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Kim Hubbell carries clumps of hair shaved off the back of her llama Pooh Bear in this May 14 photo at her farm. Shipments of llama hair to the Gulf aren’t currently being used by BP for the cleanup, but members of the organization Matter of Trust are trying to convince BP to implement the hair for hair booms. BP turns blind eye to llamas’ helping hair
May 30, 2010 in print edition on 1B
Pooh Bear hummed, but he wasn’t singing.

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Two Lawrence ceremonies honor Memorial Day veterans
Lawrence ceremonies mark Memorial Day
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A1
It was a morning of remembrance and mourning, but also celebration, at two local cemeteries to commemorate Memorial Day on Monday.
Man airlifted after struck by car
02:36 a.m., May 31, 2010 Updated 05:38 a.m. in print edition on A4
A 24-year-old man was flown to a Kansas City area hospital after he was hit by a car early Monday morning outside a Lawrence bar.
Like father, like son: Young Sands follows father’s footsteps
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B1
Like father, like son indeed applies to 5-foot-7, 190-pound KU red-shirt freshman back Deshaun Sands, who, when asked by KU officials to name his favorite athlete of all-time for inclusion in KU’s media guide, chose his papa, a 5-6, 175-pounder who rushed for 3,788 yards from 1988 to ’91.
Public bikes go missing in Hutchinson
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A4
Five brightly colored bikes set aside for community use in downtown Hutchinson have gone missing.
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A4
Marriage licenses issued for the week of May 31, 2010
Divorces granted
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A4
Divorces granted for the week of May 31, 2010
Cycling aid needed
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A4
There are numerous volunteer opportunities for the 2010 Tour of Lawrence in early July.
Interest revives in Eudora’s Jewish cemetery
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A1
Norman Forer knew his final resting place would be a secluded cemetery southwest of Eudora where pickup trucks thunder by, kicking up dust from the gravel road that bounds the small burial ground.
Chapter seeks to raise profile with younger vets
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A1
Johnathan Duncan remembers returning in July 2007 from his 16-month tour in Iraq with the Army National Guard.
Conservative attorneys target judges
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A10
A group of conservative attorneys say they are on a mission from God to unseat four California judges in a rare challenge that is turning a traditionally snooze-button election into what both sides call a battle for the integrity of U.S. courts.
China won’t join other nations in condemning N. Korea attack
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A10
China held back from joining the chorus of nations condemning North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean warship, making quick international sanctions unlikely but perhaps buying time while China quietly leans on its unpredictable, nuclear-armed neighbor.
Up to 25 bodies found in silver mine
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
Between 20 and 25 bodies were recovered from an abandoned silver mine in southern Mexico, apparently victims of drug gang violence, federal police commissioner Facundo Rosas said Sunday.
Fed chief envisions delicate dance ahead
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
The delicate task ahead for the Federal Reserve and other central banks is deciding when to start boosting interest rates and reeling in all the stimulus pumped out during the global financial crisis, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said Sunday.
Conservative Uribe ally dominates vote
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
A conservative former defense minister closely associated with Alvaro Uribe’s security gains easily defeated a maverick outsider in presidential elections on Sunday but fell short of the votes needed to avoid a runoff.
Leader wishes Congress had waited on gay vote
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Sunday he would have preferred that Congress had waited before voting to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law that bans gays from serving openly in the military.
Oil complicates forecasts on eve of hurricane season
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
As hurricane season approaches, the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico takes weather forecasters into nearly uncharted waters.
Oil could spew until August, BP and U.S. officials warn
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A2
As BP readied its latest fallback plan to stop oil gushing from one of its wells in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration and the company warned that the crude could continue flowing until August, compounding threats to coastal wetlands, fisheries and beaches.
Japan to gauge extent of doctor shortage
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
With a shortage of doctors having brought medical services in Japan’s provincial regions to the brink of collapse, the country’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has begun its first-ever nationwide survey of hospitals to measure the extent of the problem.
Celine Dion pregnant again — with twins
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
Celine Dion’s struggle to have one more baby has more than paid off. She’s pregnant with two.
Reports: Israeli ships attack aid flotilla, 2 dead
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
Israeli warships attacked at least one of six ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and aid for the blockaded Gaza Strip, killing at least two and wounding an unknown number of people on board, an Arabic satellite news channel and a Turkish TV network reported early today.
Voters hate partisan sniping, but they are fueling its growth
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
People say they don’t like partisan gridlock in Washington. But they’re voting in ways almost certain to increase it, by punishing politicians who cooperate with the opposing party and rewarding ideological purity that pushes both sides to the fringes.
Memorial Day will be observed all over dial
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A9
Heroes alive and dead, real and cinematic, take center stage on Memorial Day. Gen. David Petraeus offers commentary during the “War Heroes” marathon on AMC, including eight combat films, beginning with “The Devil’s Brigade” (8:30 a.m.). Highlights include director Sam Fuller’s 1980 epic “The Big Red One” (4:15 p.m.).
4G wireless: It’s fast, but outstripped by hype
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A9
Cell phone companies are about to barrage consumers with advertising for the next advance in wireless network technology: “4G” access. The companies are promising faster speeds and the thrill of being the first on the block to use a new acronym.
Bryant’s brilliance sets up NBA finals rematch vs. Boston
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B2
Among Kobe Bryant’s myriad of inimitable talents is what’s known to opposing coaches simply as the “rise-up.”
Big Ten expansion on spring agenda at Big 12 meetings
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B2
Even after Big 12 powerbrokers assemble in Kansas City for their annual spring meeting this week, the size and stability of the conference won’t be decided for months.
Ortiz, Lester lead Boston over Royals
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B4
David Ortiz and Jon Lester each got off to a slow start and picked it up in the second month of the season.
