Letters to the Editor

Recreation asset

May 25, 2010


To the editor:

Saturday, on the Clinton Lake North Shore Trail System, the Lawrence Trail Hawks hosted runners from Lawrence and across the nation in the Hawk 50-Mile & Marathon Trail Runs.

Heat, mud, rocks and roots made The Hawk a challenging event, but sunlight streaming through the green forest canopy and beautiful views from atop Bunker Hill and Sanders Mound made it scenic, too.

None of it could have happened without the generous support of the officials and rangers of the Army Corps of Engineers and Clinton State Park. We also owe a debt to the Kansas Trails Council, whose volunteers, including the Lawrence Trail Hawks, keep the trails groomed and trash-free.

I hope all of us in Lawrence realize what a wonderful resource for recreation we have in the beautiful North Shore Trails, and these people and groups who care for them.

Gary Henry, race director,



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