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KU coach Self OK with Selby’s basketball workouts in Las Vegas

April 5, 2011


Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self on Tuesday night commented about freshman Josh Selby traveling to Las Vegas this week to work out at Impact Basketball.

“Josh went to Las Vegas with our permission to work out a few days to get a feel for where he’d potentially be (in 2011 NBA Draft). It’s something we did not discourage. We are fine with it,” Self said.

“He has not declared (for draft) nor is he committed to an agent. We said he could have a few days to get a better feel for where he is by working out with some folks in Vegas.”

Selby remains enrolled at KU. Self commented on the topic of Selby missing some class time this week.

“As far as school work, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days. He will need to get back by next week,” Self said.


Brian Conrad 6 years, 11 months ago

Selby needs serious more work. he will not play a day in the NBA first season and may not ever come out of developement league. I think with right teaching and attitude he will be great player.. Josh you are lower second round guy .. that can be very risky.. many end up broke few years.. you have the chance to stand out and become lottery pick with guaranteed money.... many second round guys never make it.. the things you need to work on that were exposed at KU.. well NBA players will eat you up .. better spend every minute getting better if you want long NBA career , face it NBA no place to learn .. another year of training could mean difference in big second contract and being spoke about in terms of Pierce, Mario, Hinrich,Henry,Jo Jo White, and so many other star KU guards that went on to LONG careers in the NBA.. do not be like Lester Earl. # 1 ranked .. told he was great and never sniffed second year of NBA.

Brian Conrad 6 years, 11 months ago

one last thing.. every year in the media guide players list one of their favorite qualities... Loyalty.. seems to be just a word for them to look good in print.

Mike Ford 6 years, 11 months ago

firstly, mario chalmers was a second rounder, 32nd or 34th pick I think. Secondly, just because he didn't play much at KU doesn't mean he doesn't have pro talent. KU is a basketball program that looks for players to build up instead of taking star players and integrating them. Why did Derrick Rose attend Memphis over KU.... because KU's system would've hampered his skills. Paul Pierce never averaged more than 14 points a game and look at what he did after KU. KU is a system program rather than a star program. I'm surprised any star players commit here because the system hampers their game. Bill Self recruited both Derrick Rose and John Wall and both players would've had to integrate themselves to the KU system. They went to Memphis and Kentucky instead. Josh probably should've gone to a Memphis or a Kentucky or a school that would showcase his skills instead of a school with too many guards and fans with unrealistic views on their team and the sport. Beyond that, I remember a KU player and 4 year attendee, Aaron Miles. He wasn't drafted, signed with Golden State and was beaten out by a 40th pick second rounder straight out of high school who is now an NBA All-Star. Anyone heard of Monta Ellis? Lastly, there have been many Tyshawn Taylor haters at KU over the years and yet he is listed as a second rounder if he leaves. What do KU fans really know about NBA talent?

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