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Report shows inefficiencies in energy program

May 25, 2010


— Six months after the start of a $34 million program to make Kansas homes more energy efficient and create more jobs, only 13 people have been helped and few jobs have been created, according to a news report.

News of the slow progress prompted concern from Gov. Mark Parkinson’s office.

“These issues must be addressed and we must make sure that resources are put to use as quickly as possible to create jobs and continue our economic turnaround,” said Parkinson’s spokesman, Seth Bundy.

The Efficiency Kansas program was funded with $34 million from the federal stimulus plan. The program was touted as a way to provide low-interest loans to qualified Kansans for energy efficiency improvements in their homes and businesses. The program also was expected to create or save 1,000 jobs.

So far, however, only 13 people have been helped, according to a report by KSN-TV in Wichita. And the program has created 11.6 jobs.

The station found dissatisfaction among some people who participated in the program because of delays in installing equipment, and energy auditors, who said the paperwork to apply for the program was excessive.

Ryan Freed, who is in charge of Efficiency Kansas, said that the program is working and that it takes time to gain momentum.


KawHawk 8 years ago

C'mon Scott.... fill in the blanks ! Has all $34 million been spent ? If not, how much has been spent ? What has the money been spent on ? Is there a timetable for the program ? Is it just ramping up or has it ended ? Let's not write half an article here !

FreshAirFanatic 8 years ago

Pretty sure the money is only spent when someone files the application and is approved for the loan. Other than what was used to set up the red tape, forms, etc that applicants need to weed through, of course. Think we could get a refund?

JR. If you read this, I'd stop doing Inefficiency Kansas audits. You're wasting valuable time.

Here's the original article.

John Hamm 8 years ago

Ah, come on. You don't need too much more of an article to realize it's "business as usual" in Topeka. A program designed to improve energy efficiency - funded by the Federal Government (in other words your and my tax monies) is once again being used to fund the pockets of the politicians and their lackeys! Summary of article - another waste of taxpayers money. It's "helped" 13 people and "created" 11.6 jobs! But it's still "ramping up." English translation on "ramping up" all the monies will be spent in administration costs long before any appreciable numbers of helped people or created jobs are reached. "Who is John Galt?"

imastinker 8 years ago

I've looked into this program. It required a lot of paperwork and up front expense to get the energy auditor in there. Then, the improvements only cover energy efficiency improvements.

Not many projects are cost effective from and energy standpoint if not part of a larger remodel, and the loan won't cover that. The ones that are aren't worth the auditor to come see it.

MyName 8 years ago

If the stock market numbers bother you, don't own stocks. Other than things like changes in the Federal Reserve rates (which the President doesn't control), the direct actions of the Federal government has little to do with movements of the stock market.

And this is a problem with pretty much any form of government stimulus: the projects generally don't get underway in time for them to have any effect on the economy. But it is funny how you can claim that the government is both doing nothing to help the economy and also somehow managing to magically force the Dow Jones to drop.

Bill Griffith 8 years ago

True, the article lacks depth and has that "mailed-in" aroma to it. However, there are two main reasons the program has not taken off-Westar and KCPL. These are the two 800 pound gorillas that will use the bulk of the money on efficiency upgrades. However, there programs in this arena have to be approved by the KCC. Westar's should be up and running sometime late this summer and will start making a dent in the funds. KCPL is attempting to put their program in a bundle with other ee programs they want to do and it is unclear how long this will take to be approved but it will be longer than Westar. No one is lining their pockets with this money-the auditors will make some green and the customers will save some-but the program was not designed well to begin with and I think overwhelmed the staff working on it at first.

Bob_Keeshan 8 years ago

The issue with this program isn't the federal government, it is the way it is being run by the KCC.

Other states are running their programs in a more efficient manner.

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