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National fraternity examining injury at KU’s Phi Gamma Delta chapter

September 24, 2010


The national Phi Gamma Delta fraternity is investigating an injury that occurred Friday at Kansas University’s local chapter.

Police said Matt Fritzie, a KU freshman from Stilwell, was flown to KU Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., after suffering injuries from diving into a pool at the fraternity’s house, 1540 La.

However, the fraternity doesn’t have a swimming pool outside the house; nor was any pool of water set up outside the house on Thursday.

Bill Martin, executive director of Phi Gamma Delta, said the national organization would try to determine what exactly happened at the fraternity.

“We like to take our time,” to ensure that they get accurate information, Martin said. “It can take as much as two weeks to sort everything out.”

This week, Lawrence police have been interviewing people who were at a party at the fraternity house to determine whether any crime had been committed. KU officials are also investigating the incident.

Martin said the national fraternity would coordinate with local officials to determine whether the local chapter had violated any policies or fraternity laws.

He echoed sentiments expressed by the local fraternity, wishing Fritzie a speedy and complete recovery.

KU Hospital officials on Thursday declined to discuss Fritzie’s condition and would not confirm or deny that he was still at the hospital.


reasonableperson 7 years, 7 months ago

Good question. That alone indicates the level of control the fraternity "leaders" have over the members through intimidation and brainwashing. Sure, the kid "chose" to dive into a three foot deep pool (that he helped build) because he wanted to. At least the police should have pictures of the pool that didn't exist. Just hope the cops aren't Greek.

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