.

storm 7 years ago

Drivers, fess up, post here. The public needs more news stories from drivers who entered the median and then came back to their lane. Many, many lives are saved by that wide median - the young boy's memory could end up being cheesecutter for Cainen if cables are placed there, and no one wants that, least of all the family.

Edwin Rothrock 7 years ago

The real problem is complicated, and the best solution(s) not necessarily obvious. That's why we need more engineers - they are actually trained to understand and solve this sort of problem. Popular opinion about complex issues, while well-meaning, is often wrong.

And I would venture that enforcing the "stay right except to pass" law might deliver a greater increase in safety than writing tickets for speeding. People traveling well below the average speed of traffic in the left lane are a significant contributing factor in most of the dangerous driving I see on K-10. Two cars, side-by-side, traveling 68-70 MPH during rush hour will almost always lead to ridiculous behavior by someone being held up behind them. If you are the one in the left lane, take some responsibility and move to the right lane.

mistygreen 7 years ago

@Field Tested: Agree with you 100%. Sometimes I think those that drive in the passing lane are just out to irritate and exercise what they feel is some kind of control. What they are really doing is not facilitating the flow of traffic and are going to cause an accident. If you are not passing a car or not intending to pass a car, then please...please move over.

rtyuo 7 years ago

you can blame it on whatever you want to blame it on...fact is the guy had drugs in his system and if takes a guy high on drugs to wreck into another car and kill a child in order to get saftey rails installed along k-10 then there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Some of the biggest drug dealers i have ever known lived in Eudora maybe that should be more of a focus????????

JerryStubbs 7 years ago

Why did this guy swerve off the road? Unless he was passed out or asleep there must have been some reason.

Were there any witnesses? Was there traffic entering the highway near where he drove off the road?

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