Letters to the Editor

Missing news

April 9, 2011


To the editor:

Hello, Journal-World. Is anybody home?

In a recent J-W editorial, readers were invited to “get to know” candidates through forums, interviews and news stories available on Approximately 50 percent of my neighbors do not use the Internet, and a different 50 percent do not know what OnDemand is. So, in a neighborhood that, at one time, had a solid voting record, 11.5 percent of the registered voters actually voted. (The results are online, but not in the newspaper.)

Why are we buying the newspaper? Not for a summary of the candidates and their positions and not for a review of precinct results. I must be missing something. I thought newspaper publishers were concerned about the lack of readership. No wonder. The newspaper is not printing news.


tange 3 years ago

Supplanted by a chatulence room.


oletimer 3 years ago

Very well written Carol!! I have complained to deaf ears at the world company about this for quite a while. If everything they do is going to be on the internet, just quit printing the paper. Save some trees. The quality of the paper has gone downhill for several years, and now is a skeleton of what it used to be. Very little local news, or any news for that matter. All they seem to be interested in is income from the ads. Come on world company. Make something substantial, or hang it up.


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