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Tyshawn Taylor appears to have grown up

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor poses at KU Media Day. Taylor seems to have matured a lot since he was involved in controversy last year surrounding a fight with the KU football team and his Facebook page.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor poses at KU Media Day. Taylor seems to have matured a lot since he was involved in controversy last year surrounding a fight with the KU football team and his Facebook page.

November 3, 2010


Marcus Morris’ 28 points help KU to 92-62 exhibition win over Washburn

Marcus Morris posted 28 points and seven rebounds, leading the Kansas men's basketball team to a 92-62 victory over Washburn in its first exhibition game Tuesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

Video Highlights KU-Washburn

Video highlights from the Jayhawks' 92-62 win over Washburn. Enlarge video

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We all grow up at different rates. For example, maturity-wise, I’m looking forward to my teenage years.

Kansas University junior guard Tyshawn Taylor often didn’t seem as grown-up as most teammates the first two years of his college basketball career. He’d show flashes of consistency, lasting as long as a few games, and then lapse back into poor decision-making.

He’s a year older and seemingly light-years wiser than when he was mired in the whole in-your-Facebook controversy. In talking to him and watching him play basketball, he just seems as if he has gained a few years of maturity in one year. Of course, the true measure of a young man’s emotional stability comes when adversity hits, and there is none of that during a Late Night scrimmage, Media Day and postgame interviews and in an exhibition game against Div. II Washburn.

Still, so far, so encouraging.

Not a gifted passer, Taylor’s doing a better job of making the easy pass. Not a natural lights-out shooter, his shot looks better. It’s obvious he has been working hard at smoothing out his stroke.

More than anything, Taylor looks and sounds like a young man who has learned how to get out of his own way, and when that happens, everything starts to blossom.

Look for less posing from Taylor after spectacular plays, less hanging of the head after bad ones. Look for Taylor to look ahead to the next play more often instead of looking back at the last one.

Marcus and Markieff Morris, throwing great passes, cutting to the hoop hard, playing physically and exhibiting soft shooting touches, easily were KU’s best players in Tuesday night’s exhibition opener, a 92-62 victory against Washburn.

And that was just fine with Taylor. He didn’t play like a guy driven to earn player-of-the-night honors. He didn’t look like a show-off attempting to lead SportsCenter.

The word he kept returning to during postgame interviews was the one that best described his play: solid.

“I need to be the rock for my team,” Taylor said. “I can’t try to force too much, or do too much. I need to be a solid player. I need to make the easy plays and the smart plays. I need to be a leader vocally and by example. This was definitely a goal of mine. I’ve been working toward being a leader my entire time here, and I think I did pretty well tonight.”

Taylor played 22 minutes, scored 12 points, had three assists and two steals and did not get charged with a turnover, though he had the equivalent of one in his coach’s mind.

“He played well tonight,” Self said. “He made one bad decision in the first half. He drove into a crowd, and they bailed him out by calling a foul. He’s talented. His biggest thing is he’s so quick he can get to the paint when he wants to.”

On this night at least, Taylor looked like a pitcher blessed with a 100 mph fastball who realizes it’s better to throw a 93 mph strike than to walk the park while short-circuiting the radar gun.

If all goes well and Josh Selby gets cleared by the NCAA, by the time Big 12 Conference play arrives, Kansas could have one of the nation’s quickest backcourts to complement the nation’s best twins.


domino 7 years, 6 months ago

Liked his play much better last night than in the past - just hoping it continues.

Mo Meza 7 years, 6 months ago

Tyshawn did an excellent job together with the twins. I also think that they all play real well. They were physical and tough, but they need to make more 3-pointers and play consistent defense. Go Jayhawks!

justforfun 7 years, 6 months ago

Eh, it was Washburn and they are terrible this year. Let's wait and see.

rgh 7 years, 6 months ago

I doubt any Jayhawk fan is banking our season on the first exhibition game vs. a D-II school in Kansas (we play them so they get a little money for scholarships, etc) just like K-State playing Newman U. No big deal.

whats_going_on 7 years, 6 months ago

He was SOOO much better last night. I didn't really get pissed off at him ONCE, and it was at least once per game last year. yayyyyyyyyyyyy, hope he keeps this up.

amesn 7 years, 6 months ago

@what..I hear ya! It seemed like last year I found myself constantly cussing at my tv everytime Ty would turn the ball over! He seems to have come a long way in the recent months and I for one am stoked to see how much more he will continue to grow and mature as the season goes on! I like that Tyshawn wants to be viewed as a leader for the team but I hope it doesn't turn into a situation like it was with Sherron. I feel like last year and the year before that's teams were too dependant on Sherron as a leader and expected him to be able to take every game that got a little hairy on his shoulders and 'save the day'. The 2008 championship team was comprised of several leaders in Mario, Russell, Darnell, etc, therefore meshing well into a team that was able to produce the championship. It sounds like the twins were very dedicated and worked their butts off in the off season and Marcus was SUPER impressive last night and I feel like Keef has come a long ways as well! I am super excited about the possibilities with this year's team...last year was awesome but winning games by 2 points when they should have won by 20 gave me a nervous feeling all year and I somehow knew they were doomed all along!

geoismeo 7 years, 6 months ago

Just a question. I'm an adult so I don't get all gushy about kids playing a game, but was this the fellow that commited an assault on campus and bragged about it on Facebook in a foul mouthed rant? Was he charged with this crime?

justforfun 7 years, 6 months ago

yea pretty much. Although don't remember exactly the case or charges. Bill Self sure put him in the dog house for the facebook comments.

whats_going_on 7 years, 6 months ago

if the stories in the paper about how pissed of coach was came even close to how mad he REALLY was at Ty, then yikes...

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