Pitts response

To the editor:

Leonard Pitts Jr. in his column of April 10, states that, “This nation took so much from the men and women it kidnapped.”

“This nation” did not kidnap anyone. The kidnapping was done by slave traders who operated like pirates. I would also like to remind Mr. Pitts that the kidnapping could not have taken place without the help of local tribal chiefs. These tribal chiefs aided and abetted these “slavers” to satisfy their own greed. That some of the American colonies were complicit in its dealings is truthful, but to infer that it was state sponsored is not.

American fought against American. Brother fought against brother. A bloody, horrific war was fought to end the atrocity of slavery. That was this nation’s penance and final legacy to slavery. If a bunch of Southern bigots want to parade around waving their stars and bars, proclaiming how they made the ultimate sacrifice against “northern aggression,” let them. We all know who and what they are. In my opinion, Mr. Pitts, you refuse to face the truth in the present day. Welfare enslaves our nation’s people of color and robs them of the will to achieve a better standard of living. It has destroyed the two-parent black family. Abortion slaughters the black youth of tomorrow at a rate exponential of other races. You can’t see the present because you are blinded by the past.