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Josh Selby working out in Vegas, hasn’t declared for NBA Draft

Kansas freshman Josh Selby goes up for two points against Texas Tech on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas.

Kansas freshman Josh Selby goes up for two points against Texas Tech on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas.

April 5, 2011, 4:44 p.m. Updated April 6, 2011, 12:00 a.m.


Kansas University freshman guard Josh Selby hasn’t declared for the 2011 NBA Draft ... yet.

Tuesday’s news that the 6-foot-2 Baltimore native is in Las Vegas working out at Impact Basketball with famed trainer Joe Abunasser, seems to indicate he’s leaning heavily in the direction of playing for pay, however.

“He’s in Vegas working out. He has no agent. He hasn’t declared for the draft. He hasn’t done anything except work out,” Selby’s mom, Maeshon Witherspoon, said Tuesday in a phone interview.

“There’s been no decision. He could come back to school. He could leave,” she added.

Witherspoon would not say how long Selby would remain in Vegas. Selby remains enrolled in classes at KU.

“Coach (Bill) Self and I agreed on a time limit. When the time limit is up, we’ll let you know,” Witherspoon said.

Self said on Tuesday night that he is OK with Selby working out this week at Abunasser’s training facility.

Impact Basketball’s official website refers to Abunasser as “the world’s top basketball trainer and trainer to the pros.” College players must pay their own way to work out at such a facility.

“Josh went to Las Vegas with our permission to work out a few days to get a feel for where he’d potentially be (in 2011 NBA Draft). It’s something we did not discourage. We are fine with it,” Self said.

“He has not declared (for draft) nor is he committed to an agent. We said he could have a few days to get a better feel for where he is by working out with some folks in Vegas.

“As far as schoolwork, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days. He will need to get back by next week,” Self added.

At least one national news reporter believes Selby is on his way to the NBA.

Alex Kennedy, NBA reporter for HOOPSWORLD and ESPN1040 contributor, tweeted that “Josh Selby will enter the NBA Draft and hire an agent, according to sources. He’s currently working out at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas.”

Responding to that report Tuesday morning, Witherspoon said those reports were not true and no decision on Josh’s future had been reached. She said she was “sorry for the speculation” and would report news when any decision had been reached.

Underclassmen have until April 24 to declare for the draft. If they don’t sign with an agent, they can return to school if they withdraw their name by May 8.

Selby averaged 7.9 points and 2.2 assists per game last season. He played in 26 of KU’s 38 games, starting 11. During the Big 12 season, he was slowed by a stress reaction in his right foot.

Twins undecided: KU juniors Marcus and Markieff Morris have yet to announce whether they will enter the draft or return for their senior seasons.

“The twins are back in class, in school. They did go to L.A. (last week to meet with an aspiring agent). The (Morris) family paid for the trip. A decision is close, but has not been made yet,” Self said.

KU fourth: KU finished fourth in the final ESPN/USA Today poll, released Tuesday. National champ UConn and runner-up Butler finished 1-2. Those schools were followed by Kentucky, KU, Ohio State, VCU, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, San Diego State, Pittsburgh, BYU, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Texas, Purdue, Syracuse, Florida State, Marquette, Richmond, Louisville, Washington, Kansas State and Utah State.

KU-South Florida on Dec. 3: The date of KU’s home nonconference basketball game against South Florida will be Dec. 3, KU officials confirmed on Tuesday. South Florida of the Big East Conference went 10-23 last season.


John Brown 6 years, 10 months ago

It is sad that this Alex Kennedy is reporting as a tabloid writer. I wish the best for Selby and hope that he makes a wise decision when it is time. He didn't look ready by the end of the season and especially not in the tournament. NBA may lockout. I guess we'll see.

windjammer 6 years, 10 months ago

I wonder pigballs if you put your application in at Missouri? You seem to know more than coach Self. You could have taken that job and then just showed our coach just how smart you are. I'll bet you have never laced them up. If you wanted Selby at the point then how could Morningstar take all his minutes? Get a life worry about some other team.

Beau Hewins 6 years, 10 months ago

The reason Reed and Morningstar played is because they were better then Selby in his freshman year. He needs to stay another year and become the dominate player he was suppose to be. On the other hand if he can make millions of dollars off of this past year's performance then he should probably do it. If I am average at my job I get fired. I do not get a huge raise.

