Letters to the Editor

Recycling costs

April 18, 2011


To the editor:

In the April 9 front page article “Likely next mayor combines business sense, idealism,” is a quote from Aron Cromwell.

In the article, Mr. Cromwell states, “Several years ago, the city collected trash twice a week and when it changed to once a week, people thought it was the end of days. But as it turned out, life went on. I think we’ll find that we will adjust and get used to whatever we do.”

Mr. Cromwell does not acknowledge that reducing trash service from two days to one day was a cost reduction for the city. Separating your trash in separate groups such as paper, cardboard, glass, metal and garbage will be expensive for each household. So will letting an outside company remove the trash!

Sure, we can get “used to whatever we do,” but can the retired people in Lawrence on Social Security afford the service? What do we do? Not eat or not pay our city bill? Which would Mr. Cromwell have us do?


Mark Jakubauskas 7 years, 1 month ago

My folks are in their 80s. Fixed income and all that. They sort their trash every week into paper, plastic, glass, and metal for recycling. Takes maybe 10 minutes a week.
Expensive ? No.
Does it keep them from eating ? No. And the suggestion that it might is beyond ridiculous, it is utterly laughable !

Meryl Carver 7 years, 1 month ago

"Separating your trash in separate groups such as paper, cardboard, glass, metal and garbage will be expensive for each household."

The husband does this every week before the recycling pick-up. Pretty sure it costs us nothing, but about 5 minutes of his time. Maybe he should start charging me for it, eh?

George Lippencott 7 years, 1 month ago

I think the author was worried about increases in the price for city pick up and not about the costless effort to sort trash. But, I could be wrong. I suspect at his presumed age he is not a major contributor to the trash world.

For those already paying for a private recycling service it is possible that if the city gets into the game the costs will actually decrease. Of course, those small services helping me today will be driven out of business.

For me, if the city stops picking up my yard waste (which is recycled) this could be very expensive as I will have to pay a private contractor. If we are going to do that, maybe we should go to a private system and we can all buy the services we need.

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