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KU debaters win prestigious tournament

November 25, 2010


Kansas University debaters Sean Kennedy and Dylan Quigley earned a first-place finish at a prestigious debate tournament over the weekend.

Kennedy, a Leawood junior, and Quigley, a Wichita senior, won 12 debates over three days, including victories over the No. 2 team in the country from Harvard University.

The team also bested the nation’s top-ranked duo from Emory University in the tournament’s final round.

Going into the tournament, the KU debate squad was ranked fourth in the country in the coaches’ poll behind Northwestern, Emory and Harvard.

Kennedy and Quigley were the nation’s seventh-ranked team.


Matthew Herbert 7 years, 6 months ago

would the article be so kind as to tell us WHAT prestigious tournament they won. Lets play 20 questions.....was the tournament in the USA?

Jeff Plinsky 7 years, 6 months ago

Great job, Sean and Q! But would one of you please log in and tell us more detail. Apparently Andy is too busy to call and ask you where you were, what the topic is, what strategy you used, and how you feel about the victory. Of course, that would mean he would have to look up Harris' phone number, call him and get a quote, ask for your contact information, call you, ask some more questions, and then write a story that is more than seven sentences long. And that would be too much like real work.

Hey, LJW! In this crappy economy, I think you could find a reporter who wants a job and is willing to work for a paycheck. The lack of substance here is embarrassing!

LJD230 7 years, 6 months ago

Here is the REAL story. Shame on the LJW for publishing such a pitiful piece of reporting.

seriouscat 7 years, 6 months ago

YEAH! Right on to Kennedy and Quigley! Beating Emory and Harvard must feel good! Way to go!

Jeff Plinsky 7 years, 6 months ago

Thanks LJD for the real info. It's too bad that Andy Hyland never did a Google search, cut and paste, or even make a phone call to report some positive news about the success of Debate at KU.

Are there other debaters having success in Douglas County? Andy . . . inquiring minds want to know!

ahyland 7 years, 6 months ago

Hi, folks.

As a former high school debater myself, I'm familiar with complaints that debate doesn't get enough recognition. And I can certainly understand that this specific article lacked detail. I mean, I didn't even say that the tournament was at Wake Forest -- which is indeed useful information for those familiar with the debate world, and would have been very easy to include. That's just an oversight on my part. The insinuation, however, that our paper has never picked up a phone and talked to Scott Harris or others at KU Debate is not accurate.

Of course, we were there when Brett Bricker and Nate Johnson won the national title in 2009:

But we also covered the team's efforts running up to the 2010 NDT:

And we were there when the debate team faced a potential budget cut (the money was eventually restored after this story ran):

And I've even written features about the debate squad when there wasn't any specific news going on, just to generally inform people about the top-notch efforts going on in the sub-basement of Bailey Hall:

Could we write more about KU Debate? Sure, I suppose that's true. And I hear from folks who are definitely interested in more news, many of whom are former debaters and alums of the program, of which there are a great many. But there's a lot of other stuff going on at KU, too. I understand complaints that this article was fairly skimpy, and that we don't do enough with KU Debate generally, but I hope if we're to be judged on how well we cover KU Debate, we're judged on our entire body of work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope you're all enjoying the turkey, stuffing and football.

Andy Hyland KU reporter

DrHarris 7 years, 6 months ago

It is definitely not fair to criticize Andy for not paying attention to KU debate. He has been a strong supporter of the program and we are grateful for the efforts he has made to publicize the success of KU debate. We do appreciate the fact that members of the community would like to see more attention paid to debate.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Scott Harris KU Debate

Jeff Plinsky 7 years, 6 months ago


I didn't intend to insinuate that you had never called Dr. Harris. My wording clearly reads that way, though, and I apologize for my hyperbole. It was uncalled for, and I should have drafted my response more carefully. I was just annoyed that this article contained so little information about a group of folks that bust their butts to represent KU well, and always do so in a positive and professional fashion. Further, most of them also volunteer to judge or work as assistant coaches with area high school debaters on the weekends they aren't competing themselves. (This is how I know these folks, and how I have developed such respect for what they do.)

I just thought, as you point out yourself, that you overlooked some obviously important information, which wasn't very difficult to find or include. I find that insulting to their efforts and accomplishments, and they deserve better. So do your readers.

So let's agree that we both should have spent more time drafting before we posted what we wrote.

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