Playing in Allen Field House > NBA D league (pay attention twins)

LeBo 6 years, 10 months ago

pigballin you on point. Beau96 nobody on this comment blog had NBA talent, so don't compare you job to Selby in the NBA. Have y'all check out "Self, you disgust me" on

Beau Hewins 6 years, 10 months ago

You should perform above average in college to play in the league. I said if he can go this year then he definatly should. He is not a NBA talent. He has NBA potential. Big difference. Just so you know I am a Selby fan. I really wanted him to be as good as advertised. In fact, I really want him to stay another year because I think he will be good next year. But in the end you have to admitt Reed and Morningstar were better then Selby this year.

Jerry Collins 6 years, 10 months ago

NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kid was the 8th best player on the team. Don't know if he will ever fit into the team concept at Kansas. He has no concept of passing the ball or playing defense. Could be the biggest bust of any KU recruit.

drnater 6 years, 10 months ago

Im not sure where your getting your analysis from, considering the things that make Josh Selby "Showtime" were all taken away when he got a stress fracture in his foot. IMO, he should come back, bring back the head band, and show us who the real Josh "Showtime" Selby is! (I know it sounds like an Eminiem song) If not he'll go to the NBA, and will play the point and have a rookie season comparable to Brandon Jennings last year. I mean he didnt even make the grades to go to Arizona, went overseas, was subpar at best in Greece. (not positive it was Greece) Gets drafted, and has a ROY candidate type of year. Either way, Im proud of him, most freshmen having to deal with what he did, (dont forget his best friend was killed the same weekend T-Robs mom passed away) would have had a hard time being a dominant player as well.

Jim Williamson 6 years, 10 months ago

Selby needs to go now. If he comes back and has a lousy year and exposes himself as a pedestrian player, he's SOL. At least this way, there's still a chance someone will say, "Suspension, injury -- let's give him a shot."

If he isn't that good, he'll get exposed in the NBA, but he'll have guaranteed money in his account.

Richard Payton 6 years, 10 months ago

In the AP poll prior to the tourny Ohio State was #1 and Kansas University was #2. Seems strange that KU fleaped frog over Ohio State. Northern Arizona coach put Ohio State #1 in his final season basketball poll. Saying he voted on entire body of work done over entire season.

Jason Bailey 6 years, 10 months ago

Selby was pwned in college ball, he will be destroyed in the pros. This kid is still operating in HS mode, let alone College mode....

colreader 6 years, 10 months ago

Non-starters should work to become starters before they leave college for the NBA.

DaBellaDaBall 6 years, 10 months ago

Deacon, what kind of drugs are you on? KU is a "losing program"? You need rehab asap. Good luck, man.

On Selby, his college play was a joke. He may play for money, but it won't be in the NBA anytime soon.

I hope he leaves. He can make a living in Europe and we can get on with true team players. I saw all I needed after he hit is first shot as a Jayhawk and jogged back down the court with his tongue hanging out. What a hot dog. Good riddance, punk.

KU_cynic 6 years, 10 months ago

“As far as schoolwork, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days. He will need to get back by next week,” Self added.

Between traveling to games and attending the Robinson funeral KU basketball players have already missed several days of classes this semester. Athletes with that schedule can't afford to miss any more days of class unless some professor is offering some sham puffball class.

My guess is that Selby is gone.

Martin Shupert 6 years, 10 months ago

I thought we won in 2008... the whole thing... or was that just a dream. Anyway, the sad thing is, Selby is listening to these guys who are whispering in his ear. "You're going to be a star. You're too good to sit the bench at KU. You should have played more. Self doesn't like you. You'll take the pros by storm. It's going to be back to the old Josh. Don't worry that you're not ready for the pros. They won't be ready for you." It's a shame because the kid is years away from playing pro ball in any significant way. Who thinks he is better than Mario was when he went? Anyone? He couldn't carry Mario's uhhhh... shoes. Where's Selby's mom? Doesn't she have any common sense either? She should be telling him "Get back in school and stop the nonsense. You stunk all year and you know you can be better. Get with the program or you're going to get eaten alive if you go before you're ready." Maybe she is telling him, and he's not listening. This has the makings of a totally miserable and foolish decision.

If Selby goes, I wish him good luck, but I know he might as well be dropping off the edge of the earth. We will only see him in one column in this paper for years and it will read: Josh Selby - Did not play

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