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Positive move

April 6, 2011


To the editor:

On the anniversary of the new health care law being passed, my congressperson, Lynn Jenkins, said, “Simply put, Obamacare destroys jobs, increases taxes, expands government control and increases the cost of health care for all Americans.”

Really? In the last week, projections of lifetime medical expenses for retirees have gone down for the first time. Fidelity lowered the cost from a quarter of a million to $230,000, a slight decrease, but one that bucks the 6 percent average increase annually since 2002. The reason, Fidelity reports, is due to Obama’s health care overhaul, closing the doughnut hole and factors in premiums, co-payments and deductibles relative to the overhaul.

Late last week the Labor Department reported an unemployment rate of 8.8 percent and the creation of over 200,000 new private sector jobs. Both statistics reflect an improving trend.

Opposition is mixed, with some disappointed it did not go further, like me, a supporter of universal care as proposed in HR 676. The changes allowing uninsured children to stay on their parents’ policies until 26 and prohibiting children under 19 being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions would have helped our family with health care costs.

Doubtless, it is a confusing program and needs some revision, but overall it appears to be helping a lot of Americans with improved health care. Perhaps Rep. Jenkins should take a less partisan view on this subject and do more to accentuate the positive in the reform.


Paul R Getto 3 years ago

GL: I microcosm, perhaps of the larger problem we all face. To maintain the levels of service in this and many other areas, all of us will be paying more over time and getting less for our money. To do nothing about health insurance would also result in much higher fees. We've partied too long in America and it's time for all of us to pay the piper.


George Lippencott 3 years ago

Well at least one portions of Obama care already implemented (26 years olds) has contributed to the significant increase in my premiums (admitted by government entity that provides it).

The $600 Billion cut in Medicare (if it happens) will most certainly lead to higher costs or less service for the wife and me. Given the budget situation, the $300 Billion to 1 trillion cost of Obama Care will certainly lead to tax increases for the wife and me.

In return, what do we get? An expansion of Medicaid that will cost me more here in Kansas and a subsidized entitlement for millions who are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. All kinds of regulations that so far as they have been revealed do not seem to improve medical care one iota. Neat!! Bring it on!!!


rtwngr 3 years ago

Obamacare has not even been implemented. All of the items listed in this inane letter have nothing to do with the healthcare bill that was passed.


JHOK32 3 years ago

There are a lot of very good people out there that have no health insurance thanks to the scandalist people who destroyed our economy with their insatiable greed. I did not fully understand what components were responsible for this horrendous mess but the new flick "Inside Job" does a great job of explaining it.


Abdu Omar 3 years ago

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HollisBrown 3 years ago

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Ceallach 3 years ago

Why, why, why are waivers even possible? When the lawmakers voted to make themselves exempt from the plan, before they passed it, that should have been a clue. Universal care? What a joke!


Brock Masters 3 years ago

Why have so many companies and unions sought and received waivers from participation in the new health care program if it is so wonderful?


cato_the_elder 3 years ago

Well, "Ace," here's what you want to inflict on the rest of us:

Thanks a bunch, pal.


Liberty_One 3 years ago

"In the last week, projections of lifetime medical expenses for retirees have gone down for the first time."

This is a distortion. What Fidelity is projecting is that people will need less money themselves to pay for medical expenses, the reason being that the taxpayers will be picking up more of the tab.


Benjamin Roberts 3 years ago

Popcorn, Brach's Chocolate Stars, and a large, icy Diet Coke. Let the show begin.


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