Horoscope for May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A9
This year, you discover the real meaning of flexibility. You often will go overboard trying to accommodate others. You can understand where others are coming from and often cannot decide whether to defer. If you are single, you could enjoy dating more than ever. If you are attached, learn that neither of you has to be wrong. Look at your opinions and decide how both could be true! Sagittarius knows how to appeal to you.
KU can’t just run in place
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B1
The Kansas University athletic department long has been running in place underneath a black cloud that last week burst with embarrassing specifics regarding a shameful ticket scandal.
‘Still running’ Franchitti wins
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B1
One lap to go, running on empty and someone bearing down on his tail. After having the dominant car and the perfect game plan, Dario Franchitti still needed more Sunday — one break to win his second Indianapolis 500.
Ironman triathlon gears up for its third annual event at Clinton Lake
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A3
Jenne Fromm survived a struggle with cancer four years ago. The Kansas City, Mo., woman will have a chance to accomplish her next life goal Sunday in Lawrence: finishing the K-Swiss Ironman 70.3 Kansas.
KU plant research takes root in garden
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A3
Kansas University scientists are preparing soil north of Lawrence, where they’ll plant a medicinal research garden. The 5-acre plot east of Lawrence Municipal Airport will be used to plant and test native plants for their medicinal properties.
Brain over pawn: Childhood chess studies have benefits beyond the board
May 31, 2010
Parents, if you’re hoping to mold your child into the next Bobby Fischer (minus the late Grandmaster’s weird behavior in exile, of course), you’d better get those aspiring chess prodigies pushing pawns early.
Native sisterhood: Students building Haskell’s first sorority
May 31, 2010
Corey LeRoy and Ariane Franklin, students at Haskell Indian Nations University, wanted a place for other female students to connect and help one another throughout college. They wanted something never seen at Haskell: a greek organization.
Cheap tricks for travelers
May 31, 2010
Between Mother Earth and human foibles, vacation planning can be a big gamble. There are several things you can control, however, when planning your summer vacation.
Clean out dryer vent to get an efficiency boost
May 31, 2010
If you notice that your clothes dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, it is probably time to clean out your dryer vent.
Memorial Day closings
May 31, 2010
Government offices and public services in Lawrence and Douglas County will be closed today in observance of Memorial Day.
Tropical storm kills dozens in Central America
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
The death toll in Central America from landslides and flooding triggered by the year’s first tropical storm surged to 99 on Sunday, as authorities struggled to clear roads of debris and reach cut-off communities.
Immigration reform would honor troops
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A7
This Memorial Day, as we honor our military heroes, I’d like to ask you to take a moment to appreciate the lives sacrificed for our country by those who were not born within our borders.
Obama proposal is frugality theater
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A7
Barack Obama, an unbeliever genuflecting before the altar of frugality, is asking Congress, as presidents do, to give him something like a line- item veto. Coming in today’s context of his unrelenting agenda of expanding government, his proposal constitutes a counterfeit promise to get serious about controlling spending and the deficit. His purpose is to distract the public while Democrats enact something like Stimulus III.
Busch races to Coca-Cola 600 title
Driver zips past lead cars in final laps to claim victory
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B2
Concord, N.C. — Kurt Busch used a lightning-fast final pit stop to chase down the leaders and give team owner Roger Penske a coveted Memorial Day weekend victory.
‘Fit as a firefighter’
May 31, 2010
Three Lawrence firefighters visit “Jayni’s Kitchen” this week to share their recipes for staying fit. Fire marshall joins the crew at the end of the program to taste the results.
Returned male: ‘Retrosexual’ trend taps into desire for manliness of yore
May 31, 2010
No, “retrosexual” doesn’t mean a sexual preference for vintage clothing. Well, it kind of does. We should back up a little bit.
Memorial Days: Funeral director helps others in tough times
May 31, 2010
Death and its aftermath is no stranger to Bart Yost. He lived in a funeral home until he was 14. “Caskets were displayed in the front room where my friends and I gathered,” he says. “It seemed pretty normal to us.”
Don’t I know you?
May 31, 2010
I first met my friend Sarah at a holiday party in December. She had just moved to town, and I found her to be positively delightful.
Men’s summer shoes go beyond flip-flops
May 31, 2010
This spring and summer, changes in shapes and styles will be noticeable in the men’s shoe department. Read on for some alternatives from the typical summer flip-flop — some classic choices and a few new additions are in style.
Great spaces: Lawrence residents create unique outdoor living rooms
May 31, 2010
After a long, dark and wet winter, Lawrence residents are eagerly reclaiming their place in the sun — or shade, as the case may be — by enjoying restful retreats in their own backyards.
Holiday started to honor Civil War heroes
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A3
Memorial Day — a holiday many associate with the start of summer and a day off work — took root in the years following the American Civil War as communities honored their dead.
Poll: Debt still stresses Americans out despite better times
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A1
The economy trudges ahead yet debt dogs many Americans, stressing them out even as they firm up financial foundations.
Anxiety grows over oil spill
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A1
After trying and trying again, one of the world’s largest corporations, backed and pushed by the world’s most powerful government, can’t stop the runaway gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.
Police: Search turns up head of slain man
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A6
Authorities searching a Long Beach park found the final missing body part — a severed head — believed to belong to a community college student killed and dismembered in a double murder-for-profit plot in Orange County, police said Sunday.
Florida prep picks KU
May 31, 2010 in print edition on B3
All that time Kansas University football coach Turner Gill and his staff spent recruiting Florida during the past six months appears to have paid off.
Our honored vets
U.S. troops giving their lives for their country is a part of our present, as well as our past.
May 31, 2010 in print edition on A7
Memorial Day is a time to remember all the loved ones who have gone before us and especially to honor the sacrifice of people who have served their country in the U.S. military.